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“Reader Emails,” Daily Roundup, & 90’s Con Coming in September

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Wednesday nights are becoming my favorite nights of the week. Monday’s I just dread because of having to watch the show, record two podcasts, and write a column. Wednesday’s are so much better because, while it’s two shows that I watch, I actually like them so much better than “Bachelorette.” “Temptation Island” and “The Big D” tonight are REALLY good. I’ve seen both screeners and get ready for 2 great hrs of TV tonight on the USA Network. This is the first TI episode this season where the Temptation light is introduced, and lets just say it has everyone all out of whack. And that red light is on A LOT tonight. So much so that you’re wondering if it ever turned off. Especially since all it does is signify someone on the other side of the island has given into temptation. But the fact that none of them know what that means or in what form or how long it’s lasting – drives them absolutely bonkers. Some can’t handle it. As for The Big D, Dean’s ex-wife and Angelique’s ex-husband join the group tonight and there are certain dynamics in the house that absolutely change immediately. Can’t wait for you all to watch. You HAVE to be watching these shows if you’re a fan of the “Bachelor/ette.” You will love them.

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I discuss this on the Daily Roundup today, but the weekend of Sept. 15th, there’s a “90’s Con” happening at the Tampa Convention Center, and it was just announced in the last couple days that the original 90210 cast will all be there – Jason, Ian, Brian Austin Green, Jennie, Tori, Gabrielle, and Shannen – on the 16th and 17th. I seriously contemplated going, but two things are holding me up. One, the week before I’m in Vegas and I don’t know if I feel like traveling back-to-back weekends. But most importantly #2 is that I’m still bothered by the fact that Tiffani Amber Theissen gets shut out from all things 90210 related. She wasn’t invited back for that 6 episode reboot on Fox and she’s not appearing at this. You could say, “Maybe she was and just turned it down.” Without knowing for sure, I think we all KNOW that there’s still some bad blood there between Tiffani, Jennie, and Tori, yet no one truly knows the real story. Yes, Tiffani is married with kids and seemingly moved on, but I’m sorry, that show was a major part of her life. She injected new life into that show and put it in a different direction once Shannen left. Made it more mature, more adult, and added some serious sexiness to it that the show lacked. I’m so bummed these people can’t move past whatever it is that happened and she can’t be a part of anything 90210 related. If this is all on Tiffani and she’s just choosing not to, then so be it. But I really don’t think that’s the case. I wish we all knew the real answers. So many rumors over the years, but I wish they could get past it.

Lets get right to it. “Reader Emails” begins NOW…

Well Steve,

You asked why twitter would make a crazy rule about how many tweets you can see without a verified account, and then answered your own question the next day: it’s a way to get you to buy that verification.

I guess that blue checkmark wasn’t enticing enough when they first started selling verifications, so they had to up the ante to get more users to shell up the $$$.

Comment: For anyone that hasn’t spent the $8/month, are you still seeing “data limit exceeded” on your Twitter page? I mean at this point, it’s whatever to me. I’m using both Twitter and Threads for the exact same purpose. Except for live tweeting. I don’t think I’ll be doing that on Threads just because there’s no hashtag searches or anything like that.

Hi Steve,

If Dotun is indeed final one, wouldn’t this be the first time in bachelor history that the winner didn’t get to talk to the lead night one? He clearly said they didn’t talk inside after the limo entrance and they never showed them talking.

Comment: Not sure because I haven’t kept the stats on that. Do we really even know how many did or didn’t? I guess there would be three ways to look at it. Guys that were shown in the first episode talking to the lead, guys that weren’t shown talking to the lead but did, and guys that never spoke to the lead at all. I just don’t know if someone wants to go through 20 seasons of “Bachelorette” to actually find that out.

The things that frustrate you about Threads are exactly what frustrates me about FB & IG these days: I see more random promoted posts/ads than I do posts from people I follow, and nothing is in chronological order. Wonder if it’s because this new “twitter” is the same company, but wish they’d ALL get on board what we want: to see things from whoever/whatever we follow in chronological order!!!

Comment: Yeah, it’s still doing it. I’ll give them time since they just launched less than a week ago, but did you see Threads is over 100 million users now? If Elon doesn’t fix his shit soon, I think Threads is gonna take over.

I don’t mind the occasional ad in my Twitter or Thread feed, or the occasional suggested post, but I’m just unsure of what’s happening with my Threads feed in general. If I go on to it right now, and I scroll to the top, it’ll have every post made by people I follow since I was last on. That’s good. But then after I’ve read those, if I refresh again, it’s a whole bunch of new people’s Threads from hrs ago. I wish they’d address this.

But I do cover this in today’s Daily Roundup as the creator of Threads posted a thread yesterday updating people on where they’re at. Sounds promising.

Hey RS…I saw this on Reddit and wondering if you knew the answer. Someone asked if Dave Neal is that Bachelorwhatever account on IG. Are they the same? I thought you’d know.

Comment: No, he’s not. Does Dave look like someone who has time to run an account like that, kiss the asses of the all contestants by tagging them in everything in hopes they respond to you, and lie directly on their bio? No, it’s not Dave. Dave is also male. The person that runs that account is female.

But hit them up though if you’re looking to get a quote on some 2 x 4’s.

Hi Steve,

If a Bachelor or Bachelorette wanted five homtown dates instead of four hometown dates, would production okay it?

Comment: We’ve had 47 seasons and never had 5 hometown dates. It’s just not needed. No lead has ever been down to those last 5 and just couldn’t decide so gave all 5 a hometown. And if there was one time and I forgot one, then my mistake. But they pretty much know who they want at that point and I don’t feel involving family at a point when you’re decided between who’s 4th place and 5th place is a smart idea.

Hey Steve,

I didn’t hear anything about Bachelor in Paradise Canada on the podcast today and the finale was last night.

This taped June 2022 and 2 couples are still together 13 months later. Joey got engaged to Tessa and Chelsea and Austin left paradise together.

Austin recently moved to NY, relocating for Chelsea!

You’ve got a big Canadian fan base, and 3 of the successful people are American Bachelor Nation. Why are you leaving us out?

Comment: Because I’ve never seen any season of the show. Has nothing to do with leaving Canada out. I’ve just never watched it, nor do I know how to. And even if I did (I hear it’s City TV or something?), it just doesn’t interest me all that much. Don’t take offense.

With FBoy Island being on the CW now, do you know if they will have reruns on any streaming service? Is CW related to MAX? Are they the same owners?

Comment: I’m not sure but I gotta believe some streaming service will pick it up. CW is basically free TV. If you get any sort of local channels you should get CW.

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