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Podcast #382 – Interview with Kate Casey from the “Reality Life” Podcast & Your “Reader Emails”

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about the big blunder on the Love is Blind reunion show. Then Kate joins me (8;29) to talk about what’s happened to Vanderpump Rules, her thoughts on “The Valley” spinoff starting next week, what documentary she’s really into right now, and some Royal Family talk.

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(SPOILERS) Your Daily Roundup covers this weeks weekly podcast guest, Reader Emails today, a confusing Love is Blind Reunion show, Survivor’s Vanu tribe is awful, and a big day for the Swifties.

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Here are your “Reader Emails” from this week…

(Maybe the day after the women tell all special on GMA). They already have a cast ready to go, it’s going to be an international season – She has a huge fan base, it is perfect! Then, after the final rose, they need to announce that Daisy will be the bachelorette after Maria. And they need to speak right in the camera and say guys, if you want to marry Daisy, submit your applications now. Daisy is a star. There’s just something about her! She reminds me of Emily Maynard, and Jen Schefft. Correct me if I’m wrong, but neither of those ladies had their seasons directly after their bachelor season. I think if they started casting specifically for Daisy, It would be a more interesting season. Plus, with no paradise, I think they could manage a golden bachelorette, and two seasons of bachelorette before the next bachelor. They could even push the next season of the bachelor and have Daisy be the star right after Christmas (Which would also be a first!) what do you think?

Comment: They’re not doing back-to-back Bachelorette seasons. They’re filming Golden Bachelorette after the next Bachelorette season and it’ll start airing in the fall once Bachelorette is done airing.

As for who they’re gonna pick, I don’t think any one is better than the other. They don’t HAVE to pick Maria. Nor do they HAVE to pick Daisy. But they will pick one, and the fans will watch like they do every season.


I just got done watching the finale of The Traitors, and wow, what an ending. I have to say, I LOVE CT. He is probably my favorite person I’ve ever watched on reality tv. He just portrayed himself as being so kind, funny, and genuine. I want to be his best friend.

With that said, knowing your reality tv background knowledge, I have to get your feedback on this. I’ve never watched anything with CT in it. I’ve never watched The Challenge or anything else he’s ever been in. This was my first experience watching CT, and I am just in love with the man. My question is, has he been this lovable in all of the shows he’s been on?

Comment: No, not really. In his early Challenge days, you can ask anyone, he had a short fuse, got in a lot of fights, was most definitely on roids at some point, and even got kicked off of at least one season that I know of. But once he got older, he mellowed out, got married, had a kid, developed a dad bod, and that’s the CT you get now. He’s since divorced as he and his ex have had issues, but the CT you’re seeing now is 180 degrees different from when he started on the Challenge over 20 years ago. It’s great to see the transformation, because he was a walking time bomb ready to explode in his 20’s. VERY short fuse and would get into some serious rage filled fights in the house. This CT is 100 times better.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to drop a note to say that I was very glad to hear that all is well on your Daily Roundup this morning. I hope you continue to feel better!

Also, on a separate note, I wanted to mention that I really appreciate the care that you take when speaking about the Laura Owens situation & the sensitivity/impact her lies have on women who have experienced miscarriages, stillbirths, and infertility. I also appreciate the interviews you have done with various guests on the Thursday podcast who speak to their struggles with infertility/IVF/etc. I have been struggling for 3 years and have been through several failed rounds of IVF and suffered a miscarriage as well. Your empathy is refreshing- 1 in 6 women are affected by infertility. Many, including myself, choose to go through the journey quietly as there is a lot of insensitivity from family/friends etc. that say things like “Just do IVF,” “Just adopt,” “When are you having a baby?,” “It’ll happen when you get drunk/go on vacation/aren’t trying.”

It is nice to hear your guests share these intimate and very sensitive topics openly- especially as I (and countless others) suffer in silence and particularly during the isolation of my husband’s deployments- as I journey through infertility.

Comment: Thanks. I appreciate it. Glad it could help in any way. I know just based on being friends with Ashley Spivey (who’s obviously been very vocal), and others who’ve been through it, it’s still pretty taboo. And stuff like that needs to be able to be talked about or else a lot of women are suffering in silence because they feel like they can’t share their thoughts or opinions on it without being judged or ridiculed. So anytime I can have someone on to bring light to the subject, I’m all for it.

Hi. I just wanted to say that my friends and I love your Bachelor/Bacherlorette spoiler breakdowns. Even though you had to update your F1 this year the work you put into releasing the weekly episode reviews before the episode even airs is amazing.

I hope you are out of the hospital soon. It is truly scary when you go to the doctors for a checkup and you are sent directly to the hospital (it happened to me due to a heart condition I didn’t even know I had). With that said get well soon and know we all appreciate all of your work. If Vegas was easier to get to I would have loved to attend your party!!!

Comment: Thanks. You know I’ve been asked a lot about why the party is in Vegas, and there’s really two simple reasons. 1) I love Vegas but 2) Most importantly, coming out to a party for 3 hours over the course of a weekend, I feel it at least gives people who are flying in to have a place where they can do so many other things other than attend my party. 75% of the party every year almost are people who are flying in for the weekend. So the party is only 3 hrs. If I had it in Dallas, or any other city – not saying there isn’t anything to do in other cities – but people would have to probably do a whole Google search of what to do, etc. It’s Vegas. You don’t really need to look stuff up. You come to the party for 3 hrs but you can do so many other things over the weekend for fun. That’s why I have it there.

Hey Steve hope you’re doing well.

Last year you shared a stat about something like all teams who have won the college championship game had certain offensive and defensive stats in common. Then you mentioned the teams that had those stats for last season. It was a list of 8 teams- UConn, st. Mary’s, Houston, Purdue, ucla, creighton, Alabama, and Kansas. I used it to support my bracketology method last year and chose UConn. I would love to hear those stats again for this year’s teams if/when you know them. I take my brackets pretty seriously and I like to use multiple points of research to make my decision. Looking forward to the crazy upcoming weeks!!! Thanks for all you do.

Comment: Yeah, I’m gonna try and get that stat this year. UConn and Houston I know are two teams that fit that bill just off the top of my head. And, shocker, they’re both gonna be #1 seeds. I’ll get you the list by Monday when the Sports Daily will be all March Madness talk.

(Subject) You Lied

I am so very upset and disappointed in you and the way this was handled. You stated early on that Joey picks Daisy. My mom and I were so happy we sat and watched every episode…right up until the next to last episode, where we learned that Joey picks Kelsey. I feel we have been totally miss lead in the whole damn thing and that was wrong! If telling lies to get people interested in the show is how you work things, then I will Not watch the Batchelor again.

Comment: I’d really hate to see this persons reaction when something actually important in their life happens that they didn’t expect.


G’day Steve ,

Hope the health keeps improving, glad they caught it early!

My query/question is in regards to the spoiler that Daisy goes to Kelsey and tells her it’s not me it’s you, which leads to her not allowing Joey to let her go, she goes first.

I didn’t see anything last night during their date that would suggest ahead of time could have gotten that feeling from, did you?

Do you think the realisation comes during meeting his family?

I agree he looks head over heels for Kelsey, but I didn’t get any it’s not me vibes during daisys date last night

Comment: No, it happens during her last date with him, which happens after the Meet the Parents part. I don’t know what he says, if it’s body language, if he is less affectionate, I’m not sure. I don’t have the details on that. But whatever happened, when she left that date, she realized he wasn’t in love with her and was in love with someone else.

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