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Daily Roundup 4/23 – More From Jenn’s 1-on-1 Date, Podcast Transcripts, Jenn’s Men & Negative Reports, Pilot Pete, & Re-Listened to Taylor’s Album

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I’m your host Reality Steve.

Thank you all for tuning in.

A good Tuesday show for you.

We are going to talk about something new on the website.

I talked about possibly doing it.

I’m going to start it today.

We’re also going to talk a little bit about Jenn’s season, a little bit more information I got yesterday in regards to the Wicked themed date on Sunday.

I put it out there on my Instagram and Twitter yesterday, so I want to follow up with that.

Peter Weber went on Chris Harrison’s podcast yesterday, said some interesting things, not too interesting, but a couple topics that I want to dive into.

And then I gave the Tortured Poets Department a re-listen yesterday on my walk, put that on my Instagram stories if you saw that, and I’ve got updated thoughts on the album.

And we’ll get to all that momentarily.

All right, let’s start out with this big news.

It has probably been, I don’t know how many years it’s been, but for the longest time, you know, when the show was in season, had a recap on Tuesday on the website, reader emails on Wednesday, then I used to do Dr.

Reality Steve on Thursday, that turned into podcasts post on Thursday.

And then once the season ended, I did something called Daily Links where I would basically do links that I found, probably 10 to 12 stories in pop culture, gave my thoughts and included links on it.

But that ended at least probably 2017, 2018.

It’s been years since I’ve done that.

And the one thing that I know a lot of people have complained about is the fact that when the season isn’t airing, there’s nothing that I write on my podcast, on my website, sorry, at all.

I just don’t write anything because anything that I get, I put on my, during filming, any spoilers, I put on my social media.

I’ll tweet it out.

I’ll put it in my Instagram stories.

I’ll save it to my highlights, put it in my Instagram feed, or I will talk about it on my podcast.

And I get that some of you just aren’t podcast people and never will be podcast people.

But as I’ve explained, podcasting is just the way it’s going now.

Most people are giving up websites and writing because it’s so much quicker to talk out a 20 to 25 minute podcast than to type it all out.

Well, as you know, a couple of weeks ago, Apple podcasts now has a transcript of every podcast that is posted.

So what I’m going to do is this, for all of you who have heard just not into listening to podcasts, what I’m going to do now when the Daily Roundup is posted every morning, which is usually in my feed by 6.45 roughly in the morning, I’m going to go to my podcast, cut and paste the transcript and now put it on my website.

So there will be something on my website every day, Monday through Friday, starting today.

Now, when I’m in season and I’ve got my recap Tuesday and reader emails Wednesday and podcast Thursday, what am I going to do?

Am I going to double up and also do a recap and just add my podcast to it?


I haven’t decided yet.

But in the off season right now, you are going to have the transcript from my podcast every day.

And I figure I would just do that for the people that have said, I just, sorry, I don’t listen.

I wish you would write more.

I’m not technically writing.

I’m just cutting and pasting.

But it’s really, really long.

I mean, I could split it up.

It could take five pages to read.

It all depends on where I choose to put my page breaks.

I’ll keep it to maybe just two pages, but it’s still going to be very long.

And the transcripts are actually pretty accurate.

You know, the punctuation might be off.

But the good thing about the Apple Podcasts is it does break it down into paragraphs.

It does actually have paragraph breaks, as opposed to just people that were telling me about transcript apps.

It was just one long run on sentence, and I just I was going to go through that.

This is actually really good.

Now, when I do an interview podcast, that’s going to be a little bit different because it doesn’t differentiate between my voice and the interviewee, and it doesn’t like bold, hey, this was my question, and then this was their answer.

So those might, you might have to, you know, use your brain a little bit to when you’re reading those.

But starting today, I want to do that, because I know a lot of you have said like, sorry, I’m just not a podcast person.

I wish you would write more.

Well, now you have something to read every day.

You don’t have to even go listen to my podcast, although I appreciate it if you would.

All you got to do is go hit play.

You don’t have to listen to it.

You just hit play on it and then go read what I wrote.

But it will all be on the website at

So go check that out.

Something to add on to yesterday’s social media post that I made in regards to Sunday’s wicked theme date.

As I told you, Jenn and Marcus Schoberg were on the one-on-one.

