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Hi Steve –

I’m hooked on a new top 10 Netflix show you may like – Physical 100. It has 100 people in fitness/sports competing against each other. In the early episodes, they are eliminating half of them in “one on one death matches” which resemble a Challenge elimination except, sometimes, women and men go against each other. Good times. I’ve heard about it but haven’t seen it. I’m looking forward to the Squid Games reality show.

Challenge – When Aneesa said many people have been saying she should retire, I gave a “Hell yeah!” Then the ankle. She even failed Jordan’s solution of willing her white blood cells to battle the pain. They have had some good, entertaining rookies the past few seasons and need to move on from those vets who suck.
Did I hear this correctly? Did they say Aneesa hasn’t made a final in 12 seasons? Yikes.

SNL – I thought it was a pretty bad stinker this week. Wanna know something funny? I graduated high school with Pedro Pascal. Or as he went by in high school, Peter Balmaceda. He wrote, and I believed starred in, our senior play.

Special Forces – I think the idea is that the staff says at the end whom they would trust on their team in combat. If Scaramucci stayed to the end, would they give him a thumbs up for making it despite so many fails? Would they approve of Kenworthy despite being an a-hole? Time will tell. Hannah and injured Housewife have done themselves proud. No way Scaramucci would’ve passed. Gus? Yeah, I think they will pass him. I think everyone left, assuming they don’t get injured or quit, will all pass.

On your podcast, you talked about the over the top audience reactions on Name That Tune. When I see The Masked Singer audience, I ask myself if I would even be capable of such joy.

Comment: Yes, as much as I love Masked Singer, it really is the most hokey part of the show. The amount of times they flash to the crowd and how people are trying to lip sync lyrics don’t even know the words or are not in sync with the sound on the screen. Same for Name That Tune. Too funny.

Why is ABC running an ad asking single dads to apply? PLEASE tell me they are not considering unstable immature Christina Mandrel for the next Bachelorette. If so you might as well have a producer on her earbud 24.7

Comment: I think they did that on purpose this past Monday. Because there’s only one single mom this season. They wouldn’t just give away their “Bachelorette” like that.

Which girls from this season do you think will be the most sought after in paradise?

Comment: I mean, you could choose any in the top 5 or 6 that don’t win. And then add in Christina for sure.

Regarding Chris Harrison, the other weird thing he said was that with two female hosts and a bachelorette it was too many women lol. Um the majority of the audience is female so I don’t think they have a problem with women having significant screen time. I guess he is just speaking for himself?

Comment: That whole argument he made had me confused and I addressed it in yesterday’s Daily Roundup. Telling Kaitlyn she was set up to fail seemed kind of rude to say because, did they fail? What does that even mean? Just because they didn’t get hired full time meant they failed? I don’t think the host position on that show does enough during the episodes/season to consider something a major fail. I don’t know where he was coming with that.

I agree with your assessment of Zach. But I am not surprised. When he left Rachel’s season, I knew then, he was sincere.

I do have a question. Is this the first time the Bachelor and his chosen one have come from the same city?

Comment: I had this discussion with @BachelorData yesterday on voice memo, and going back 10 years on both “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” I only came up with 3 times:

-Colton and Cassie were close enough since LA/Orange County is big. Although I believe Colton spent time between LA and Colorado. But at the time of him being Bachelor, I believe he was living in Southern California, and we know Cassie was living in Huntington Beach. Close enough.

Andi and Josh both lived in Atlanta.

Now if the spoiler is believed to be right, we have #3 with Zach and Kaity.

If you wanna back a tad further beyond 10 seasons on both shows, Travis Stork and Sarah Stone were both from Nashville I believe. They lived like blocks from each other but had never met until the show.

Hey Steve,

I know you’ve already been given information about Pyloric stenosis, but I wanted to give you the perspective of a mom. I have 17-year-old boy/girl twins. I was lucky they were born almost full term (38 weeks) and healthy. My son was 6 lb. 2 oz and my daughter 5 lbs.12 oz. When they were around 3 weeks old my daughter started violently spitting up all of her formula. My pediatrician suspected allergies and had me switch formulas. She threw that up too. This time my doctor suspected pyloric stenosis and immediately sent her to get an x-ray. She was given a barium drink in her bottle. She surprisingly drunk it down, because it did not smell good! After the x-ray the tech said the doctor will confirm the diagnosis but expect her to throw up the barium drink. Which she promptly did all over me. She was immediately admitted to the hospital. She was given an IV with fluids because she was dehydrated. Surgery was scheduled the next day. I had never heard of pyloric stenosis until then. It is, however, the second most common surgery for infants. The first is for hernias. It is the narrowing of the pylorus, the opening from the stomach into the small intestine. It prevents food from exiting the stomach. Instead, it curdles and is vomited up. Surgery opens it up and children go back to eating normal. There are no long-term issues. It’s terrifying to have your infant go through surgery. It’s also amazing that it can be treated so easily. I bet that Zach’s mom got emotional when speaking about it when he was growing up. You know something like ” I was so scared I would lose you.” I don’t think it’s a big a leap of faith that it made her feel protective of him. It may have made them closer. Was it an over-the-top reaction for him to get that emotional, probably. Was it completely uncalled for, no.

