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The “Bachelor” Zach – Episode 6 Recap, Overblown Drama, WTA & Email Issues

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One of the best reality shows in recent memory, “The Traitors” on Peacock, just dropped their reunion show this morning at 5am EST. I haven’t watched it just yet but the plan is to watch it later today. When I spoke with Rachel Reilly on my podcast, she seemed to be of the opinion that Cirie was fine with Andie but that Quentin felt betrayed. Or was it the vice versa? Either way, should be interesting to see this play out on the reunion show. Not sure if we’ll have many other fireworks just because I don’t think anyone really has beef with anyone else. And anything between Kate and Rachel themselves I think might just be played up for TV since Rachel didn’t seem to think they had any issues post show. But I’ll be watching and definitely talking about it on the “Daily Roundup” tomorrow.

Don’t forget to get your “Reader Emails” in today for tomorrow’s column. However for today, you’re probably gonna need to message me on IG or Twitter since, as some of you noticed yesterday, emails sent to me were getting returned “undeliverable.” Not sure what happened but I’m fixing it. I don’t know how long that’s going to take. By the time you read this, it might be fixed. So I’d still try to email me at, but if it gets sent back to you, try me on one of my socials and I’ll just cut and paste it for tomorrow’s column. UPDATE 9:15am CST: I believe the issue has been resolved so please try me at today for all emails.

(SPOILERS) Today’s Daily Roundup covers email issues, spoilers surrounding COVID, “Bachelorette” announcement, WTA news, & thoughts on Episode 6 in Estonia.

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So if I said 3 weeks ago I’d heard one of the women got COVID but I didn’t know who it was, and then last night it was confirmed it was Greer, is that like getting the answer right on the test but the teacher doesn’t give me full credit because I didn’t show my work? I’m sure somewhere out there someone will complain or not give me any credit for telling you weeks ago one of the women got COVID because I didn’t have the name of who it was at the time. But yesterday’s Daily Roundup, by process of elimination, I said it had to be Greer. Juuuuuuuuust pointing it out before the inevitable happens. Same shit, different season.

The “Women Tell All” taped this past Friday in LA. They did NOT announce the next “Bachelorette” at the taping, nor did I think they would since, well, they’ve never announced it at the WTA that I can think of in recent memory. Seems like “Bachelorette” has either been announced on Kimmel, GMA, or the “Bachelor” seasons ATFR, with most being on the ATFR. Clare was announced on GMA because she wasn’t from the previous season. Rachel and Gabby on ATFR, Katie & Michelle’s season on ATFR. Hannah on ATFR. Becca on ATFR. Rachel on Kimmel I believe because she was early while Nick’s season was still airing. JoJo on ATFR. Kaitlyn and Britt on ATFR. Andi on ATFR. Des on ATFR. So that’s the last 10 seasons and none have been on WTA. Not sure why I was being asked after Friday if the “Bachelorette” got announced. That’s waaaaaaaay too early to announce it on a taped show when there’s still 9 women left.

I don’t have a ton of other details from the WTA taping other than who was there and the fact that a lot of the women had their say with Christina and how she acted in the house and the Anastasia thing came to a head. The women in attendance were all 9 women on last night’s episode minus your final 3 of Gabi, Ariel, and Kaity. So Kat, Brooklyn, Aly, Greer, Charity, and Jess. Others in attendance were: Madison and Olivia Lewis from night one. Then Christina, Brianna, Mercedes, Kylee, Victoria J, Anastasia, and Cat Carter. So 16 total there. Looking like this episode will air mid March, so hopefully I’ll hear something before then and fill you in.

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