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The Bachelorette 20 - Charity

The “Bachelorette” Charity – Episode 1 Recap, & Some Updates/Corrections on Yesterday’s Spoilers

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I’m gonna do something on just this page that I’ve never really done before, but I’m just gonna do it for today’s recap, not every recap going forward. I’m going to repost all my tweets from last night, and then on the next page add some more thoughts in on what I saw in episode 1 that I never got to in my tweets.

Come to find out that was Tom Hanks’ niece that lost her shit at the end of the episode? Yeah, I’m definitely gonna have to catch up with that show. I only saw clips last night, but one dude looks like he’s related to Donnie and Marie Osmond. Am I right?

Like clockwork. This is a staple every season now and it’s getting tired. No, you’re not done and walking off the show. You can’t. You have a contract. Yes, we know you’re tired, you’re exhausted, and there’s some drama you’re probably not thrilled with, but can we not say this anymore? It’s getting old when we know none of these leads are leaving, and every one of them gets proposed to.

In 47 seasons of the show (27 Bachelors and now 20 Bachelorettes), has it ever rained on night 1? I certainly can’t remember it happening. Especially not to the extent it did in last night’s episode where the cocktail party never had anyone walking out near the pool, no conversation sitting in front of that fireplace, nothin’. Any conversation we saw was inside or in a covered area.

Yes, I know it’s not THAT hard for Aaron’s two flips of coins to land on heads both times, but, I’m going to continue to believe it was a two-headed coin. So there. Leave me alone in my conspiracy theories.

I think on my podcast I called it a back handspring, which I know is wrong. Oops. Misspeaking is sometimes my biggest talent.

Man, it was POURING that night. Shocked in that scene of her talking to, I believe Xavier, they didn’t drown out that sound of rain slamming against what sounded like a tin roof.

More thoughts about last night on Page 3…

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