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“Reader Emails,” Big Wednesday Night of TV, and Kaitlyn & Jason Speak A Little on Their Breakup

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Horrible apology. Good point that his producer should have apologized too.

The first thing that stood out for me was he didn’t use Gerry’s name in his apology. Just called him “a newer member of Bachelor Nation” and “the person involved”. What was up with that? And he definitely should have apologized to Gerry’s daughters. I hope they sue him!

He called it a “bit” of a rumor? Funny! He also said they discussed a “potential” rumor. It was an actual rumor, not a “potential” rumor! Or who knows, wouldn’t surprise me if his producer made up the whole thing and she never even received a DM.

Comment: The whole thing couldn’t have been handled any worse if they tried.

Does production travel with hot tubs and benches? They are forever popping up in the most obscure places.

Comment: No. They just rent them locally from whatever area they’re in.

I just started listening to your podcast as I’m a bachelor/bachelorette fan and I always used to look up spoilers. I’m not a fan of Nick. But, I’m finding your podcasts annoying when you bash Nick. It makes you look like a jealous teenage girl. Who cares what he does with his podcast? Bashing him doesn’t make yours better. It comes across bitter and angry. You have to keep in mind that you may have the same audience. You devoted an entire podcast to Nick discussing a rumor. Lol. Then another podcast because you didn’t like his apology. It wasn’t sincere enough. Are you running out of material? The last thing I listened to was you saying that Nick wouldn’t put a comedian in his podcast because the comedian would outshine Nick. While that might be true, you saying it comes across bad. It’s like you’re so angry, you can’t control yourself. It just seems like a really immature response. Concentrate on making your podcast better. It makes you look weak. We beat our competition by being better if that’s what your goal is.

Comment: I mean, I couldn’t disagree more. I’m not doing it just to do it. When he reported what he did last week – literally doing the exact thing he accused me of – I’m going to mention it. And then when he addressed what he did, I broke down his apology to explain why I thought it was pathetic. I only talk about him when he does something noteworthy.

And the day after I did a 25 min podcast and never brought him up once. Why? Bc there was no need to. He didn’t say anything ridiculous. You’re acting like I talk about him every day. Which I certainly don’t. Look at how many daily podcasts I do and count how many DONT include Nick. I’d say 95% don’t involve him, if not more. But if you don’t think I should talk about what he said last week when EVERY independent podcaster was talking about it bc it was irresponsible journalism and completely hypocritical bc of how he treated me on his podcast, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Then talking about his apology, something once again that every independent podcaster also covered, again, if you don’t think that was relevant considering how we ALWAYS talk about people’s apologies in this franchise, then I don’t know what to tell you.

If it’s relevant in this franchise I’m going to talk about it. Nicks coverage of the Golden Bachelor was absolutely relevant to discuss.

You can start sharing speculations of BIP. We need the info since the season is coming out so damn late.

Comment: I’ve shared the final couples that I know, but I don’t know if I’m gonna get any sort of ep-by-ep breakdown. I’ve pretty much shared everything I know already.

Hi mate,

Anything new on Pilot Pete an Davia?

Or has that all blown over, or waiting for BIP to air before doing anything more in public?

Comment: I haven’t heard anything since I was sent the video of them together at the Zach Bryan concert in South Carolina. We know Davia went on BIP and Peter didn’t. So, no clue what’s going on with them now, if anything.

Hey Steve.

Long time fan of yours!

Not Bachelorette related, but saw recently that CJ Franco from FBoy Island just got engaged to Len Wiseman. All of the media outlets reported that they have been together since 2015. Was her casting on the show just for publicity purposes, and/or to advance her standup career?

Comment: I’m sure it was. There’s no way production didn’t know she’d been in a long term relationship.

With this season coming to the end in 2 weeks the next bachelor topic is on my mind. To me Joey definitely seems to be the clear candidate for bachelor from Charity’s season. Have you heard if producers want Joey to be the next bachelor?
If producers don’t pick Joey then they would have to pick someone from paradise or a previous season, correct? But who? I don’t see many options. I haven’t heard anything but yes, being the final 2 guy, and none of the others in the final 4 are really options, it certainly looks like he’s the front runner.

PS: just a suggestion, you should add IG DM questions to your weekly reader emails. I find that a lot of people like to DM vs email now a days

Comment: Some of these weekly are from DM’s. I guess I just never ask for them there. But yeah, if someone sends a Twitter or IG DM that’s Reader Email worthy I’ll always include it. Maybe I should promote those more.

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