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“Reader Emails,” Daily Roundup, & 90’s Con Coming in September

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Hi Steve,

The lady with same double names that instantaneously came to mind is Zsa Zsa Gabor. If I think of others, I’ll send them your way. Ahhhh yes, who can forget Zsa Zsa. So that’s three. There’s gotta be more, right?

I know it’s a nothing burger of a story now, but how does a, what, 5’6”-ish Britney Spears tap a 7’5” basketball giant on the shoulder? That was my immediate reaction when I heard the alleged account. Yeah when we saw the video, it still doesn’t look like she actually ever made contact with him. She started to reach and his security swiped her hand away. Yet there she was again last night on IG retelling the story and saying she did tap him on the shoulder. I’m so confused. Unless that angle was really bad and we just can’t tell, to me, it never looked like she touched him.

And finally, did I miss your reaction to the news that Taylor Swift’s concert has taken in a billion dollars? A BILLION? With more than a year to go?

Comment: Yeah, I talked about it a couple times on the Daily Roundup. I mean, now that we see her full international schedule, and she has over 70 international dates, it’s going to be well over a billion dollar tour. It’s not a billion right now. This is all projecting out based on the numbers so far. But she’s at like 135 dates now or something and she hasn’t even announced anywhere in Canada. I gotta believe she’ll go there at some point, no?

Steve, wasn’t Matt James the last lead who had not appeared on a previous season?

Comment: A lot of you sent this in yesterday. Technically, yes you’re right. However, Matt was cast on Clare’s original season that was stopped by COVID. It was during COVID remember, but before Clare’s cast was re-cast, that they announced Matt as “Bachelor” which would film after Clare’s season did. AND, people knew who he was because he was Tyler’s best friend. So yes, when I say we haven’t had a lead on this show be from outside the franchise since Brad Womack’s first season, I still stand by that because Matt wasn’t a complete stranger to all of the Bachelor Nation audience. And he would’ve been on Clare’s season if COVID didn’t hit. Semantics I guess.

Hi Steve

I had a question about these events that bachelor people show up to like the Barbie premiere. How do they get invited to these things? Who determines which stars get invited (like why did Susie and Andrew get to go and not any other random bachelor person). I understand Jojo and Jordan and obviously Charity attending because of the tie in to the episode. Do they get paid to attend?

Comment: It’s basically about who you know. Not just anyone can go to these things. You have to have some sort of PR team or connections. Paid to attend? I don’t believe so.

Steve, mailbag question for you…is Katie Thurston joining FBoy Island the biggest F you to the franchise ever? (You can’t tell me the candidates on FBoy Island are higher quality than the ones ABC “Hand picked” for her, although that’s a low bar to clear). And JoJo (in my opinion the most popular and best Bachelorette ever) and Jordan doing a dating show on another network a close second? These moves seem a bit LIV like in saying “thanks for the platform ABC/Warner Bros, now we are taking this to another network so we can get paid?” Just curious. Thanks!

Comment: Great analogy. I absolutely think Katie on FBoy Island is a giant middle finger to the franchise. Good for her. I don’t see it as much with Jordan and JoJo because they’re still involved with the franchise. I mean, well at least this season they were with the Barbie date. But they are so far removed from their season, they’re allowed to go to other places. Katie will be on BIP this summer for her one episode appearance probably some time in September or October, then we’ll see her as a lead on FBoy Island pretty close to that airing.

Hi Steve – Congratulate you on your Daily Roundup 1 year anniversary! That’s awesome! I look forward to listening it to you every morning when I’m getting ready for the day so Thank You!

I know you said you didn’t miss one day of recording in the last year, and I totally believe you but, I’m wondering how you handled the day of your achilles surgery? I’m guessing it was outpatient and you were able to record the night before and the day of the surgery. I just can’t remember.

Thanks again for all your great work and Happy 7-11 and DR Anniversary Day!

PS I’m looking forward to the Bachelorette next week when they’re in my state (WA) even though you said it rained the whole time. I also can’t wait to see Brayden walk the plank. I don’t hate the guy, he just annoys me!

Comment: Yeah, I was actually talking about that with someone yesterday. That day of my surgery, when I was in recovery and had just woken up which was around 4pm, the doctors said they didn’t think I should record a podcast that night. But I wasn’t in any pain, and even when the post surgery meds wore off, I’ve never taken another pill since then. I just never had any pain associated with the surgery. Maybe I was lucky, I don’t know. But the thing was, being put under for the surgery, I had a tube down my throat for 90 minutes, so when I did wake up, I remember my throat was very dry and red. And maybe they thought that’s why I shouldn’t have recorded. Either way, I didn’t record til about 11pm that night, and while my throat was still a little sore, it wasn’t bad enough to where I couldn’t talk at all. It was just a little scratchy. If you wanna go back and listen to see if I sounded all that different, that would’ve been my August 11th, 2022 Daily Roundup since my surgery was on August 10th.

Hi Steve!

I’ve never emailed before but wanted to email and congratulate you on 1 year of your daily roundup! I can’t get through my morning without listening every single day. I always hate Sat/Sun mornings because I have to find another podcast to listen to lol

I thought it was really interesting how you mentioned today that during the final rose ceremony when they do it on the water, no boats are allowed and if we see a boat it means it’s production. I’d love to hear other little pieces of producer insight if you have it! I’ve been watching since the very beginning and am a diehard fan so learning those random pieces of producer information is so interesting!

Anyways, thanks for all you do and put into this franchise!! It would be much more boring without you covering everything

Comment: Well tomorrow’s podcast with Courtney Robertson we dove into how Happy Couple weekends worked for her and Ben and the lengths the show (and them) went to to keep it a secret. I thought that was really interesting to hear. I’ve known about it being friends with Courtney for years, but to hear her tell the stories of how the show did it, and how they snuck one in themselves is pretty funny.

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