Comment: Thank you for sharing.

Hey Steve,

I love reading your posts and I love the daily podcast. I really appreciate your strong sense of logic you bring to bachelor nation. Fleiss should really send you a thank you because your columns help keep me interested and make certain seasons bearable.

This weeks episode really had me excited for Zach. Unless they were announcing Tyler C as the bachelor, I wasn’t that invested into who was picked and was going to be watching. You read my mind when talking about what a great bachelor Zach. He basically had zero expectations from bachelor nation and I think he might be my favorite thus far. He isn’t playing games with the women and is sending people home right away. It’s refreshing. It’s very Michelle esque.

Again, thanks for being the voice of reason in our wonderful bachelor nation!

Comment: I just don’t think we’ve ever seen a Bachelor handle things this way before, at least this early in the season. Night 1, tells Madison to her face he’s just not feeling it. Tells Bailey and Brianna essentially the same thing this episode that, yeah, for whatever reason, it’s just not there anymore.

And as for the Christina situation, I can’t think of another time the Bachelor let the “villain” go that early. Usually he’d hear the other women out, but since he didn’t see that behavior from Christina herself, he’d side with them, keep her around, then it would just build and build and build and every week the other women would get more and more frustrated until he finally let her go. But Zach cut it off immediately. Was it fair? I mean, who knows? We’ve definitely seen way worse behavior by the so-called “villain” of the season before. Christina wasn’t even in the top 10 based on what they showed us. That’s why the word “villain” on this show isn’t the same every season. There’s absolutely different levels of villainy on this show, and Christina’s was very tame.

Hi Steve! I wanted to ask you this but I know it might not be believable since I can’t find screen shots- but I promise I saw them at the time.

On Reddit, a while back, someone had posted that Kaity’s tiktok had liked several tiktoks about heartbreak just days after being eliminated. Once people noticed, she made her likes private. Again, I can’t find the Reddit thread but I did see screenshots and maybe you can find them. Regardless, I’m wondering if this changes your confidence in the spoiler or if you still remain strong in your answer? I don’t care. Has nothing to do with the spoiler I was given. Again, Rachel Recchia literally posted a picture of her and Clayton kissing on Valentines Day last year to her social media, knowing full well how her season ended where it was a big giant disaster. Social media clues only mean something when you want them to fit your narrative. If someone doesn’t want Kaity to be the winner, they can nitpick and find anything that they can throw out there to support their case. When she wins, it’ll ultimately mean nothing, so I don’t pay attention to that stuff. I can’t reiterate this enough: When I post a spoiler, it has absolutely nothing to do with social media likes, follows, comments, or what they’re airing on TV. I’m trying to find out what happened at the end of filming, because that can’t be changed/edited. I feel very confident I got that with the spoiler I released this week that Zach’s engaged to Kaity.

Also, clearly the bachelor is going downhill with ratings. What would be your suggestions on what could be improved?

Mine are: more body types, visible tattoos, variation on contestants. And also possibly introducing a bisexual lead but where they keep the women and men separate? That may fail but it would certainly be entertaining. People would watch!

Comment: I don’t see them doing that on network TV. At least not anytime soon. But hey, pay attention to Podcast #325 tomorrow. You may be getting your wish.

While in a Covid world it wasn’t too hard to speculate that someone of significance gets Covid, I’m so pleased with myself. Lol.

While I didn’t guess zack until my third guess I did guess that and emailed it to you. So you put a huge smile on my face when you revealed the London spoiler.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and that you will be correct in your spoiler vs the one that has been out for some time. Zach might be the only one.

And spoiler world aside I wonder why Bachelor Happy Hour has had on 3 ladies from this season and 2 of them are final two…it’s like they don’t even care if they have those ones one like of all the choices. I wouldn’t look too much into that. They have on someone new every week and if you look back to past seasons, the final 2 always seem to make it on at some point during the season.

I hope your foot is feeling better and you enjoy your Super Bowl weekend. Thanks for doing so many podcasts on Thursday’s.

Comment: I really am excited for tomorrow’s podcast. Collabing with a new show coming out next week, I’ve seen the first two episodes and really enjoyed it, and I hope you guys will come aboard and watch.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is RealitySteve, or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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