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The Bachelorette 20 - Charity

The “Bachelorette” Charity – Episode 5 Thoughts, Screen Time, Taylor Swift Tickets For Sale, & Daily Roundup

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-Joey got the first date in New Orleans and they went to a Tarot card reader. Oooohhhhh, my favorite. You know, because they’re so believable. Turning over cards is supposed to tell you something about your future. Got it. And if I came back 20 minutes later, wouldn’t those cards have to turn over the exact same way to give the same reading? No? Interesting. Who’s a bigger rip off – Tarot card readers or the women behind that big crystal ball who sees things? You know, like the woman in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” that told him his bike was in the Alamo. “There’s no basement in the Alamo.” Why did they embarrass Pee Wee like that? Are those fortune tellers still around? Is that still a thing?

-I’ve already given you my thoughts on beignets numerous times. Hell, I think I gave it last season when Jason’s hometown date with Gabby was in New Orleans. OV-ER-RATED…clap…clap…clapclapclap. OV-ER-RATED…clap…clap…clapclapclap. Powered sugar on a piece of dough does not make a donut. Yes, I’ve been there. Yes, I’ve had them. Sorry, can’t convince me they’re all that. I’ll take a maple bar, a chocolate bar, a tigertail, a chocolate rainbow sprinkle, and a numerous others before a beignet. With that said, I’m glad they didn’t spend any time with the men fawning over them. A quick shot of a beignet store and back to the action. Thank you. I think I’ll scarf down a chocolate bar today just to show my support.

-The Tanner/Sean date made no sense whatsoever. Even Charity said during the day portion of the date that it wasn’t ideal. I agree. You know what else wasn’t ideal? You THEN deciding to keep both of them and put them on ANOTHER group date with two other men later on in the episode! Make it make sense, Charity. Look, I realize she probably had about 5% input on this. This was pretty much all productions doing. Charity knew before they even arrived in New Orleans that Sean and Tanner were going home. Saying she needed more time was all an act that unfortunately she had to go along with. I get it. She’s the lead and she has to put on a TV show. But lets just not pretend what happened last night was remotely organic.

-Charity was never keeping Sean and Tanner past New Orleans. It would’ve just made more sense to either A) have a 2-on-1 but put Xavier or Aaron on with Sean or Tanner and eliminate one of the latter, or, B) just have a third 1-on-1 with either Sean and Tanner and eliminate one. Outside of just doing something different, what was the point of telling both of them that you needed more time, only to eliminate Sean the very next time you saw him when he pulled you aside before the group date? Huh? You knew Joey and Dotun were getting 1-on-1’s and getting roses. Aaron and Xavier had already had 1-on-1’s, yet, we’re supposed to believe you were going to pick Sean and Tanner to visit their hometowns after putting them on a 2-on-1 in the bayou with the Duck Dynasty guy?

-You think Dotun would like to have a date that didn’t actually make his heart rate hit 160bpm? Last week he’s bungee jumping off a bridge. This week he’s gotta run in a 10k. I mean, it’s not like they actually ran in the 10k for the full race. People in attendance that day said they barely ran it. But hey, it’s still some athletic activity two weeks in a row. I’m sure the dude would just like something more relaxing for a change. I guess that’ll come in Fiji. But to get two dates in a row where he could build up a sweat or have heart palpations probably is something he’d like to change if he could.

-Hometowns next week and as we know now, Charity’s season is 2 episodes fewer than a normal season. We don’t know the reason why. Next week we know now that Aaron gets eliminated (due to Joey being shown in last weeks preview in Fiji), and then Aaron is the one who returns to try and win her back in Fiji – which is unsuccessful. So we’re over halfway through the season now. Hometowns next week, overnights the following week, then MTA, and then finale.

Even though ABC hasn’t officially announced their schedule, we know that ABC is broadcasting two Monday night games early in the season on September 18th and 25th. I can’t imagine the Golden Bachelor starts in early September then takes two weeks off. No way. Golden Bachelor won’t start til October on Monday nights after DWTS (which HAS been announced), and BIP will air on Tuesdays. So BIP could technically start at any point in September, but they’ve yet to give a start date for that.

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