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The Bachelorette 20 - Charity

The Bachelorette Charity – Episode 4, Golden Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and Season Promo Confirmations

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The preview that ran at the end of Charity’s season last night definitely cleared up a few things that happen the rest of this season. So as I mentioned on the previous page, been told a few times this season, “Well, this happened.” And while that’s great, sometimes without context or details, it can lead to different things. First off, in the preview last night, they clearly showed a clip of Charity on a date in the Bayou that looked like a crawfish boil that Tanner was definitely on. That part I was right about when I said Charity had a third 1-on-1 in New Orleans. I always knew there was 4 days of dates in New Orleans – Joey’s, a Bayou date, Dotun’s, and a date the next day, seemingly a group date. Tanner is on that Bayou date. But the preview also showed Sean kissing her at a dinner table at some point in New Orleans as well, which is the night portion of Tanner’s date. So if it’s a 2-on-1, that’s head scratching, because that’d mean someone gets a rose or someone doesn’t. Well we know by the end of the episode Sean and Tanner are the only two eliminated. So how is it a 2-on-1?

Does she keep one of them then decide to eliminate him later? If Sean and Tanner are both on the Bayou date, then that leaves only Xavier and Aaron B. on the final “group” date, which makes no sense since we both know they made final four. Hell, even the press release for next week’s episode is confusing.

“Charity and one special man explore the city while learning more about each other and the challenges their relationship will face. Then, a surprising date in the bayou takes a turn as two men vie for Charity’s attention; and the next day, Charity invites one lucky man to the annual New Orleans Crescent City Classic. After a week of shake-ups, the final group date of the season is Charity’s last chance at clarity before meeting families.”

So we know Joey and Dotun have 1-on-1’s. Why wouldn’t they just say that she has two other 2-on-1’s, which by the way, has never happened in the episode before hometowns? That “final group date” would just be a 2-on-1 if they’re saying that “two men vie for Charity’s attention” that “takes a turn” on the Bayou date. Why wouldn’t they just say she had a 2-on-1 in the Bayou? Something tells me the Bayou date started out with one man and the night portion ended with a second guy coming in. I do know that both Sean and Tanner visit Charity at her room at some point during next weeks episode. We clearly see Charity crying in a sweater outside a door saying he “won’t leave” and “won’t take no for an answer.” So that’s seemingly either Sean or Tanner. Based on the edit this season, I’d lean towards Sean. That would seem to be out of character for how they’ve edited Tanner. So the bottom line is, we all know at the end of next weeks episode, Sean and Tanner are gone. It’s just a matter of HOW we get to that point is where the question lies based on that press release, a Bayou date “that takes a turn” of two men vying for her attention the video footage of her crying outside a door, and knowing that both Sean and Tanner visit her at her room at some point during the episode.

The other major thing that last night’s preview revealed was that Joey made it to Fiji (footage clearly showed her and Joey near a waterfall in Fiji), and that Aaron B. gets eliminated at the final 4 rose ceremony but then shows up in Fiji to seemingly ask for another chance, we know gets rejected since he was in Paradise. So that’s the biggest thing I got wrong. There was video footage which I believe surfaced on Reddit during filming, where you could see Dotun and Aaron in Fiji. Then Xavier was also shown in Fiji in the first preview of the season making out with her in the water. At that time, I still didn’t know who was eliminated at final 4, but with video footage of Aaron, Xavier, and Dotun all in Fiji, it seemingly looked like those were your final 3. But still to this day, I was never told who was eliminated at final 4. We now know it was Aaron B. They didn’t show her eliminating him, just showed her crying as she’s putting someone in a car at an airport hangar, a clip we’ve seen since the very first preview.

So what else do we conclude from that preview from last night? Well, we know Aaron doesn’t win. And from everything I’ve been told, Joey doesn’t win either. But in terms of placement, still unclear. Xavier had the first overnight date, then Joey, then Dotun. Aaron showing up and talking to Charity happens during the time she’s having a date with Joey. Again, the details are missing though. We clearly see Charity and Joey in the waterfall in Fiji. It’s not like Aaron is showing up there. But at some point we know he shows up because we see a car pulling up in Fiji and then a black man walking around from the waist down. That’s not Xavier or Dotun. Only leaves one man.

And finally, Shawn Booth said on his podcast yesterday that he’s going to be a father. Didn’t reveal who his baby mama is, but, on his IG story last night took a picture of her in a chair with a hand on her belly (face cut out), and said she’d be on his podcast on Monday. Maybe there are people out there who know who she is, I wasn’t online much yesterday. But I was told who it is and her IG is private. Not my place to share who it is since the public will know next Monday. And even though I know people did, man it sucks to know that people probably bombarded Kaitlyn yesterday about this. If she wants to address it, she will. But no need to hit her up asking her for her opinion on Sean becoming a dad, or asking if she’d heard the news. I say that now, but I’m sure it’s too late. Toxic Bachelor Nation can’t help themselves. I’m sure her inbox was flooded yesterday. Sucks.

So there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot to go over from last night’s episode. Any thoughts, I’ll share tomorrow. Last night was a loooooooong night. Mondays always are. So there are a few things I want to mention, and I’ll cover those tomorrow in “Reader Emails.”

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