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“Reader Emails,” Daily Roundup, & 90’s Con Coming in September

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Hola Esteban (a tribute to the occasional Spanish language Daily Podcast commercials) Yeah I still don’t know why those appear at times. They’re not supposed to.

Did your podcast with William make you re-think your approach to gambling? Have you ever gotten so caught up in a casino session that you made “stupid”/high risk bets to try to come out ahead when down? I’m a risk taker. I don’t think my approach will ever change. And I absolutely have chased my bets in the casino if I was getting killed. Sometimes it’s worked out. Other times it hasn’t. I can say though, and thankfully, I’ve never gotten to a point that he got to. When I go, I bring what I can afford to lose. That’s how I budget those trips.

Was your dog named after the Suzanne Vega hit “My Name is Luka”?

Congratulations on the Daily Podcast anniversary!

Comment: Ha ha no. When I looked on the adoption page, she was already named Luka by whoever at that point and I never asked who named her and why. She had a twin sister, Lotus, who was rescued with her, but Lotus never made it to the adoption process because of health issues.

1) I know you mentioned Brayden it’s like a Giddy school girl, but isn’t that a good thing? I feel like he’s actually into her and oblivious of what is going on around him. Yeah I’ve never said it was a bad thing. I just think in that environment, he doesn’t realize how he’s coming across because he really does seem oblivious to how the show works. And saying the things he did about struggling with possibly proposing at the end, while realistic, immediately gives the other guys ammo to come after you.

2) I know you said in a recent podcast that Warwick was going home from the very beginning of the date, but if I were the bachelorette, I wouldn’t want to waste a one on one on someone I knew was going home. do you think Charity could’ve said that she wanted to take someone else on the date? And just have sent in Warwick home at the rose ceremony?

Comment: Honestly, most seasons we have there isn’t someone who gets sent home on a 1-on-1 – at least before episode before hometowns. They’re all used for people to get a rose and advance. For Charity’s season, they just decided otherwise. And when you’re the lead, you basically just do what production says and go along with whatever storylines they have in place. You don’t wanna rock the boat too much.

Hi Steve,

Just a quick note to say I appreciate your recaps even more because I just can’t stay awake the whole episode now! I haven’t made it through one yet this season with the time change and since I can’t fast forward through when watching back after on ABC demand I haven’t been able to complete any.

I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for the franchise? This time slot isn’t great and I can’t be the only one struggling to stay through the whole episode.
Thanks for your recaps!

Comment: We’ll see if they do the same thing next summer. Or if they eventually move to streaming. I mean, we’ve got the Golden Bachelor which begins filming soon and we know the Bachelor is already set for a return in 2024 so it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Hey Steve,

I have seen lots of posts lately with conflicting information about the winner. I saw one the other day stating you said that Charity chose Xavier and her runner up was Joey. I saw another one that said you thought the winner was Dotun. I looked all over your page and saw nothing stating that you know of any winner but only know the top 4. Did I miss a post from you saying who the winner is?

Comment: Huh? There’s a post out there saying Xavier wins and it’s attributed to me? Yeah, I never said that anywhere. I haven’t said who the winner is because I haven’t been told yet. The Dotun/Charity IG stories from last weekend sure are a clue as to it possibly being him. And I know it’s not Aaron or Joey, so it can only BE either Dotun or Xavier. But no, I haven’t officially had a confirmation of who she chose.

Did you tell us that Ashley I. is on Stars From Mars? Did I mis that?

Comment: No, because she didn’t show up on the show til this past Monday. They added 4 new players: Ashley I., Paul Pierce, Andy Richter, and Cat Cora. I’ve watched exactly 0.0000 seconds of the show, so I don’t know what the reason was for bringing the four of them on, but a few emailers informed me that Ashley was brought on this past Monday’s episode, so that’s how I know.

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