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“Reader Emails,” What Are the Odds?, Joey Rumors, & @BachelorData Ep 2 Screen Time

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Fun times the last 24 hours. Everyone’s got an opinion on my niece Olivia being BFF’s with Daisy’s sister Adeline, sickness starting to subside, another plate of rumors surrounding Joey’s ending. It’s like it’s non-stop. But I’ll say this here on Jan. 31st. I don’t know who the next Bachelorette is gonna be, but mark my word, after I give the spoiler to whoever she picks on her season, someone will put together a 4 month report stalking every guys IG account, pictures of their feet, full surveillance video of every time they’ve sneezed from the time they arrived home til the time of the ATFR trying to prove whatever spoiler I gave out is wrong. Knock yourselves out. What was released yesterday on Reddit was pretty comical. It was also coming from a bat shit crazy person I dealt with two years ago, so yeah, of course they’d love to see me be wrong. Pretty sure their life revolves around it. Well, that and spending every living breathing moment of their life posting online. Must be quite the existence they lead. Just know, you’re dealing with an insane person when you read those ramblings. Those ramblings, that at no point in their Power Point presentation of stalking contestants for 3 months, has any proof whatsoever of…anything really. They got nothin’. Sorry. If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t even bother bringing it up. But considering it’s someone I dealt with personally 2 years ago, I can tell you sandbetweenhertoes is crazy. Period. End of story.

So I wanted to share this email on Page 1 since I thought it was funny after yesterday’s revelation about my niece and Daisy’s sisters friendship. Never thought of it this way.
Hi Steve,

I recently wrote to you about the amazing probability of the Russell- Jones same name breakups on BIP.

However, the story you told this morning about your niece being college roommates with Daisy Kent’s sister has me floored.

For starters the probability of your niece Olivia being roommates with Daisy’s sister is 18 million to 1 because that is how many young people are currently enrolled in the 6000 colleges in the US.

Then the odds of Daisy winning The Bachelor is 32-1.

Add to that the probability of Olivia’s uncle Steve being the Number 1 Spoiler of Bachelor seasons for the last 15 years and you have a scenario that is unworldly.
Steve, the probability of this all happening is like winning a billion in Mega Millions.

Comment: Yeah, I never looked at it that way. That’s pretty incredible. And it’s not like these two knew each other in high school and just decided to attend college together. And it’s also not like the school randomly put them together as roommates as freshman. Olivia didn’t meet Adeline until I think second semester last year (their freshman year). And then they decided to room together this year. Just so freakin’ random it’s kind of unreal. As for your last point, I absolutely need to play the lottery now that this has happened. As much as I enjoy gambling and laying a few bucks down here and there, I’ve never been a lottery guy. I’ve maybe played it less than 5 times in my life. But yeah, after the odds of Olivia and Adeline finding a friendship in this world being from two different states and meeting in a third state, I’d be dumb not to take a crack at the lottery. Count me in.

BachelorData hasn’t given us the updated IG numbers for the women yet after episode 2, but the astronomical rise of Daisy’s IG since the premiere is starting to set records. And Suzana tracks all that stuff on an hourly basis. These aren’t bought followers for her. She has 128k followers as of this writing and she had 20k on premiere night. Goes to show how much America has taken to her story. But it’s not only her growth to me. What’s more relevant to me is that she’s growing these numbers so fast on a season where no one else is. She’s SO far ahead of everyone else at this point, I don’t think we’ve ever seen something like this after week 2. She has 100k lead over the next biggest social media following contestant. I get that she had the only 1 on 1 of the season so far and there’s the spoiler out there, but it goes way deeper than that. I’ll just leave you with this before we talk about this more in depth later on this season: Charity got to the final 4 of Zach’s season. She then got her own season of the “Bachelorette” which was critically praised. She then parlayed that into getting to the finals of DWTS immediately afterwards. She sits currently at 289k followers. Daisy is almost halfway there and she’s been on TV for episodes. Anyway…

Here’s your Screen Time numbers from Monday’s episode…

Reader Emails begins on Page 2…

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