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The “Bachelorette” Charity – Episode 5 Thoughts, Screen Time, Taylor Swift Tickets For Sale, & Daily Roundup

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So if you listened to yesterday’s Daily Roundup, you heard that I took my niece to see the Barbie movie. I think maybe my thoughts on it came across a little harsh. I didn’t hate it by any means. I didn’t even dislike it. I just thought it was a little corny and weird and bizarre. However, I also acknowledge, not being someone who played with dolls growing up, not being female, and not having a daughter, also played a role in my thoughts on the movie. It didn’t hit me that I think it will hit some people who fit into any of those three categories. Because before it was released this weekend, the plot details hadn’t really leaked out. Nobody knew what the hell to expect. And to draw a $155 million this weekend and get rave reviews like it did, clearly it did something right. And I see that side of it, but moreso, if you’re female or you owned a Barbie growing up. It really does have a good message behind it, and no, it’s nothing political as some are making it out to be. It’s an enjoyable 90 minutes or so with colorful scenes, some good music/dance numbers, funny lines, and overall positive message. If you have a daughter, I’d absolutely take her to see it.

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So this episode finally confirmed how the whole breakdown went with the New Orleans date. My screwup was assuming the date I was told happened between Joey and Dotun’s was a 1-on-1. I knew there was a date there, I knew it was a Bayou date, and I knew there was a group date with no rose ceremony this episode. Because they’d always done three 1-on-1’s and a 3 person group date before hometowns on the Bachelorette pre-pandemic, and I figured this was the same once I found out there four dates in New Orleans. Hell, I think even if I knew there was a 2-on-1, I wouldn’t have put Sean and Tanner on it just because that was a first with both staying, yet not being given a rose. I would’ve assumed one of them was on it, and the other was Xavier or Aaron, with that guy getting the rose. I can live with that mistake. At least I knew I wasn’t going crazy with the Bayou date, a group date, and no rose ceremony and proud that info wasn’t wrong.

If you’re reading this, it might be too late since it was first mentioned in my podcast a couple hrs ago when it went up, but, a reader is selling her Taylor Swift tickets and wants my help. They are for next Thursday’s show at Sofi Stadium in LA. Tickets are in Section 543, Row 8, Seats 14-15. They are selling them at face value – $1300 each, so $2600 total. It would be a straight Ticketmaster transfer after you pay them. I have verified the tickets, this person was at my party this year so it’s not a complete stranger. I know the price seems high for top level seats, but go on Stub Hub or Ticketmaster now and look at top level seating right now. This is the cheapest that’s out there. She paid more than $1300 for them total (another screen shot she sent me), but is fine with eating the taxes and fees she paid on top of these, she just needs to sell them due to something that came up and now she can’t attend. Email me at only if you’re seriously interested. I’ll put you in touch with her and take it from there. It’s first come, first serve.

Screen time breakdown for episode 5 is as follows. I guess it makes sense that Sean got the most time considering how much he was freaking out about not getting time. Funny how that works:

Recap begins on Page 2…

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