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Daily Roundup 4/24 – More From Jenn’s 1-on-1 Date, Podcast Transcripts, Jenn’s Men & Negative Reports, Pilot Pete, & Re-Listened to Taylor’s Album

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Got a good show for you.

We got pictures, a picture from yesterday’s one-on-one date with Jenn.

We’ll tell you who it was with in case you missed that on my social media yesterday.

Another note from Sunday’s hot air balloon date in the middle of the day.

We got a picture of her, involving Jenn and Marcus, breakups in Bachelor Nation, also relationships forming in Bachelor Nation.

We’ll talk about that.

One other note from the Chris Harrison, Pilot Pete podcast from the other day that I want to kind of throw out there that has been written about in the past, but we don’t talk about Chris Harrison too much on this podcast anymore, but the Pilot Pete interview brought up some thoughts.

Deal or No Deal Island from Monday, and I got around to watching American Idol.

We’re down to our final 10, so I pretty much know most of these people’s names.

I’m gonna give you my opinions.

We’ll get to all that momentarily.

All right, so let’s start out with this.

Yesterday, we got our second picture of the whole season for Jenn’s season in terms of any dates getting out publicly.

Still nothing from Monday’s radio call-in date.

I didn’t think that was gonna be anything public based on what the email said that they had sent out or the Bachelor Nation post that was on their Instagram page.

It didn’t say anything about it being public, so I didn’t think any pictures were gonna get out.

But yesterday, Jenn had a one-on-one date and like clockwork.

You just knew if this show was going to Seattle, they were 1000% gonna have a date where they threw the fish around in Pike Place Market.

Is that what it’s called, Pike Place Market?

So she did and it was with Jeremy Simon, somebody that is not on anybody’s radar and wasn’t.

And now all of a sudden, everyone thinks he’s gonna win because I don’t know, they have nothing better to do.

Look, you got a one in probably eight, seven, six chance that he could win, but when nobody talks about this guy for literally, they’ve been filming almost a month.

Has anybody in the world brought up Jeremy Simon’s name?

No, because we haven’t known a damn thing about this season.

Just because he was on a one-on-one date does not mean he’s going to win.

He might, but this sentiment that I was getting sent to me after the fact, I’m like, you’re basing this on one still picture of them walking across the street?

All right, whatever, but he had the one-on-one date yesterday.

And as I’m recording this, I heard that they, the night portion of this date, and it could be changed, but the original plan that I had heard was they were headed to, let me get this right, Chihuly Garden and Glass.

I guess that’s over by the Space Needle.

I heard they were headed over there for the night.

So maybe some pictures will get out, and I’ll post them today.

If not, that’s what I heard.

So when the episode airs, we’ll keep an eye on that.

But that’s what I heard the night portion was going to be.

I will…

I said to them, look at my Instagram page and go through all those guys and just tell me, who do you think you saw there?

And they said, there’s four that I definitely think I recognize.

One of them was Marcus.

One of them was Jeremy.

That was one of the four.

So we know obviously he was right about Jeremy.

There was one that he said, and I said, well, that person’s not there, so it can’t be him.

What about this guy?

And he’s like, oh yeah, it was that guy.

And then a fourth guy, which again, I don’t know.

Like, I don’t have, this guy never took any pictures, and I’m just taking a random stranger’s word for it.

That’s why I’m not going to relay the name.

But if that guy ends up being in the final, you know, whatever number this is, I’ll say, yeah, that was the fourth guy that this guy identified just like he identified Jeremy.

But so, you know, I say now that he identified Jeremy because we know Jeremy now is there because of the picture that got out yesterday.

So looks like he’s got a decent eye, but again, I just, I have no idea.

It’s, it’s, there was, if I just ran with what everybody told me, I’d be way, way more wrong than I am because so many things have been told to me, not just about this season, I’m going, I’m talking about past seasons as well.

Things that are just told to me where it says, okay, I have to take your word for it, and it’s just not the way I’m going to run with spoilers.

Other people will certainly do that.

I’m not going to do that.

One thing about the hot air balloon date the other day, when after Jenn and Marcus had their walk down the Yellow Brick Road and then they met Trista in Ella Bailey Park or Ellie Bailey Park, that’s where the hot air balloon was.

It’s funny because the people that were there, a couple people told me that when they were talking to the people that were there, the people that were setting up, the people that were setting up were telling them, oh, this is just a promotional video for the hot air balloon company.

Just like, it’s just so funny how this show, even though they’re doing dates in public and there are people in public that are very well aware the Bachelorette is filming in Seattle, they would just lie out of their teeth that, oh no, this is nothing Bachelorette related.

We’re filming a promotional video for the hot air balloon company.

Like, sure you are.

I wish these people would be like, I’m not dumb, I know this is a date.

So that’s what’s funny.

And like I said, I did get a picture of the hot air balloon in the air with Jenn and Marcus in it, but it was maybe 20, 30 feet off the ground and ropes were holding it down, ropes were attached to it because it was very, very windy that day so they couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything in the hot air balloon, couldn’t take a chance on that.

So we know that Marcus is there, we know that Jeremy is there.

We don’t know how many men are left in Seattle, obviously at least four are.

