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Hi Steve,

I recently started listening to your podcast and I wanted to email you to see if you’ve ever heard anything more about the Bachelor doing a season with senior-aged contestants. They do casting calls on the show, but I’ve never heard anything more about the show coming out with a new spin-off with seniors. I remember them looking years and years ago, and then I noticed a blurb this season, but haven’t seen them announce a new show. Yes, they keep running the ads during the show to submit nominations of people in their “golden years.” When it’s gonna film and/or air is anyone’s guess. But they’re still asking for people.

When you were talking about Christine Mandrel, I got to thinking about The Bachelor doing another season with a contestant who is a single parent and I think that would be great to see again or even have a spinoff show, where the contestants are ready to marry someone who has a child, and the focus is on building an instant family – maybe even a show with divorced contestants and lead. They may not have enough ratings to go down those paths. I’m sure at some point they will. Hell, this past episode during commercial break, they asked for “single men” to apply. I don’t think that necessarily means they’re going to cast a single mom for “Bachelorette” because if that were the case, they’d just announce the lead now.

Oh, I listened to the first two episodes of Chris Harrison’s podcast and I can’t stomach another one unless he has some real topics to talk about. The way he talks about how much he loves his fans and goes on and on in his soft-spoken easy listening radio toned voice, I actually fell asleep while listening to it, because it was so boring. I also think those “callers” seemed to be right there with them in the studio. It did seem scripted.

Love listening to your show! You make my commute something I look forward to.

Comment: Yeah, unless he has a guest on that I’m interested in and I need direct quotes, I’m pretty much done with it. Doesn’t interest me otherwise. Like the Kaitlyn episode(s), I fast forwarded just to her part.

Hi. I’m not a sports fan here, but I’m curious if you listen to Jim Rome on the radio. My husband listens & when I happen to hear it, it’s good even for non sports fans. So you’d like it I think. But you probably already know about this.

Comment: Ha ha, little do you know…

I was an avid listener and caller to Jim’s show for 5 years, did my senior thesis in college on his show, then got hired to work for him 2 days after I graduated college. Jim’s show is the reason that all throughout college all I wanted to do with my life was be a sports talk show host. Started working for him after graduation, went to a radio station shortly thereafter to start my radio career, and did that on and off for almost 10 years. I’d say most everything I learned in radio I learned working under Jim.

Do you post transcripts of your podcasts? I would love to read them but don’t have the time to listen unfortunately.

Comment: No, I don’t. With 11 podcasts a week now, it’s impossible. Not to mention, even if there was a computer simulator to do it, I don’t trust that to give context to things I say because who knows if it’ll pick everything up. And having someone manually transcribe it? That’d be damn near impossible since I don’t finish recording my pods until usually past midnight every night and they’re up 6-7 hrs later.


Doesn’t the Challenge record times from each day of the final, then aggregate those times at the end? I seem to recall them doing that in previous seasons. This enables everyone to start at the same time on Day 2 or 3, even though someone has a lead on paper when this happens. Yes, but I don’t remember TJ saying that at the beginning of the final. Nor has any timer showed up at all this final to where we see them say “So and so has a 5 min lead right now.” Or maybe I just missed it.

Also, I listened to a couple of episodes of the Chris Harrison podcast and was surprised at how terrible it was. It was full of vapid, self-referential language about how difficult his experience has been and cruel the public has been to him. He said he deserves some of the criticism, but at no point did he explain what parts he feels he got right and what parts he got wrong. And when he’s not reading off a teleprompter, he…speaks…so…slowly.

Comment: Pretty much exactly what I’ve said. There’s so much he’s not addressing and hasn’t addressed. Like he said, his podcast is for his fans and his supporters. It’s for the people who clearly don’t want to know, don’t care, or don’t even think he ever did or said anything wrong.

Hi! Been following you since umm… the beginning! I look forward to you recaps as I’m at the point where making fun of the show is the main reason I watch.

Now that we have the winner spoiled, I have a question. Do they always include the winner in the intro packages on the first episode? I feel like there are less and less into packages now and it could clue us into who he chooses ?. Thanks for all you do!!

Comment: @BachelorData would have a breakdown of this somewhere on her page. I know she’s covered this at one point, although, it might be under how many people who get to the final 4 get intro packages. But even that, you’d be able to figure out how many winners got one. Off the top of my head, it’s definitely happened before. Numerous times. But every season? No.

Genevie is in a sling and I haven’t seen anything about what happened to her. Any info?

Comment: I’m assuming it happened during the football game and it was just never shown.

Hey Steve,

So far I think Zach seems more mature than the past 3-4 seasons of Bachelors/Bachelorettes. He seems genuinely interested in the women and getting to know them. We actually have dates and parties this season. I was disappointed he sent Christina home because the other girl was in her head and not feeling confident and threw Christina under the bus. I think he didn’t want to deal with any drama. In past seasons we have had bullies like Shenae. That really made life a lot harder for the girls and were kept on a lot longer. I agree. Said it in yesterday’s column that, to me, is he not the best one we’ve had in recent seasons. I thought’s been really impressive these first 3 episodes.

I always wondered when they have a date in a museum or other place, how much approval/permits do they need? Especially in other countries, what’s involved? The logistics must be a lot.

Thanks for all your hard work and glad to see you are back in sports with your podcast.

Comment: They have scout teams that arrive at locations days before the rest of cast and crew show up to arrange all that stuff. So yes, it’s approved in advance of what the dates are gonna be unless weather plays a role and they have to change on the fly.

Hi Steve,

Did you see at the start of this week’s episode when Jesse came to the mansion to talk to the women? It said “Jess, Age 44, Host” when he was on screen. Hysterical! Like we don’t know who he is or really care how old he is! Yeah, this was the first time I’ve noticed this season. They’ve might’ve done it in episodes 1 and 2 for all I know. I think it’s funny.

You mentioned on Monday’s podcast that it’s possible that maybe it was Zach who told the producers he wanted to spend the night with Kaity at the museum. I was surprised to hear that because I feel the show is so scripted & planned, that they don’t really give creative freedom to the lead to do something like that. If he did, it was well before the date took place since their tent was basically already set up before that date even happened. So he must’ve known. Either way, it didn’t happen without productions approval.

Also, happy to hear the finale spoiler from you. Thank you for what you do, for our silly entertainment purposes! For me, personally, it makes the show more tolerable knowing who the lead picks.

Comment: It’s certainly going to be a fun last month or so.

I am going to weigh in on the Christina situation. My opinion may not be popular but I feel that she was railroaded out by some of the girls who felt threatened by her. Did she brag a little to much about her one on one? Yes. Confront her about how you are feeling and then give her a chance to change her behavior. Some of the girls may also have been jealous of her b/c of who her family is and they wanted her out. To me the villain edit should have gone to Brook/Brooklyn (the girl from OK). She has been a little off from the beginning. I feel that Brianna had a chip on her shoulder from day one and from the clip they showed there was no malicious intent by Christina. Now was there more to the incident that was not shown? Maybe, but we will never know. I do hope that Christina is either offered the Bachelorette position or at least the opportunity to go to Paradise.

Rant over.

Comment: She’ll be first down to Paradise, no question. I just can’t see them putting a girl who finished in 15th place in the Bachelorette position. The audience will have no attachment to her by the end of the season, not to mention we know at the WTA, the women are going to go off on her. Like I said in yesterday’s column, and today in the Daily Roundup, from everything I’ve heard, Christina should be thankful of the edit she got for those 3 episodes because by all accounts, it could’ve been much worse for her.

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