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The Bachelorette 20 - Charity

The “Bachelorette” Charity – Episode 2 Recap, “Reader Emails” Tomorrow, & More on Charity in New Orleans

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-While we got our 4th iteration of the Bachelor Dodgebowl, I would’ve much rather seen the competition consist of some of the other activities they were doing before that. You mean to tell me you don’t wanna see Xavier the PhD guy building a 3D sandcastle? Or Caleb the Wrestler beating someone at Cornhole then throwing the DX chop at them? I’m tired of Dodgebowl. Been there, done that. Hell, I wouldn’t have even minded a game of 6-on-6 beach football like we saw a clip of. Yeah, maybe it doesn’t resemble the guys doing it in Top Gun: Maverick, but at least it’d be original. And why is Jesse Palmer walking on the beach in jeans and a sport coat? Can we get him some trunks and some swimmies please? Jesse you look ridiculous. Dress the part.

-Adrian was on the losing team but was named MVP because production needed him and Brayden at the same after party. Simple as that. And that’s where the feud continued. Adrian used his time with Charity to bring up the fact he felt some guys were using their time on the show as spring break. I don’t think the phrase “spring break” has ever gotten more of a mention outside of MTV as it did last night on this episode. Good Lord. Talk about beating a dead horse. Adrian seems like a stand up guy. And he’s definitely been through more in his life certainly than Brayden has. I can also see why he looks at someone like Brayden, who’s at a completely different stage in his life than he is, and would think the things he does. With that said, Adrian didn’t play this correctly at all. We know whoever runs to the lead to tattle on other guys isn’t long for the show. Well, unless that person who tattles is the front runner, which it usually never is. So again, a storyline on this show as old as time. Someone tattles, there’s a back a forth, and the tattler will inevitably go home before the one being tattled on does, as we’ll see next week.

-Brayden’s whole persona on the show right now is just that of a guy who either has never seen the show before, or, just doesn’t realize certain things you say and do while filming automatically can turn you into a “villain,” even though he’s about the most unassuming villain we’ve had in a while. When they were waiting around for the group date rose, Brayden wonders aloud, “If I don’t get it, where does that mean her heads at with me?” It’s like he’s taking it personally if he doesn’t get every rose. That could be because he has no idea how the show works. I have no idea what his knowledge of this shows history is. But that’s just someone that clearly doesn’t understand this game called the “Bachelorette.” However, we’ve seen this character a 100 times on the show. Why are people acting like we haven’t. The contestant who has an issue with the lead kissing so many different people. Wash, rinse, repeat every season. John ended up getting the group date rose, just so we could have more of a pissing contest between Adrian and Brayden come rose ceremony time.

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