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“Reader Emails,” Big Wednesday Night of TV, and Kaitlyn & Jason Speak A Little on Their Breakup

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Hi Steve –

Big D – Did it surprise you that Casey suddenly had access to a cell phone or that Brooks knew what she was doing? Kind of, but not really since it’s not like she snuck it in or anything. It was clearly part of a storyline so they let her use it SO they could film it and make it a storyline.

Golden Bachelor – Nothing particularly new here. Over 20 years ago, there were 2 seasons of Who Wants to Marry My Dad. Guys were more 50ish but their adult children made the choices as to which women stayed. ABC will find at least 2 genetic freaks who look 20 years younger than they are. I remember both those seasons. I watched both. I recapped both on my site yeeeeeears ago. One of the daughters on one of the seasons went into acting. I believe she was on “Passions” or something.

Big Brother – Could they find a less visually interesting challenge in ep 1 than the hands pulling people towards the nether regions? Do you think they keep saying “nether regions” as one definition is: “(ONE’S NETHER REGIONS) – used euphemistically to refer to a person’s genitals and buttocks.”? Yeah, I was surprised they used that as the term of what they were being pulled into. Has production never heard the term “nether regions” before? I was almost just as intrigued by the fact it was a live show, they wanted to give us the 4 nomination losers and time was running out on the show. They needed someone to lose quick or else we wouldn’t have seen who the 4th loser was. I wonder if production just decided in that moment to all the sudden just yank on Cory way harder than anyone else so he’d drop. Bc right before that, it certainly didn’t look like anyone was close to dropping, then all the sudden he did.

I think you know Julie Chen is sometimes referred to as “Chenbot”. From the Urban Dictionary: Chenbot is the pseudonym of Big Brother USA host Julie chen. She earned that nickname for her robotic style and completely lifeless delivery of the show. Also for the scripted way in which she interacts with contestants and the audience, with no display of emotion whatsoever and a total absence of any charisma. I think she adds zero to that show and is definitely way too robotic for me. I get that that’s her thing and she’ll probably never not host that show, but man, it’s so hard to watch her sometimes talk to the audience and/or conduct interviews. It reminds me of that SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Ana Gastayer when they’re the TV hosts and the teleprompter goes out and all hell breaks loose. I feel like Julie would be so flummoxed by what to say if the teleprompter ever went out. Now that I think of it, I kinda wanna see that happen.

Question for Gamblin’ Steve about Reality Steve: What are the odds that Reality Steve goes on at least one date with a woman from the current season off Big Brother, Big D or Temptation Island? (not unprecedented!) Ha ha, I highly doubt that’s gonna happen. I’m like 15-20 years older than most of these people.

Do you hang up on scam telemarketers or jerk them around until they catch on and hang up? I love jerking them around – admittedly it is immature but it makes me laugh.

Comment: I immediately stop the call and block the number. Picking up and screwing with them only prolongs the pain and probably means they’ll call again at some point.

I meant to send this last week and that just didn’t happen. ????

For the home town dates, do the families pay for the food on the home town dates or does ABC? Production takes care of everything. Even the house itself sometimes.

Just curious why spoiling the Golden Bachelor isn’t of interest to you when you spoil the other shows?

Thanks for all your spoilers, makes watching the show so much better.

Comment: I will if I get stuff. I’m just saying I’m not gonna go out of my way or put out a ton of feelers trying to find anything out. If it’s told to me and I can verify it, I’ll go with it.

Hi Steve, a long time reader here, always a pleasure!

What a great season in my opinion. I’ve been watching with the neighbor, we’re both married, but as hopeless romantics so good to watch Charity actually go after the best match for her. Nothing against Joey, and we will watch his season if he gets it, but Dotun and her, like you mentioned, make you believe they just might go the distance.

As much as you bring me down to Earth, and remind me it’s just a tv show for entertainment, fun to see it “work” haha I know, don’t make fun of me too much Steve.

Cannot wait to follow Gerry and his journey! Looking forward to meeting his women, and already anticipating the first Golden Bachelorette because her group of guys is truly what I’ll enjoy watching.

It is such a fun show, really. Don’t get why folks get so wrapped up in the contestants lives, and swear they’re done watching if so and so isn’t there etc. Nobody cares, get over it, watch, and comment with your friends, use it for laughs, quotes, outfit ideas? (Charity’s see through sparkly pants last night gave us so many laughs and jokes- when Xavier tells her he wants to see more haha… and you know what? Good for her! You want to wear it, wear it girl, God knows I could never pull it off, but also, good for us, for using it as a way to smile, laugh, cheer on Charity, and go back to our lives.)

Just realized I have no question for you Steve. Appreciate you reading though, appreciate your work, we’re along for the ride- whoever’s in the lead role 😉

Comment: At least you have the right mindset. It’s a silly TV show. You should never send any sort of harsh criticism towards any of them on social media. They don’t care about you, so you shouldn’t care that much about them. Unfortunately, that’s where I’ve given fans the name of Toxic Bachelor Nation – because it is. Fans have no chill nowadays and it’s embarrassing.

Hi Steve,

Have you ever considered commenting on Harry and Meghan. They are such a train wreck I would love to hear your take on them.

Comment: I don’t follow the Royal Family at all. No idea what they’re up to and don’t care.

How can Prick Viall’s fiancé be ok with how he speaks about and treat people? Especially how he speaks about woman. I just don’t get it! *sigh*

Comment: A question better asked to her, not me.

Hey Steve!

Hope it’s not too late, not much to say Bachelor nation related. But was just wondering if you watched “Untold: Johnny Football” on Netflix? It’s very good, especially if you are into the college football world! It’s basically the rise and fall of Johnny Manziel. Would love to hear your thoughts on the sports daily, if you get a chance to watch it!

Comment: Yes, watched it yesterday. Am going to talk more about it on tomorrow’s Sports Daily. Early return: really liked it. Only had one problem with it which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

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