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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & That Opening Scene from Episode 1

I’m not gonna say the “Bachelor” has had some sort of renaissance because it’s not like Joey’s premiere drew some crazy numbers. It still drew 1.5 million less viewers than Gerry’s premiere did. But remember, Gerry’s premiere was also the highest rated episode this franchise had produced in 9 seasons since COVID. But Joey’s overnight number was 3.05 million viewers with a .5 rating in the 18-49 demo, which won the night for it’s demo. And that’s not even the demo that this franchise cares about. The other thing you need to take into consideration is overall consumption of the show. Did you see yesterday where Netflix is gonna pay the WWE $5 billion over 10 years staring in Jan of 2025 to televise Monday Night RAW? RAW gets less than 2 million viewers an episode, yet, the WWE product is consumed in so many different ways through social media, they aren’t spending that money because of a TV rating. Now, the WWE draws way more on social media than the Bachelor does, but, the Bachelor does have a HUGE social media following. So boiling it’s popularity down to just what the overnight rating is does not do it justice. The show is still relevant on social channels, you’ve got numerous podcasts talking about it, it’s still a major part of the pop culture lexicon, and I’m sorry Chris Harrison fans, him leaving has nothing to do with it’s popularity. Even with that said, Joey’s premiere according to @BachelorData, saw the first gain in viewers from the previous season since Pilot Pete’s. So things are ok. No need for panic.

The biggest thing to talk about from Monday’s premiere, and I discussed this on my podcast today but forgot to cover it in yesterday’s column, was the opening 2 minutes of the episode where they showed Joey at the final rose ceremony, one rose on the platform, him walking away, a white van driving away (it technically could be driving towards the final rose location, we don’t know), and Joey walking off the “altar,” taking his jacket off and talking with producers. They haven’t opened a season like this since Pilot Pete’s. Remember that one how it had everyone in freak out mode all season? I guess that made more sense because I hadn’t had the spoiler yet to his season by the time the first episode aired. But on this one, you know the ending. Joey is engaged. So whatever it is they’re teasing, it doesn’t change the outcome of the season.

Production does not edit their show because of anything I post, or try to appeal to the spoiled audience. It doesn’t work that way. So anything you see in a teaser or promo for the season is to screw with the unspoiled audience. And judging by that 2 minute open the other night, they are trying to make the unspoiled audience think that Joey gets left single at the end. And that’s not what happens. So people can dissect that til their blue in the face. I don’t know what this “unprecedented” thing is that happens at the end of the season. If I did, I’d tell you. But what I do know is Joey left engaged. So whatever he and the show are alluding to by saying it’s the first time it ever happened, doesn’t have any effect on the outcome of the show. So seemingly we’d think it has something to do with his final 2. We don’t know any context behind that open from the other night, so, it’s just speculation at this point. If I find out at some point, I’ll let you know. Until then, just know 2 things: 1) this show doesn’t not edit to the spoiled audience 2) whatever this ending was doesn’t change what the outcome is.

On my podcast today, just off the top of my head, I could remember three “season previews” where they led you to believe something major happened at the final rose ceremony and it ended up being a giant bag of nothing. Already mentioned the Pilot Pete one, where all it was was Hannah Ann was nervous and hadn’t gotten in the car yet to come over to the final rose ceremony, but they made you think Peter was left alone. Remember Sean Lowe’s? Chris Harrison hands him a letter as he’s standing at the final rose ceremony and everyone thought that meant one of the women left him high and dry on the final day with a Dear John letter? All it was was a letter from Catherine she’d written him the night before about how excited she was to be with him. And then how about Colton in a shot standing at a castle holding an empty ring box and that scene never even ended up getting shown. Those are just ones I remember off the top of my head. I’m sure if I watched all the season previews from the last 10 seasons or so, you’ll see something where the show wanted you to think one thing and either it ended up not ever being shown, ended up being a whole pile of nothing, or was a complete misdirection. So while that open on Monday seems like a big deal now, something tells me it’s not. And I know it doesn’t change the outcome of the season, so, not gonna spend any time worrying about it.

Suzana at @BachelorData has another good post up from yesterday from what I mentioned in the first paragraph, and that’s looking at the gains Joey had in viewership from the previous season. First time it’s happened since Pilot Pete:

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