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I listen to Nick Viall and Ben Higgins podcasts sometimes and they act like they don’t read your spoilers. That can’t be true.

Of course they do, correct??

Comment: To sit here and say that I know they go to my site and read my spoilers is something I have no idea about. But are they aware of what I said? I gotta believe they are. It’s in too many places for them to completely ignore it. They don’t even have to come to my site or listen to my podcast to still end up hearing the spoiler for the season.


there is more to it. You missed the main point of a beefeater. They are allowed – no REQUIRED – to consume all food from the kings table. The reason is for the king to ascertain that none of it has been poisoned. The king only eats AFTER the beefeaters eat safely and none of them get sick or die. It makes more sense when you do provide the “why they eat” not just that they eat from the kings table. have a great day!

Comment: So they’re almost like the secret service for the king. His life comes before theirs. Interesting.

(1) I know you’ve asked several former contestants on your podcast if they knew who the lead of their season was going to pick early on (and many said ‘yes’). But have you ever had a lead (either on the record or just in private conversation) be like “oh yeah I knew who I was picking from day one—nobody else stood a chance”? Yes.

(2) any thoughts on some of the recent interviews/media related to Madison Prewitt and her husband? I get that she’s religious, but some of the stuff they’ve been talking about recently sounds creepy and borderline brainwashed/cultish. It just makes me wonder WHY she ever went on the show and what Pilot Pete could have possibly thought he had in common with her? And yes, I know that you always say most people go on the show for things other than love—I totally get that—but with how over-the-top religious she has been, it almost seems like the premise of the show and going on the show AT ALL (ESPECIALLY when she found out that Peter was the lead—someone who she knew had premarital sex with Hannah B.) would be completely against her values even if it was just to “become an influencer,” “have a fun experience”, etc. I stay away from them and anything they do. Not for me. Don’t care.

3) I don’t understand the “conspiracy theory” that everyone is talking about that Zach didn’t have Covid. What would be the point of the show doing that? Can you please do a brief explanation of what the conspiracy theories are suggesting? Whether or not he had Covid wouldn’t affect the overall outcome of the show so what’s everyone trying to suggest the show is doing? I dont get it? Well, that’s what you usually deal with conspiracy theorists ha ha. There is no rhyme or reason to why they think the things they do. A lot of times they just can’t accept there just aren’t conspiracies to be had. You kinda answered your own question. No, there is no point as to why the show would do that. But then again, there are people to this day that think COVID is just a cold. Just leave those people to themselves and try and stay 1000 feet away from them at all times. Bad for your health. Let them live in their own little warped sense of reality.

(4) have you ever thought of doing a fan appreciation party and/or meet-ups in different cities? I know you used to do informal meetups when you went to different baseball stadiums. What happened to that? Could be fun to do different cities! Maybe have former contestants that live in the city join you and do meet-and-greets. You could probably even monetize it (not saying you would want to or need to, I just know other podcast hosts and people that cover reality TV sometimes do meet-ups and live tapings at venues in different cities)

Comment: At times I have, but I’m very much an introvert. And it’s not something I feel like I have to do or need to do. If something comes up, great. But the fan party in Vegas every year will definitely be the biggest one every year just because I’m already going there. I haven’t really traveled anywhere besides Vegas and CA in the last 3 or 4 years. If something came up and I was approached about it, it’d be something to consider. But it’s not something that I will actively look to book in other cities.

I listen to your podcast every day. Just FYI… even if I am busy or not interested in what you are talking about towards the end, I have to fast forward to hear you say “See Ya!”. It makes me smile so big lol.. keep it up!!

Comment: Now that’s funny. Thank you for that. It’s something I’ve done for close to 30 years with friends, so I just figured I’d use it as my sign off on the podcast. Sometimes I get real bizarre with it with friends. Maybe I’ll do it on occasion on the pod. Glad it brightens your day.

Hey Steve!

Enjoyed your Roundup this morning, especially your idea about Bachelor Nation kids potentially being cast on the show as adults someday.

I consulted The Google and it looks like Jason Mesnick’s son, Ty, and Emily Maynard’s daughter, Ricky, are either 18 or will turn 18 this year. Granted, these were children that they already had when first appearing on the show, but still … they are both great looking kids and would be potentially great leads. You’re correct. I think Ricky and Ty are probably the oldest, but still aren’t old enough yet to possibly go on the show. That would really be a full circle moment if one of them decided to do it in 3-5 years. And by the way, I have no idea if they would even remotely consider it, but I’m telling you if either of them come on, they are 100% getting preferential treatment and you can guarantee they’re making it to hometowns. Without question. They’re not putting Ricky or Ty on that show to send them home at the second rose ceremony or whatever. No chance.

Glad you confirmed that Katie is Zach’s pick. Not that I like her necessarily, but I pegged her from the start, because she seems very similar to Rachel. Do you think he’s really over her? I would hope he is considered he’s been engaged to someone else since November.

Surprised only one contestant got Covid with the way Zach’s been shoving his tongue down everyone’s throat.

Anyway … I’m a Dallas-based fan and have followed you since day one. Thanks for all you do. Also … your Roundup theme song is FIRE and I use it to wake up in the morning.

Comment: The pod seems to be resonating with people for the music and the sign off. That makes me laugh because that’s not what I thought people would remotely care about. The music and sign off were always done for just me because they were personal in my life. Glad others have liked it.

Sorry to hear about your email!! This is a reader question for tomorrow. Do you know or have any theories about who bachelor clues has coached? Super curious to hear your thoughts!

Comment: No idea really. And we’ll never know I wouldn’t think. I don’t think they’d ever reveal it, nor will the contestant. I don’t see the benefit.

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