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The Bachelorette 20 - Charity

The “Bachelorette” Charity – Episode 2 Recap, “Reader Emails” Tomorrow, & More on Charity in New Orleans

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My god, we’re like 20% through Charity’s season already and it’s only through 2 episodes! Well, we don’t know for sure since they haven’t laid out how many episodes there are, when the finale airs, or when BIP starts, but knowing that hometowns is episode #6, unless overnights or finale takes 2 episodes to air, this will be a 9 episode season including the “Men Tell All.” If we have a two-night finale then we’ll have a 10 episode season. So actually at worst we are 20% through the season already. This show just started last week, right? I’m not delusional in thinking it’s almost over already. Although it’d be nice if it was so I’d stop getting emails regarding who won. I know. It comes with the territory but how many times can I repeat myself saying “when I know, then you’ll know,” and I STILL get asked non-stop. Even get asked when will I know. If I knew that, then I’d tell you. Just be patient. That’s the best advice I can give you even though, well, very few of you will listen to it. Deep down I take it as a compliment, so thank you.

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There definitely will be a “Reader Emails” column tomorrow, so get your emails in today. Last week just didn’t have enough and got bogged down with lack of other things to talk about. So I just skipped it, but expect it to be there every Wednesday going forward. It’s been a staple on this site for, ummmm, how long? I gotta believe I’ve had “Reader Emails” for at least 10 years? 12? Maybe longer. I honestly don’t even know. I’ll have to go digging.

To follow up on what I said yesterday in the Daily Roundup regarding Charity in New Orleans. My information that’s been given to me absolutely has her having three 1-on-1 dates in New Orleans and a 3 person group date. It’s why I put it in the rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers last week and it’s why I haven’t changed it. I think Charity just misspoke at the Essence event this past weekend when she said she had two 1-on-1 dates. Not intentionally, not maliciously, not to lead anyone on. She was asked a question on the spot about filming in New Orleans during her season, and for whatever reason she answered the way she did. My information says otherwise. So unless a preview shows more of it, we’ll have our official answer in 3 weeks, but, I’m confident in this info based on what’s already played out this season.

I know it might not make sense to some of you, but that’s because I can’t share my sources and how I know what I know. If I could, you’d be saying the same thing that she had three 1-on-1’s in New Orleans. It’s ok to doubt. I just know my sources on this are solid, and just because it wasn’t shown in a preview doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. That’s the whole point of having sources. They give you info that the show doesn’t show you. If you rely on previews to get all your information, you’ll never have the full story. Plenty of stuff I’ve given you in 14 years of spoiling was never shown in a season preview. This is no different. I wish I could share with you why I’m confident in this but I can’t. I don’t reveal sources. But it’s not like someone just told it to me and I said, “Ok thanks byeeeeeeeeee.” I asked questions, I asked for some sort of proof, and I made sure it made sense before I posted it.

If you’re questioning if there was three 1-on-1’s in New Orleans, then ask yourself this: what happened then? How was New Orleans laid out in terms of dates? If you can’t answer with 100% certainty either, then how can you possibly say three 1-on-1’s didn’t happen? It’s just your opinion which, of course you’re entitled to, but when you have nothing to back it up, you’re just guessing. At least I have some solid intel behind what I’m saying. Again, I wish I could share how I know but I can’t. So I guess I’ll see you on July 24th when we meet again and this question is answered. Actually, you’ll probably know earlier when the press release for episode 5 is released right after episode 4. Fun times. All over whether there was two or three 1-on-1 dates in episode 5. Unreal how it’s impossible for people to believe this.

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