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The Bachelorette 20 - Charity

The Bachelorette Charity – Episode 4, Golden Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and Season Promo Confirmations

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Yesterday we got some clarification on quite a few things in regards to the Golden Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and the rest of Charity’s season. Still no season ending spoiler yet, but some major plot points were revealed in the preview that ran at the end of last night’s episode. We’ll get to those in a second, but first, we now have some clarification in regards to how Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise will air. Speaking of the Golden Bachelor, no surprise it ended up being Gerry Turner, although the pronunciation of a hard “G” is the only thing I was unaware of. I just assumed “G-e-r-r-y” was pronounced like “Jerry.” It’s not. It’s pronounced like “ferry” with a hard G. Which is different (?) than “Gary.” Or is it the exact same thing? Whatever the case, I think the ABC promo team didn’t need to go so hard on the facetuning and spray tan in Gerry’s promo pictures and poster. Still looks great for 71. Good looking guy. But that promo poster of him is a little too much. I get it. All photos for the lead are touched up, but you’re usually dealing with men and women in their 20’s. It’s a lot different when your lead is over 70. Just saying, they could’ve not gone so hard at that.

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“Reader Emails” column tomorrow, so get your emails in today. A little low right now but I’m hoping you guys can bump that up more this week. Definitely a lot to go over from last night’s episode, the Golden Bachelor, and other questions/queries/comments you may have. Get em’ all in and I’ll answer them tomorrow. I know reading on the internet is a dying breed, but hey, someone has to do it so it might as well be reading “Reader Emails” from my site.

Once the Golden Bachelor was released yesterday, they also released the TV schedule for it along with Bachelor in Paradise. We don’t have a premiere date for Golden Bachelor, but we know it’ll be airing on Monday nights at 10pm ET, and it’s only going to be a 1 hr show. It’s airing after a 2hr DWTS. BIP will air on Tuesday nights and be 2 hrs. We were also told that Charity’s finale will be Monday August 21st, and be a 3 hr finale per usual. First two hours will show what went down in Fiji followed by a 1 hr ATFR. Which means the rest of the schedule looks like this:

7/24 – Ep 5 (New Orleans)
7/31 – Ep 6 (Hometowns)
8/7 & 8/14 – Ep 7 & 8 – Men Tell All & Overnights (We don’t know which order they’ll air in yet)
8/21 – Ep 9 (3 Hr Finale)

Ok, now lets talk about BIP spoilers. Here’s the breakdown I gave yesterday on Twitter:

So I’m 99% sure Kat and John Henry are engaged. Seeing their names on that whiteboard two days before filming ended, having video of them in Virginia Beach where onlookers said they were holding hands and clearly together, I just don’t see that they just left the show as a couple. I’m guessing an engagement happened. The Aaron B./Eliza video certainly is the two of them together post-filming. But ever since then, Eliza has been back in Germany, and Aaron has been out and about in San Diego. So in terms of the status of their relationship now? Not sure. They clearly left the show together as a couple based on that video. But it would seem weird to head back to Germany if you left Paradise engaged. But we’ve seen crazier things, so hopefully I’ll get more clarity on that going forward.

Here’s some other ones of note:

-Rachel self-eliminates during the season. She wasn’t eliminated at a rose ceremony.

-Blake Moynes was involved with Jess Girod during filming, but same as Rachel, at some point self-eliminated. He wasn’t eliminated at a rose ceremony.

-Aven & Kylee were certainly a couple I told you about early on that were coupled up, but I haven’t heard anything about them since that point. They were definitely partying in the same group together on a boat in San Diego post filming, but that’s all I’ve seen or heard since filming ended.

That’s everything I’ve heard thus far from BIP. I’m sure I’ll hear stuff trickle in here and there going forward and once I do, I’ll let you know. Just like Charity’s season, it’s been really weird. I’ve heard things that happened, some I’ve been able to confirm, some not, but been harder to get the details behind the things that happened, which usually provides more clarity.

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