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The Bachelor 28 - Joey

The “Bachelor” Joey – Episode 2 Recap, My Indirect Connection to a Contestant, & @BachelorData with Some First Episode Trends

Not the most fun last 48 hrs to say the least. I know COVID hits people differently. Fortunately, I’m one that just gets a runny nose and congestion from it. This is the second time I’ve had it and it was the same symptoms both times. Just a sore throat that turned into a runny nose and congestion and within a few days, I was over it. I know for others, that hasn’t been the case. Hell, some people are still suffering from long COVID to this day. I wouldn’t wish that for anyone. And some when they did get it, got it way worse than what I did. Being sick in general sucks, but for me, I’ve never been one to woe is me when I’m sick. Or had someone wait on me hand and foot. Or acted like I couldn’t take care of myself during this time. Yeah, I’m tired and really don’t wanna do anything, but, that’s no excuse for not getting up and taking medicine, or doing basic chores. I’m sorry men out there, but if you act like a total baby when you’re sick, there’s something wrong with you. Don’t ever make someone wait on you hand and foot because you have a fever or the sniffles. Unless it’s something major, you can handle it yourself. There’s my PSA for the day. You’re welcome.

Don’t forget to get your Reader Emails in for tomorrow by emailing me at Or hit me up on IG messenger or Twitter DM. Got a few already in there but could always use a few more. I’m guessing maybe after last nights episode or today’s column, you may have some more questions/queries/comments to send in. So lets get them in today to be answered tomorrow. Your friends will think you’re so cool.

All right. Lets get to it. The elephant in the room this season. I alluded to it in my Reader Emails last week, and now that people are just assuming things, might as well set the record straight. I’ll make this as short as I can on here since I spent much longer on the Daily Roundup today because it’s easier to verbalize. Here are the basics:

-My niece Olivia goes to college in Tampa.
-Daisy’s sister Adeline goes to the same college.
-Not only does my niece know Adeline, not only are Olivia and Adeline best friends, but they are roommates.
-So immediately the Echo Chamber of Negativity, the Cesspool of Garbage, and the Purveyor of Misinformation Reddit decided that that’s how I got my spoiler this season. They’re 100% convinced. I’ve been sent the posts. I knew they would. I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that my niece is best friends with Daisy’s sister.
-I’m here to tell you Adeline hasn’t said a word to Olivia since this all started.
-Hell, I didn’t even know Daisy was a contestant on the Bachelor until the day the Bachelor FB page posted the contestants back on Sept. 16th when Olivia texted me. Still have that text. And Adeline purposely kept it from Olivia because she knew I’m her uncle.
-Olivia has never met Daisy or ever spoken to her. She’s only BFF’s with Adeline. But Adeline, and the Kent family (who Olivia has spent time with as well), haven’t said a word about anything either before Daisy started filming, or even after I’ve released the spoiler.
-My spoiler information had absolutely nothing to do with Adeline, the Kent family, or anyone in that circle. I never got anything from them, nor did I expect to.
-Yeah, it’s really fucking weird how indirectly I’m associated to the winner this season, but, I look at it more like there’s been 48 seasons of this show and I’ve never had any direct or indirect connection. It’s a completely random coincidence. Especially since Adeline is from MN and Olivia is from TX and they met in college at Tampa. Go figure.

I already know what you’re going to say next: “Well of course you’re not gonna admit to us the Kents told you the spoiler. That’d get them in trouble.” Again, as I said on my podcast yesterday, if you already have it in your head that that’s how I got my spoiler, nothing I say or prove to you with evidence will change your mind anyway. Even after all this, the Reddit dorks will absolutely still say I’m lying. Go ahead. All I can say is you have no idea what you’re talking about, per usual, and you’re making assumptions without having any facts. I have text messages with Olivia over the last 4 months proving Adeline didn’t tell her a thing and my niece knows nothing. And if you now come back with “Well you’ve probably changed those texts to not incriminate…” Just stop. I know people love for me to be wrong. And the Cesspool of Garbage really thought they had me this season and figured out my source. Womp woooooommmmmmmmpppppp. Wrong again. But great effort. Now they can go back to their private message groups and continue talking about me. They always do.

These are two of my favorite charts that @BachelorData came up with yesterday having to do with certain dates. First, how far has someone gotten who gets a helicopter date, something we see at least once a season. And then, how far do the first date recipients usually last. Daisy fit into both categories last night as we know. As you can see, there’s no 100% confirmation of “if you get this, then this happens.” All it usually tells us is the recipient of either is usually pretty important to the season:

My thoughts on last night’s episode begins on Page 2…

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