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“Reader Emails,” the Finale Spoiler Gets a Photo Confirmation, & Daily Roundup

Hey Steve!

I have enjoyed your coverage of Special Forces on your podcast. I would love to hear discussion of who you would cast in a theoretical Season 2. I would love to hear which bachelor/bachelorette lead you think would be interesting to see next and which professional athletes you’d like to see them compete against.

All the best!

Comment: Just off the top of my head for Bachelorettes to be on it: I think JoJo, Tayshia, Rachel, and Kaitlyn I think could. No idea if they’d even want to, but I could just see them doing it. As for the leads, Clayton is the first that comes to mind due to his sports background. Same with Colton. Gus is Colton’s good friend so could definitely see him doing it. Those are two that jump out to me.

Hi Steve!

I hope you receive this email. :).

I heard Logan on an interview about 4 days ago (I don’t remember where, but I saw him talking). He was asked about COVID on Paradise and why he had to leave, but Zach didn’t. He said that the producers asked Gabby if he was someone she could see going to the end. She said, “no,” so the producers sent him home. If she had said, “yes,” it sounded like they would have been willing to let Logan stay and quarantine.

I’ll try and look back and see where I saw Logan. Either way, he said it and he’s fine with how it all went down.

I love the Daily Roundup and The Sports Daily! I hope your Achilles is continuing to heal. Have a great day!

Comment: Yeah that’s what people have been telling me about that interview, so I guess we have our answer. But as I mentioned yesterday in my column, knowing that Greer gets sent home next episode, clearly Zach knew he was sending her home, so what was the point of letting her back on? He clearly couldn’t see her going to the end either.

Hey Steve!

My email bounced back, so here’s my question for reader emails: You were the only one yesterday who emailed me on my socials for a Reader Emails. Because all these other ones, along with some business related emails, all came through on So looks like I’m receiving most of them.

Hey Steve!

First of all, I’m enjoying Zack’s season way more than I thought I would. He’s funny and into the women. He’s a good bachelor!

Ariel reminds me of Jacqueline trumball. There is something about her look, but it also her voice and how she enunciates her words. She absolutely does. I told Jacqueline I’ve gotten this email numerous times about Ariel reminding a lot of fans about her. Now she’s starting to watch this season ha ha.

Finally, I have a bachelorette possibility to add to your list-natasha Parker? She was a favorite on BIP with a heartbreak edit, had a bachelor podcast… not sure if she is single. What do you think?


Comment: Well, she left that podcast because she admitted she didn’t like how the show has handled race related issues in recent seasons. So no, I think she has zero chance to be Bachelorette. Not to mention, she’s been off the radar. There’s no buzz around her. And again, the statistics bear out this show sticks to a certain formula. 18 of the 20 Bachelorettes finished top 4 of their Bachelor season. And 17 of the 20 came from the Bachelor season that the audience just aired. Natasha fits neither of those categories.

Hey Steve-

I almost felt bad for Nick as a guest clue giver on The Masked Singer this past week when the other clues were given by a kid dressed as Napoleon and a drag queen. Missed this week.

I wonder if anyone realized Jess did not have a 1 on 1 date. She should have mentioned it. Her comments to US Weekly yesterday confused me. I’ll cover those tomorrow in the Daily Roundup.

Do you believe they will be able to cast non athletes for future Special Forces now that celebs know how hard it will be? Hard to say. Maybe some that watched will be inspired by it and want to try.

Part 1 of The Challenge reunion was a mess. Not sure if it was due to Maria, the editors, etc. Absolutely. Choppy editing. Stories not flushed out. Just bizarre. I don’t have my hopes up for tonight. But my Wednesday’s change beginning today: The Mandalorian, Survivor, and next week, the World Challenge on Paramount +.

If any of your fans are fans of the Dilbert comic strip, I encourage them to look up the recent racist comments from its creator. I was never a fan of comic strips, but I knew what some of them were. I’m sure I came across or read Dilbert once or twice in my life. I did see what its creator said yesterday. Disgusting.

Any hate/cancellations yet due to your pasta and taco catering change?

Comment: Funny you ask that. In a word, no. In fact, I had a couple two days from Canada book their flight to come, and in their email specifically said, “Must say the pasta and taco bar made us pull the trigger.” Now, I don’t know how serious they were with that, but that’s what they said. I mean, how can you possibly go wrong with a pasta or taco bar?

If we take out the silly manufactured drama, is this the nicest group of girls ever?! I think so!

I think Ariel has a great chance of being the next Bachelorette. See seems perfect!

Comment: Based on interviews with some of the women that I’ve read, they all seem to be very close. Well, with the exception of Christina and Anastasia who seem to take a beating at the WTA.

Hi RS,

I have one (silly, I am sure) theory left about Gabi, based on the season preview that posted a month ago where Zach can be heard saying “I still love her…I might be too late” plus the story about Gabi being caught reading “Game of Roses.” I wonder if Zach picks Kaity at FRC because he does love her too, and the book thing throws Zach off of feeling like he can fully trust Gabi’s intentions (which we know is a special sore spot for him) …but then realizes he wants Gabi, and goes and finds her between FRC and AFR? Kinda like Susie and Clayton getting together between the two? That would explain both Kaity getting the FRC in the photos and Zach saying “I still love her, I might be too late…”
There’s something up with how the coverage of the mid season preview—and bachelor nation write up of it—hide Gabi as much as possible. I think there’s a chance Zach goes after Gabi *after* the FRC because she’s his lobster. ? (she mentioned lobsters in her Bahamas IG post. Which was interesting especially since she’s allergic to shellfish)

Otherwise, to make sense of those remarks of Zach’s—“I still love her, I might be too late”—the reverse would need to happen: he’d need to pick Gabi first and then run after Kaity, in which case there’d be photos of two different FRCs with Kaity being the second and final one.

I’m sure this is a ridiculous reach, but I think viewers are being set up for some kind of surprise still.

Comment: I don’t think the GOR book has anything to do with Zach’s choice. Picking Kaity always made the most sense to me, even before Feb. 6th when I posted the spoiler. She lives where he lives, he literally asked her to spend the night on their first date (something he didn’t ask of anyone else), and we’ve seen at least one interaction every episode. I don’t know why people kept fighting that and assumed it was Gabi. Gabi never made any sense to me.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is RealitySteve, or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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