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The Bachelorette 20 - Charity

The “Bachelorette” Charity – Episode 3 Recap, Katie on “FBoy Island,” & Brayden Dominating Screen Time via @BachelorData

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Big day today. Today is the one year anniversary of the Daily Roundup podcast. When I started it July 11th last year, I assumed I’d miss some days. Maybe the weekends I was out of town, I’d take a Friday episode off and maybe even that Monday. But I can proudly say that for the last 365 days, I have given you a Daily Roundup every Monday thru Friday. I guess you can say I’ve even surprised myself. And now that I did it for a whole year, it’s like perfect attendance in school. You wanna keep the streak going. Trust me, there have been some nights where I absolutely didn’t want to record a show or even felt like I didn’t have more than 5 minutes of material. Hasn’t happened often, but occasionally I felt that way. I want to thank everyone again for supporting and listening to the Daily Roundup for the last year. I’ve really enjoyed doing it, I appreciate hearing your stories about how it’s become part of your daily routine, and it means a lot. Your continued support is why I keep it going so thank you to each and every one of you that listens, follows, and purchases any of the products I do host reads for in the podcast. It’s the best way you can support it going forward.

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“Reader Emails” column tomorrow, so get your emails in today. Already some good ones in there, but definitely email me some more questions, comments, queries regarding anything Bachelorette related, pop culture, reality TV, and I’ll do my damndest to give you the greatest answer imaginable. It’s what I do.

In case you missed yesterday’s pod and also any of my social media postings about it, Katie Thurston will be one of the 3 women that the men will be vying for on next season of “FBoy Island.” While it did get canceled after 2 seasons at HBO Max (now just MAX), it was picked up by the CW Network, and Katie’s season will air this fall. Filming began yesterday in Malibu and will take about a month. Once that is over, then they are filming “FGirl Island” for the first time, where 3 men will be in the lead position, and the 20 or so contestants will be nice girls and F girls. FGirl Island will air sometime in 2024. I think FBoy Island is perfect for someone like Katie. You know how much I loved the first two seasons and promoted the hell out of it. Can’t wait to see what season 3 of FBoy Island holds for us.

Here was the promo they ran on FBoy Island’s IG account last night:

Geez, you talk about screen time domination. If you thought Brayden was on your screen a lot last night, you weren’t wrong. He had 3 TIMES more screen time than any other guy, topping out at over 15 minutes. Wow.

Recap begins on Page 2…

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