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(EXCLUSIVE) Your Rose Ceremony-by-Rose Ceremony Spoilers for Joey’s Season

Rose Ceremony #8: 4 to 3 (Hometowns)

Tues 10/24 – Daisy Kent (Minnesota)

Thurs 10/26 – Kelsey Anderson (Louisiana)

Sat 10/28 – Maria Georgas (Canada)

Mon 10/30 – Rachel Nance

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Maria Georgas.

Rose Ceremony #9: 3 to 2 (Overnights – Tulum, Mexico)

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Rachel Nance.

Episode #10: Women Tell All

Final Rose Ceremony: 2 to 1 (Kelsey vs Daisy)

Always tough to get any details in regards to how the dates with the parents went or who had which date first and stuff like that. All I care about is finding out how it ended and who Joey proposed to – if he did.

And yes, he did.

Joey is engaged to Daisy Kent. UPDATED 2/27: The spoiler was wrong. He’s engaged to Kelsey Anderson and has been since filming ended. Read all about it here and ignore the next two paragraphs.

Just like every season, people will question, people will doubt, and contestants will post stuff on social media to throw fans off. Happens every season. This one will be no different. But come finale night, this is what you’ll see. Joey and Daisy got engaged in Tulum, Mexico at the end of the season. Obviously the finale won’t air until mid-March so who knows what can happen in the next four months. But this is how the season ended. Have no proof that I can share, which I usually never do without outing any sources, so here it is.

Your whole season laid out for you two months before the first episode airs on Jan. 22nd. Sweet. Now I can just kick my feet up, relax, and wait until March as this all plays out. Enjoy everybody.

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