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“Reader Emails,” Big Wednesday Night of TV, and Kaitlyn & Jason Speak A Little on Their Breakup

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We’re starting to get a little more here and there from Jason and Kaitlyn regarding their breakup. Jason briefly addressed it in his open for his podcast this week that had Blake and his girlfriend Giannina on it, and Kaitlyn briefly addressed it on her podcast as well as being approached by paparazzi at LAX. I talked about both of these the last couple days on the Daily Roundup podcast, but basically, they haven’t given reasons yet for the breakup, you can tell they will at some point. I reached out to Kaitly myself on email just to give her a “hang in there” type of email. We’ve emailed here and there over the years, but I wouldn’t say I have any sort of relationship with her. Same with Jason. But it doesn’t mean I can’t offer some advice and tell them to do everything on their time and don’t worry whatsoever about pleasing their fans, because you’ll never please everyone. Fans are too fickle. You are banging your head against the wall if you put too much emphasis into wanting to keep them happy, and that’s what I expressed to her. Do it on your own time and what makes you happy, not them. I don’t expect a response, nor am I looking for one. It’s not easy navigating a public relationship from this show, and it’s even tougher going through a public breakup.

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If you wanna hear her talk about it on her podcast, I’d suggest watching this clip that Dave Neal broke down on his YouTube channel:

She makes very good points there and where she’s at with navigating a breakup in the public eye, but also wanting to take care of herself without alienating fans.

Suzana from @BachelorData has your screen time from overnight dates and you knew Xavier got the most. Hell, we were one hour into the show on Monday and his date had just ended when she put him into the car:

Kinda surprised he was only 14.8% to 11% for Joey. He literally got the first hour to himself and Joey, Dotun, and Aaron’s return was all crammed into the last hour.
But hey, not gonna doubt @BachelorData’s numbers.

Wednesday night is big TV night of the week for me now that Big Brother is back on the air. We’ve got the Veto competition tonight, then Temptation Island and The Big D, with the latter being the most intense episode of the season so be prepared. The biggest storyline revolves around Casey and her relationship with ex-husband Brooks. You’re gonna get to know more about this in the coming weeks on my podcast. In case you didn’t know, Casey wrote a book that was released in May. You’ll be hearing a podcast just about that book coming up in the next couple weeks and I think a lot of you, if not most of you, are going to be surprised by this incredible story and come away with a whole different opinion of Casey. Her backstory is something that 99% of people don’t know and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…

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