They had to follow a yellow brick road.

They had to open up these boxes, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

And I said that Charity was there, and Kelsey was there, and Daisy was there.

You saw pictures of them.

And I said that Molly and Trista weren’t there.

Well, Trista was actually part of the date.

What happened was after they left Pioneer Square, they got in like a mini trolley or horse carriage or something like that.

I don’t know what it was.

And I guess that took them to Ella Bailey Park.

And that’s where Trista was waiting for them at like the quote unquote end of the Yellow Brick Road.

You saw the picture that I posted.

And Jenn and Marcus, at that point, there was a hot air balloon ride ready for them to go.

However, what I was told was because it was so windy on Sunday, that hot air balloon never took off.

After I posted that, someone sent me another picture where, while it didn’t take off and fly into the air and they drift off into, well, where did Dorothy go?


It didn’t take them to Kansas.

The hot air balloon, looking at this picture, I’d say the bottom of the basket of the hot air balloon is maybe 20, 30 feet off the ground, but it’s being held by ropes.

And basically, they just kind of hovered.

So it did leave the ground, technically, but they did not fly away in it.

It just hovered about 30 feet above the ground.

It was held down by ropes, and they did get into a hot air balloon.

So maybe with the way they shoot it, they’ll make it seem like Marcus and Jenn actually flew around Seattle.

They did not.

It was much, much too windy for that.

So I just wanted to throw that out there in regards to the one-on-one date, the addition to Sunday.

I did not hear anything about yesterday’s group date at the time of this recording.

I’m actually recording this a little bit earlier.

I’m recording this around 730 Central Time, Monday night.

I have not heard anything yet in regards to the group date that happened yesterday, Monday.

So if I hear anything, obviously, I will let you know.

I do want to add one thing that I talked about at the beginning of this season.

It kind of reared its ugly head recently, and I just want to say this.

I told you that every season, I get told negative information about contestants.

And you have to understand, you know, I’m not in that business anymore unless someone wants to put their name behind it and wants to provide evidence.

Because so many things that I get are somebody telling me, hey, this guy did this, or this girl did this.

And it’s like, okay.

First off, what do you want me to do about it?

I don’t know any producers on this show.

Now, I do have a way to use back channels to maybe get something out to a producer, but I’m not contacting any producer directly saying, hey, this is what you need to know.

It doesn’t work that way.

The other thing is, a few of the things that I heard about Jenn’s guys this season came to me a week after filming started.

So again, what am I going to do?

The other thing is, the information that came to me was sent to me by someone who didn’t attach their name to it and provided no evidence, no screenshots, no videos.

I’m not saying this person is lying, and I’m not saying I don’t believe them, but I’m saying when I get information like that, the first thing is, okay, let’s wait, let’s see how long they even last.

They might not even be relevant to the season.

And then if they become relevant to the season, it takes me telling them, okay, if you want to share this, I need evidence.

I need you to show receipts.

You can’t just tell me this is what this guy did and expect me to run with it and be the middleman, or I take all the stray bullets and you get off scot-free.

So just keep that in mind when it comes to guys on this season.

Yes, I’ve heard negative things.

But one, it was after the season started.

Two, there’s nothing I can do after the season starts.

They’re not going to just remove a person from the show because Reality Steve told somebody who told somebody who told somebody, and it got back to a producer.

They’re not going to do that.

And number three, the information that I did receive had no evidence whatsoever and no proof.

And the person who told me didn’t even tell me their name.

So that’s where we’re at with negative information.

If this person wants to come forward, I will gladly give them the platform on my podcast, on my website to come forward.

But to just say all these negative things about somebody from the show, one of the guys from the show, and not have any evidence, you know, I’m sorry, in 2024, you have to provide receipts, or else it’s just, you know, your word against theirs.

And unfortunately, maybe somebody else will run with that and give you a platform.

I just can’t, because I’ve done this enough times to where I’ve relayed information without providing evidence, and all of a sudden, I’m the bad guy, when I’m literally just trying to help this person.

So anybody that wants to come to me with negative information, by all means, you can, and I will give you a platform, but you can’t provide nothing, not even tell me your name, and provide no receipts.

It just doesn’t work that way.

So keep that in mind going forward this season.

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