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The Bachelor 28 - Joey

The “Bachelor” Joey – Episode 1 Recap

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To say it’s been a while would be an understatement. Welcome back everyone! Here we are covering the 28th season of the “Bachelor,” the 48th season overall. And I’ve written episode recaps for 46 of them, something I’m pretty sure no one on the internet has done. Have they? I can’t imagine someone’s done that, but hey, if I’m wrong, I’ll gladly give anyone a shoutout who’s written recaps for every season of this silly show. It’s amazing we’re still here. Yes, things are trending more towards podcasts now as the column has definitely gotten shorter over the years, but, it’s what Reality Steve was built on, so it’ll always be around. Just not as wordy as past years as you know. I remember the days when I was posting my column Tuesday mornings and I was no doubt the first recapper to have their full column posted by the next morning. I’d start typing for 3-4 hours right after the show aired, then finish up with an hour or two more in the morning before posting. It was quite the chore. Now with 2 podcasts to record every night, that’s just not possible if I want the column up the next day. So I just try to focus on the most interesting parts of the episode – and even those are hard to find sometimes since this is about the most wash, rinse, repeat show on television. But I’ll try. Lets do this!

Don’t forget to send in your “Reader Emails” for tomorrow’s column. Got a few already that were sent in the last couple weeks since the Golden Wedding, but obviously looking for more. Email me at, or you can hit me up on IG messenger or Twitter DM for any question/query/comment you may have. We’ve had 4 months since our last “Reader Emails,” so by all means, ask away!

Before we get to the recap on Page 2, there are 3 major things we need to cover for anyone who doesn’t listen to podcasts and hasn’t been on the site since Charity’s season ended. Those are:

1) Spoilers
2) The Merch Store
3) The 8th Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party

Around two weeks after filming ended I posted your rose-ceremony-by-rose-ceremony spoilers right here. They are also at the top of the screen in the box that says “Joey’s Spoilers” (on desktop), or the “Joey’s Spoilers” tab (on mobile). In addition, every Monday I’ll be posting that episodes spoilers on my IG feed and stories as well for people who like their information that way. Yes, it’s basically cut and pasted from my spoilers link, but hey, that’s how some people want it. And I’ll add anything to each episode that I may have heard, or that was given away in a teaser, in each post.

So the other cool thing if you haven’t been following is about 10 days I launced the
Reality Steve Merch Store. Quite a few of you have bought already, which I appreciate. Go ahead and check it out. There’s hoodies, sweatshirts, a soft style tee, heavy cotton tee, and vneck tee, along with tumblers, wine chillers, mugs, and water bottles. You can get any of the 3 logos (SPOILED, I (heart emoji) BEING SPOILED, and SEE YA!) on any of the articles of clothing and accessories. For the clothing, we have 9 colors and 8 diff sizes in the hoodies, 8 colors and 8 sizes in the sweatshirt and heavy cotton tee, 4 colors and 4 sizes in the Vneck tee, and 7 colors and 6 sizes in the soft style tee. Turn around time is around 1 week from the time you order, as most people who purchased on the day it went live on Jan. 13th have either received their stuff or are getting it delivered in the next couple days. And if you do purchase, I’d love for you to post on social media, tag me in it, and I’ll repost. I mean, shouldn’t you be watching Monday Nights with a “Spoiled” shirt on?

So the 8th Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party in Las Vegas is set. It’s going to be Friday, June 7th. Here’s the thing: I don’t know the location yet. But honestly, you don’t need to stay at the hotel where the party is going to be, so I figured I’d get you the date as soon as possible so if you’re interested, you can start making reservations. As always, it’s first come, first serve. Anyone can attend. However, this year is a little different because I’m capped on how many I can have at the party since I’m being charged per person. Right now I can’t go over 100 people. About 25% of people who wanted to come have already booked, so it’s filling up rather quickly. Any no-shows and I’m still getting charged per person, so please, outside of any emergency out of your control, if you say you’re coming, just honor your confirmation. If you’re flying in, your confirmation to be on the guest list is you sending me a copy of your flight itinerary. If you’re driving in, it’s a copy of your hotel booking. If you’re a Vegas local, just please don’t flake. Looking forward to see as many of you as I can there. There will be food, open beer and wine bar, a raffle, prizes, merch, etc. Fun times all around!

Suzana at @BachelorData has put out a TON of content since just yesterday (9 posts I believe) just about information regarding things we look for in the first episode. This is one of my favorites: where do they show the women who made the final 4 coming out of the limo. Now remember, what is shown on TV is not necessarily the order they actually came out of the limo on night 1. So we can only go what is shown to us. Which is more important anyway since how it’s shown is 100% strategic on productions part. You can see that the women who make the final are pretty much shown either in the first few out of the limo or at the very end so they’re memorable:

Episode 1 recap begins on Page 2…

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