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The “Bachelorette” Charity – Episode 7 Thoughts, Jason Briefly Talks About the Breakup, & Golden Bachelor

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-To start off, did you notice this week on their “apply to be on the next season of the Bachelor” commercial, they said “fall in love under a waterfall,” after last weeks tennis reference. Either they’re purposely screwing with people or they already are planting the seed the next “Bachelor” is gonna be Joey. I mean, it’s not gonna be Dotun for obvious reasons. Aaron did Paradise. And after that edit last night, they couldn’t possibly give it to Xavier. And we know how much they love choosing someone from the top 4. Nothings ever official until it is, and I haven’t heard anything in regards to where they’re leaning, but all signs certainly are pointing to Joey as next Bachelor. Anything can happen in the next 6 weeks or so when it’s set to film, but it certainly looks like he’s the front runner, assuming he wants to do it.

-How many seasons in a row has the overnight date episode ended up being a complete shit show? Hell, just in general, the overnights are usually where something wild ass happens. Just go down the list through the years – last night, Clayton’s rose ceremony from hell, Zach and Rachel’s wonky overnight, Zach’s sex with Gabi, Colton’s fence jump, etc. When was the last time we had a normal overnight date episode? I’m talking where the lead had three night dates, read the card, they went back to the room, spent the night, had a next morning together, and then at the rose ceremony they eliminated someone and were down to the final 2? Seems like it’s been forever. Maybe Matt’s season?

-I really do think the only reason Aaron came back was to replace Xavier who got shown the door on his overnight and they wanted 3 people. If Aaron doesn’t return, where’s the suspense to last night’s episode? Basically there is none. She had two great dates with Joey and Dotun and they’d be the only two guys left, so there’d be absolutely nothing suspenseful about what happens at the rose ceremony. She’d basically just be asking two guys to stay who we all know would stay. Where’s the fun in that? So yes, they add Aaron into the mix to possibly throw everyone off. As I’ve said for weeks, Aaron is definitely given a date. I’m not sure if he actually stays overnight, but he does get a night portion date. However, at the next rose ceremony he’s gone, so it’s just semantics at this point.

-Is Dotun one of the most normal, down-to-earth contestants we’ve ever seen on this show? Holy crap. Now you don’t wanna get too excited about people or couples on this show because inevitably they end up breaking up and disappointing people, but geez, Dotun seems so pure it’s like where did they find this guy? He wasn’t familiar with the show at all, then admits last night while he was on the show he asked somebody what happens at the end of this thing and they told him an engagement, and he wasn’t scared off at all. Which is the complete opposite seemingly of what happened with Xavier. Charity made the comment last night about she’s not there to have a Build-a-Man workshop, but shit, if she was forced to Build-a-Man for this season, Dotun would probably be the man she would create, no? She’s enamored with him and they haven’t had one issue yet and nothing he says shows any red flags. Speaking of red flags…

-Xavier. Ouch. I mean, when you open up and admit you were unfaithful in your last relationship – great. Thanks. We appreciate your honesty. But then when Charity is asking you what you did to improve yourself after the fact, and your response is essentially, “It’s possible I could cheat again, sure. But not if I’m with you,” and “It’d be hard to NOT cheat,” you might wanna get that one way ticket back to North Carolina immediately. I can’t believe that’s how he responded when put on the spot. Then again, I think Xavier knew deep down he was never long term with Charity, hence the reason he said what he did in that spot. Did he seem all that broken up to you last night? I mean, I’m sure he felt bad that he hurt Charity. But ultimately in his head I think he knew he wasn’t her endgame and was fine with leaving at that point in time. It showed during his walk out and him leaving.

-I really do think Xavier was completely in over his head on this show. I don’t blame him for not saying anything early. Being criticized for not telling Charity earlier is short sighted. Washington was when he had his first overnight date. Not many people just spill all that on the first date. And I’ve spoken to enough contestants over the years to know, in that part of the show, you still don’t feel everything is real. Once you get down to hometowns and overnights, that’s when shit starts getting serious, and I think that’s when Xavier realized “Oh shit, I need to pull the rip cord on this thing bc I’m not where I need to be.” So I don’t fault him for saying what he did WHEN he did last night. The issue is HOW and WHAT he said, which totally was his undoing. Just said all the wrong things and couldn’t have come across worse if he tried. Doesn’t make him a horrible human being, but, if I’m the next person he dates, I think you might wanna watch this episode before jumping into anything. He literally told Charity cheating is still a possibility in the future – unless he was with her, then it’s not. Uhhhh, ok. What about someone else? Just not a good answer all around.

So next week is the Men Tell All, then the finale in 2 weeks on the 21st. Aaron will be eliminated at the beginning of next episode with Joey and Dotun as your final 2 as reported, then she chooses Dotun over Joey and that’s where we’re at. Nothings changed, and Charity has been quite chirpy on social media, so it seems like she’s ready for this thing to be over and she can show her relationship to the world. Can’t say I blame her, or any lead when we get to this point in the season.

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