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“Reader Emails,” the Finale Spoiler Gets a Photo Confirmation, & Daily Roundup

Well it looks like my email situation has been resolved. Like I mentioned, I don’t understand much on the technical side of things, and hearing terms like DNS and MX means absolutely nothing to me. But considering I received a bunch of emails yesterday at after getting none on Monday, it’s mostly back and working. But I was told by @bachelordata that it takes 24-48 hours for all the DNS to reset. So while someone’s emails got through, it doesn’t mean every email got through. So it is possible some of you may have had an email to me bounce back to you. Hopefully it didn’t though. Monday was really weird. I mean lets face it, a lot of my job revolves around receiving emails, whether it’s for my site, my podcast, business related stuff, etc. I’ve had this email address for over 15 years. To go a whole day where nothing comes through was bizarre. I’ve had times where the Yahoo app on my phone went down, but I could still get emails if I go to my desktop. Monday any email sent to me was getting returned to the sender. Oh well, it was a 24 mishap and seems to have been mostly corrected and all DNS should be reset by today and the latest tomorrow.

(SPOILERS) Today’s Daily Roundup covers the finale spoiler getting photo confirmation, email back up and running, Kat takes to social media, Week 7 date analysis by @Bachelordata, and the Traitors reunion show.

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So the biggest news yesterday was the fact that my spoiler I posted on Feb. 6th was confirmed with photographic evidence. For the most part, when I give you the finale spoiler, I can’t provide any proof without giving up sources. And that’s just not gonna happen. Outside of the Nick plane video, pretty much you just have to take my word for it that my sources provided me correct info. Yesterday, the IG account @bachelorsherlock (private) posted a photo of Zach and Kaity on final rose ceremony day clearly after he had chosen her. This is what I wrote back on Feb. 6th:

So I’ll say here what I said on today’s podcast: I hope you all bet on me as well. Will I take digs here and there on occasion? Of course. All in good fun. If you post a spoiler saying you have “sources” that all told you Gabi won and that spoiler ends up being wrong, just like I get criticized when I’m wrong, they should expect it too. If they can’t handle it, don’t post things you think are spoilers. And not to mention for 2 months, I had to hear from trolls who chose to believe someone who’d never spoiled the show’s ending before versus someone who’s been doing it for 14 years. So naturally, it ALWAYS feels good when trolls have to eat their words. So that pic posted by @bachelorsherlock just made doubters not have to wait until March 27th to believe my spoiler. This should be all the evidence they need. Don’t know how they got the pic, nor does it matter. It’s clear as day who Zach is with.

Jess’s conversation and elimination from Monday’s episode was definitely a major talking point from the episode. Jess seemingly was aware that once she didn’t get a 1-on-1 in episode 6, she saw the writing on the wall and she was going home any minute. If it wasn’t in Estonia, it would’ve been in Budapest next week. @Bachelordata lays out how it’s gone for women who never received a 1-on-1 heading into week 7 like Jess and, well, the numbers speak for themselves. Bottom line: If you don’t get a 1-on-1 by episode 7, you’re not even getting to the final 2, let alone winning:

I heard a little more about the WTA yesterday, and it seems like things got pretty contentious with Christina and Anastasia. I’m still trying to get more info on what happened, but those two did not go well. And something I’d heard regarding Anastasia was brought to the forefront by one of the other women at the taping. I’ll get into it more later and share what I’d gotten. Nothing we haven’t seen before but it was never brought up on the show, just at the taping.

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