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The “Bachelorette” Charity – Finale Thoughts, Golden Bachelor & BIP Taking Over Thursday Nights, & Your Daily Roundup

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“Although we’ve come, to the eeeeeeennnnnnd of the road…” By the way, I think I’ve used that line on the day after the final more than once. But I’m feeling unoriginal this morning, so there you go again. Anyway, another season in the books, don’t look now, but the last time I gave away the wrong winner only to change it before the finale was 4 years ago in Hannah Browns season where I initially told you it was Tyler before correcting it about 3 or 4 weeks into the season. 9 straight seasons. Just sayin’. So one thing a lot of you brought up yesterday regarding the Daily Roundup was it cut off at the end. I didn’t know until you told me, and you were right. For whatever reason, the file I uploaded (which was the full show), cut off when it did during the upload. Not sure why it happened, but, since I can’t remember if it ever has before, I had no reason to look at the audio file once it was uploaded. I’ll try and do that going forward so if I see it got cut off, I can fix it before it uploads at 7:30am ET every morning. The good news was I literally only had a couple sentences left in yesterday’s pod before it cut off. So you’re good there. You didn’t miss much.

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So the news broke yesterday that the original plan for Golden Bachelor to air for 1 hr on Monday nights and BIP to air for 2 hrs on Tuesday nights has been scrapped. The Bachelor franchise will now take over Thursday nights starting Sept. 28th as the Golden Bachelor will air at 8/7c for 1 hour, followed by Bachelor in Paradise at 9/8c for 2 hours. It’s an interesting move for the sole reason we haven’t seen Bachelor programming on anything but a Monday or Tuesday (with the occasional Sunday) in, what, 15 years? I’m talking about a full season of something on a completely different night other than Monday or Tuesday. So it will be interesting to see how the fan base reacts.

Already some have commented that it’s too much Bachelor programming in one night. And I get it – to a certain extent. First off, you watched 3 hours last night, didn’t you? And secondly, it’s not like it’s 3 hours of the same show. It’s 1 hr of one show, and two hours of another show. So I guess my question to people who say 3 hours of Bach programming on Thursday nights will be too much is, when you’ve watched the Bachelor and/or Bachelorette on Monday nights, are those the only 2 hours of TV you watch on Monday’s and then you’re done? You only watch 2 hrs of TV and nothing more? Because while it’s the same production company and it’s under the Bachelor umbrella, a 71 year old man dating 60 year olds for an hour at the mansion is quite different than 20-somethings on the beach in Mexico all dating each other. But maybe that’s just me. Not to mention, the Golden Bachelor is a completely new concept, so you can’t say you already know what it’s gonna be like. I’m not expecting boffo ratings on Thursday nights, but the whole “that’s too much” in one night kinda falls on deaf ears – at least to me.

One of the reasons in the past this show has stayed away from Monday night programming during football season is because they didn’t want to compete with Monday Night Football. Well by moving to Thursdays and occupying 3 hrs that night, you’re competing with Thursday Night Football. AND it’s on a completely different day of the week that your audience isn’t used to. So that part to me feels a little off. Who knows? Maybe it won’t matter to most people. I think fans are going to give the Golden Bachelor a shot at least in the beginning just because we haven’t seen this before. We pretty much know what we’re getting with Paradise. And now, Golden Bachelor will be competing with Big Brother’s live eviction night, and BIP is competing against Challenge USA and (come Oct. 12th) season 3 of “FBoy Island.” Just remember, every single year I hear “I can’t wait for Bachelor in Paradise.” Then about halfway through the season, people are saying they’re sick of the drama, or they’re bored. It’s like clockwork every single year. I doubt this years reaction will be any different. Here’s the season preview they aired last night:

Looks like any other BIP season preview: make outs, drama, an ambulance, etc. So while it’s exciting now because it’s something different, I honestly expect to hear the same exact complaints once the season gets under way that I hear every single season. Why wouldn’t I?

Speaking of the Golden Bachelor, I tweeted out and posted on IG stories that filming is in Minnesota now as Gerry was seen filming on the Stone Arch Bridge yesterday. However, I have no idea what that means. Did they just start domestic travel? Are they already at hometowns and one of the women is from Minnesota? Since we don’t know the episode breakdown or format being that it’s the first season of the show, it’s hard to know any details of what’s happening. Not to mention who any of the women are. I told you I wasn’t going to dive too deep into Golden Bachelor spoilers this season, but anything I heard I’d pass along. That came yesterday, so, we’ll see if any more pics and/or videos get out while in Minnesota.

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