Well, there’s obviously more than four because if we were down to four, we’d be in hometowns.

And this is not hometowns.

But there is, like I said, the guy that saw the men from Jen Season getting haircuts, he identified a number.

But again, how do I know that one, all the guys were getting haircuts, two, he counted all of them correctly.

Like how do you know what, maybe somebody was there that was part of production or wasn’t part of production, or he counted too much.

It’s just, I don’t know for sure.

If he would have taken pictures, obviously it would have been so much easier, but he didn’t.

So unfortunately, it’s just word of mouth.

And if others are discovered, I will tell you the two other two that he identified to me.

And if we find out that they were definitely there, then I’ll say this guy nailed it, got all four.

Oh, one of them, like I said, he didn’t get right because I said, no, that guy’s gone.

He’s not on the show.

And he’s like, oh, I said, what about this guy?

Could you be mixing him up with him?

He’s like, oh yeah, that’s him.

So all right, it was official, even though people that followed both of them, I don’t follow Greg Grippo or Victoria Fuller.

I think Victoria Fuller still hasn’t been blocked.

Okay, like whatever, Victoria, it was official.

It was made official by People.

They were the ones that officially came out with it, right?

And then Greg Grippo went on Jason Tartick’s podcast and confirmed the story that they were broken up.

And essentially, actually, I think it was page six that did the story, not people.

People did the story I’m going to talk about next.

But Greg went on Jason Tartick’s podcast and said, yes, it ended.

He’s very sad, I guess, and he doesn’t want to talk about it.

He didn’t trash Victoria in any way, shape or form, wishes the best for her.

I’m like, give it time.

There’s not a single couple in this franchise that when they break up, whether it’s days later, weeks later, or months later, one of them is eventually going to talk about the other one.

And I can’t imagine Victoria Fuller is going to keep her mouth shut and never say anything about Greg or why the breakup happened and whatever.

You know, it’s just not in her nature.

So I fully expect it to come.

It’s not going to, I don’t know if it’s going to be some full on trash job on him.

It doesn’t have to be that, but she’s going to talk about it at some point.

There’s no way she doesn’t.

She talked about the Chris Souls one.

I got to imagine, and that barely lasted, you know, a fortnight.

She’s going to talk about Greg in the breakup at some point.

I just don’t know when.

Maybe when she starts up her podcast that lasted eight whole episodes.

Maybe we get a season two of that, and she’ll talk about that.

Probably not.

But I guarantee somebody will have her on a podcast, and she’ll talk about it.

And then once she does, maybe Greg pops on somebody else’s podcast and goes into more detail.

He’s basically just laying low to see exactly what gets out there, what she says, if she does, and when she does, I’m sure he will respond.

Now, the article that I was talking about that did come out this weekend was the fact that probably one of the worst kept secrets in Bachelor Nation, even though it only involves one Bachelor Nation person, is the fact that Jason Tardick is dating Kat Stickler, who is very, very popular on TikTok, a 10 million followers on TikTok.

She’s a single mother out of Florida.

I call her Spunky.

That’s my nickname for her.

Every time I talk to her about her with People, I call her Spunky, because she comes across as a very spunky woman, just always kind of bebopping around, very upbeat, very happy.

I dig her stuff.

I think she’s great.

And I know nothing about her other than what she puts out on social media, but she’s very entertaining and I like her stuff.

So I call her Spunky.

And anybody that’s followed Jason and Kat on Instagram for the last two months knows while they have never posted together, they have posted from the same location numerous times.

And I’m talking like the same hotel rooms and the same vacation spots.

So this isn’t news.

People didn’t break anything major, but it is interesting that runs with the story the weekend that Jason and Kat were together at his book launch in New York.

So clearly they had a reporter there.

It was probably talked about in circles.

Everybody probably saw it and knew, but it isn’t news.

Like it’s official because people mentioned it.

And then I’m assuming Jason and or Kat will soft launch or even hard launch now that it is like publicly out there, even though everyone’s talked about it.

And Jason’s very well aware that people were onto them.

But I think now Jason and Kat will hard launch something.

And who knows how serious it is.

Like I’ve talked about in the past when it comes to this relationship, like look, she’s entrenched in Florida.

She can’t move.

She’s got a daughter and an ex-husband.

So she’s not moving anywhere.

So unless Jason plans on moving to Florida and laying roots down there, I don’t see this as any more of two people that are adults having fun and dating.

But the seriousness of it, it’s hard to tell when, if Jason doesn’t move to Florida, which he doesn’t seem like a guy that wants to move there because of all the work that he does, all the traveling that he does.

Like if he moves to Florida, what happens to Pino and Grigio?

Or what are the dogs?

Oh, Ramen.

Pino and Ramen, the dogs that he shares with Caitlin, that is like a major part of both of their lives, what happens to them?

He’s not gonna give up, I doubt he’s ever gonna give up possession full time because if he moves to Florida, it’s not gonna be like, oh, Caitlin, Caitlin, we still have to split the dogs times.

You need to drive, we’re gonna meet halfway and I’m gonna, no, that’s not gonna happen.

So I don’t know.

It’s almost like he has to choose or he has to date somebody in Nashville because I just don’t see him just giving up Pino and ramen.

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