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“Reader Emails,” Stats from Episode Before Hometowns, & Screen Time from @BachelorData

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Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July yesterday. Mine was a bit up and down. Why? Because the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest toyed with my emotions. For 2 hrs it was on a weather delay. And then there were legitimate Twitter accounts saying it was canceled – until it wasn’t. Which was great. Thank you. My day was made. Granted, the extra waiting didn’t seem to help as I can’t remember the last time Joey Chestnut ate as little as 62 hot dogs, but he still beat the 2nd place guy by double digits. Chestnut might be our greatest American hero at this point. He’s won 8 in a row, and 16 of the last 17 championships, which is just absurd. And it doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon considering no one ever really comes close to him. Do all the sudden you lose the ability to shove that much down your gullet? Is this something you can teach your body or is it something you’re just born with? Is professional eating a sport? Is Joey Chestnut one of the greatest athletes of our generation? All those questions are discussed on today’s Daily Roundup if you’re interested. Not to mention, running down the close to 70 other eating world records that Joey Chestnut has. If you’re unaware, listen on an empty stomach. You might hurl if you don’t.

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In discussing the New Orleans episode 5 this season, I wanted to look back at past season in regards to the episode before hometowns to see how the date breakdown went. This is season 20 of the “Bachelorette.” I think we can all agree the last 4 seasons have veered off the normal track of how the episodes have laid out because in 3 of those 4 seasons (Clare/Tayshia’s, Katie’s, & Michelle’s), the leads didn’t even travel to the guys’ hometowns because of COVID. Then last season was the wonky 2 Bachelorette season with Rachel & Gabby, so they weren’t gonna have 6 guys each in the episode before hometowns.

But in the in the 4 seasons previous (seasons 12-15), in the episode before hometowns:

-There was exactly 6 guys left
-There was no rose ceremony and roses were given out on the dates
-There were three 1-on-1 dates and a 3 person group date

Which is what I reported happened this season. In case you forgot, here was the breakdown of the three 1-on-1’s and the 3 person group date in each of those seasons:

Hannah Brown – Jed, Tyler, Mike Johnson (sent home on date). Group – Pilot Pete, Luke P, and Garrett. Luke P and Pilot Pete get roses.
Becca – Colton, Garrett, and Blake (all got roses). Group – Wills, Jason and Leo. Jason got the rose.
Rachel – Bryan, Dean and Peter (all got roses). Group – Matt, Adam and Eric. Eric got the rose.
JoJo – Alex (sent home on date), Jordan, Luke. Group – Chase, Robby, and James. Chase and Robby with roses. Thank God.

I really do wish I could share why I reported there’s three 1-on-1’s in New Orleans, but I don’t out sources. You know that. I think if you saw my proof however, you’d realize why I’m reporting it. And yes, it is possible to know there was a third 1-on-1 in New Orleans without knowing who was on it, which I don’t. It’ll all be confirmed in a couple weeks.

Here’s the screen time for Episode #2 for Charity’s guys according to @Bachelordata

What I’m really waiting for is for Suzana to update the IG follower count. Man, those thinking that just by showing up on this show you’re guaranteed hundreds of thousands of followers, you’re sorely mistaken. None of her final 4 guys are even at 15k followers yet. Granted, we’re only 2 episodes in, but if you compare it to past seasons, they aren’t even in the same stratosphere of where they should be. It’s crazy how little Instagram matters now in Bachelor Nation. Better find a new way to supplement your income, boys. Because this ain’t it.

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