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The Bachelorette 20 - Charity

The “Bachelorette” Charity – Episode 3 Recap, Katie on “FBoy Island,” & Brayden Dominating Screen Time via @BachelorData

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-Charity started off the show by shocking all of us I tell ya’. Walks into the living room with the guys, apologizes for canceling the BBQ early the day before, and says that she can’t do this anymore…here in LA because they’re moving on to Oceanside, CA. Whew! Don’t do that to me Charity. I thought for a second there you were going to end your season and walk off the show because, you know, after 4 days of filming you couldn’t take it anymore even though you have a contract that literally says you’re the “Bachelorette” for the season and you can’t just leave whenever you feel like it. There are 3 certainties in life: death, taxes, and the lead not walking off the “Bachelorette” after less than a week of filming because she can’t take it anymore.

-Her first date is with Brayden and it’s already time for him to take a chill pill. I’ve never understood the people who’ve gotten helicopter dates and think it’s a big deal that they fly over the mansion. Add Brayden to that list. The more you watch this season, the more it’s becoming evident that Brayden is someone who truly didn’t watch the show in the past and really has no clue how this thing works. From the helicopter flight, to his lack of awareness on the lead dating a bunch of other men, to thinking he’s slipping if he doesn’t get every rose and every date – it’s clear producers preyed on his naivete all season long. And oh yeah, the earrings. Quite disappointing to see that Brayden gets a 1-on-1 in his hometown, and yet, he went with the much subdued barely visible small hoop earrings instead of the giant feathery ones looking like they were stolen off a goose. Step your game up, Brayden.

-You know one of the most realistic scenes in the history of the show happened last night? While Brayden got to helicopter down to San Diego, the guys got in a van and had to sit in Southern California traffic to go down there. Anyone who’s made that drive knows exactly what that was like. I mean, they had to go all the way from Malibu down the 405, through Orange County, then hop on the 5 and continue down to San Diego. That took a MINIMUM of 2.5 hrs, maybe more with that traffic. Did they sing songs? Did they nap? Other than Xavier knitting her a scarf, what did everyone do? I honestly might’ve enjoyed their antics on the van to having to watch Brayden’s date.

-Is there a reason that Brayden’s date completely skipped over them playing with golden retrievers? What? Are you kidding me? How do producers not know that dogs make everything better? Show dogs on your screen, and immediately the approval rating of the show jumps up a gazillion points. Ok, maybe not that many but you know what I’m talking about. When this date was happening, I was giving you photos and video of it on social media, and we clearly saw they allowed golden retrievers on the field that they got to play with. Last night? Never showed it. So disappointing. We had to watch Brayden nail Charity in the face with a baseball and him explain to us at one point in his life he didn’t know how to catch. How about telling us at what point in your life you decided to start skinning turkeys and attaching their body coverings to your ears? Can we get a little more detail on that?

-This whole date basically was Brayden being super giddy once again that a girl liked him, clueless to how much more this was going to paint him in a negative light towards the other guys if he doesn’t shut up about it, yet, he’s still one of the tames “villains” we’ve ever seen on this show and it’s not even close. His lack of knowledge about this franchise is starting to show more and more every episode and it’s evident producers fed into it. After the date he’s telling the guys he still doesn’t know if he can get engaged at the end of this thing, you know, “because she’s dating 20 other guys.” Yeah, that’s what the show’s format has been for 47 seasons now. If that’s your concern, why are you there? I understand Brayden is actually thinking about this logically, but throw logic out the window when it comes to this show since there’s nothing logical about it. The second he said that out loud, he was done. He’s making sense in the real world to question whether or not he can propose to someone in that short of time who’s also dating a bunch of other men, you just don’t verbalize that to all the other guys because you’re now immediately painted as not there for the right reasons. A character we’ve seen on this show a billion times before, which is why I’m not gasping for air at anything Brayden is saying or doing. He’s harmless. Regardless, Charity hasn’t caught on yet and gives him a rose. Only one more week of this, don’t worry.

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