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The “Bachelorette” Charity – Episode 7 Thoughts, Jason Briefly Talks About the Breakup, & Golden Bachelor

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We’re at that point in the season where the opinions are flying all over the place of the lead expressing love for two different people and those watching not necessarily understanding how that works. I don’t read too much into it for two reasons: 1) it’s not my relationship and 2) I know this is a TV show and sometimes, as many leads have said in the past, you gotta play the game. After the finale airs, so many people will be asking how can Charity say she’s in love with Joey then propose to someone else hours later? This simple answer is: she did and her and Dotun are together and engaged, so clearly it wasn’t that big of a deal. Yes, if you’re obsessed with Joey and he’s all you think and talk about, you’ll make some sort of excuse as to why that’s some sort of slight to him, but you’re reading too much into it and forgetting this is just all silliness for TV. She had strong feelings for him. Very strong feelings. But only one person can get chosen at the end of the season every season. One person is hurt and the other isn’t. Joey will be fine, seemingly they’re setting him up for next Bachelor, but this shit happened at the end of April. When this airs, it’ll almost be the end of August. He’s over it and so should the fan base. But we all know that’s impossible for a select few who will continue to criticize Charity and question things she said. It’s like clockwork every season.

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Get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow as I’m super low right now. Like I have one or two I think. So good chance what you send in will be in tomorrow’s column. Email me at Now, with that said…

Any email that asks anything to the effect of, “Why did Kaitlyn and Jason break up,” or “Have you heard…” or “What’s the real reason…” will be avoided. Best I can say is listen to yesterday’s Daily Roundup where I cover this. I have no idea why they broke up, I’ve never even heard rumblings as to why, and even if I did, that’s not something I would share anyway. Kaitlyn and Jason both have very successful podcasts. If/When they want to discuss the details behind their breakup, I’m guaranteeing that’s where you’ll hear it first. Whether you choose to believe it is a different story. Why do I say that?

Because people asking for the “dirt” or “real reason” why they broke up, already have something in their head that isn’t basic. They want tea. They want gossip. Do you think if either one of them comes out and says the reason for the breakup was “they just grew apart,” that everyone will just be ok with that? Of course they won’t. They should, but they won’t. They’ll want to hear something more salacious and gossipy. If that’s their reason, then that’s their reason. They don’t owe the public anything whatsoever. I’m sure they will say something when the time is right, but their answer doesn’t have to fit YOUR answer. And it doesn’t make them any worse people if choose to share very little or give an answer that doesn’t suit your needs. I’d let them be, and whenever they decide to say something, whatever it is, just take it at that and move on.

There’s a public date of the “Golden Bachelor” filming today in Agoura Hills, so maybe some pictures and/or video will get out. However if it does, it’s not like we’ll know who any of the women are. The show hasn’t released any of the potential women early like they do on Bachelor/ette seasons. Maybe they will soon or maybe they’re just not gonna do it. This is a show that if I get stuff, I’ll post about it, but I’m not gonna push for spoilers or try and find all the women and their social media accounts. Like I’ve heard one of the women is the ex-wife of a former major league pitcher. I think I’ve heard of one other woman on the show and that’s it. But maybe if pics/videos get out and people start seeing the women, more names will get out.

Have you seen my new favorite IG account, @bh90210restored? Every day it has one new clip in chronological order of past seasons. Right now they’re on season 5, episode 19. Dylan just got his money back from down in Mexico with Val and Jonesy, and Kelly is about to become a full blown cult member following the teachings of that creeper Professor Finley and his New Evolution. Good shit. Anyway, can’t believe I didn’t know about this IG account until this past Sunday and it’s been a giant time suck to say the least. I basically watched all of episodes 17 and 18. Really? We can only get one clip a day? How about one episode a day and I can rip through the seasons again? The best part though is it’s the only place that has all the original music from all the episodes. You can’t get that ANYWHERE unless you still have all the episodes on your VHS tapes from when you recorded them 25 years ago. The original music in those episodes is long gone. Not on the DVD’s and it’s nowhere on any of the streaming services. Hell, you can’t even binge watch the show on Hulu/Pluto TV because so many episodes are missing. I suggest following that IG account if you wanna get caught up and you should be done with the college years by the year 2027 or so.

Thoughts on the Overnights episode on next page…

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