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Daily Roundup 4/26 – Thoughts on Jenn’s Season, Transcriptions, Trolls After Clare Crawley, & An April Palindrome

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality Steve podcast, I am your host reality Steve Thank you all for tuning in on this Friday edition of the show I’m gonna give you a thought I had on Jen’s season almost kind of thinking out loud here an Update on the transcription that’s happening on the website.

I do want to mention something that was said in yesterday’s live Podcast number 388 with Greer Blitzer that I wanted to go over with you that I’ve already gone over with Greer have an update on the American Idol judge replacing Katy Perry. I didn’t do my homework yesterday and thank you all to those who corrected me on it.

Claire Crawley dealing with trolls. And just to a level that I can’t even believe, but I shouldn’t even say that because this is what Toxic Bachelor Nation does, and we have an April palindrome going on right now in case you didn’t know. We’ll get to all that momentarily. So let’s start out with the transcription part heard from, from a few of you yesterday who said what I posted yesterday, the different transcription from the Descript program online was fine.

Actually, I screwed it up in terms of, you know, I told you there’s no way to differentiate between me speaking and yesterday, you know, the interviewee Greer speaking, that was my fault because apparently there is no way to Somewhere in there where you can, if you’re doing an interview, it will identify the speaker.

I just copy and pasted it wrong. So I will be able to do that next week for podcast three 89, whoever that may be. I don’t have it booked yet next week. You’ll be able to see my. Voice notified, as I think it just says speaker one, and then the person I’m talking to will be identified as speaker two, as opposed to just kind of the run on that it was today.

But that was one of the longer ones I’ve had in a while. Usually they’re 45 minutes to an hour. Greer was almost an hour and 20 minutes. So yeah, that was, you know, as I told you, I only did a one page break for that particular transcription. So it was a lot, it was, it was long. If you’ve read it, great.

Thank you for for reading, but these transcriptions for the daily roundup are obviously a lot shorter. Speaking of podcast number three 88 yesterday. You know, I was, when I was going in and uploading it, I, you know, sometimes I listen to some of it for an hour and 20 minute one. No, because Greer and I recorded on Wednesday at like, Five 30 or six o’clock in the evening, my time.

So I don’t have time to sit there and listen to the whole interview. It just, I can never do it, but I’ll hear bits and pieces of it. And when I was going through it, trying to put in, you know, where to put the commercials and stuff like that, there was one section that kind of bothered me. One thing that I said that bothered me that I just wanted to clear up with you guys, the audience.

I already cleared it up with Greer, but when she was telling the story of being sequestered. In Estonia. And I was like, what did you do? And she’s like, the only time I ever dealt with anybody was when I called for food. And then they, and then she said they would give me coloring books. And my response was, what are you in fucking third grade?

I might’ve said fifth grade, but you know, if you listened to the interview, you know what I said? And the way I said it, I didn’t know if she took it as I was calling her a third grader. What I should have said was. What does the show think you’re in fucking third grade? But I just said, what do you, you know, what do you think you’re in third grade?

You know, what are you fucking, what are you in fucking third grade? And it sounded like I was saying it to Greer and I was putting her down for having coloring books. But when I texted her yesterday and I just said, Hey, I want to be clear. I was basically calling out the show for delivering a grown woman coloring books to keep her occupied.

And she’s like, Oh no, don’t worry. I totally took it that way. Yeah. That’s the way I looked at it as well. So in case any of you thought that no one emailed me on it, but it bothered me enough to where I wanted to make sure I was. Not offending Greer. And she’s like, no, no, no. But thank you for checking in with me to make sure I didn’t, you know, didn’t feel uncomfortable, but no, I never took it that way.

I took it the way you originally intended it, which was why are they giving a grown woman coloring books? Like I understand that they can’t give her her phone. I understand they can’t turn on the TV. She can’t have internet access. But maybe give her some reading material, not coloring books. Again, what is she in fucking third grade?

I just, I can’t believe they gave her coloring books. What? Yeah. So I just wanted to, I wanted to clear that up and I’m, I’m glad that Greer didn’t take, you know, the way, just the way I said it and the way it came across, it was like, yeah, I could see how she might’ve taken it that way. I just wanted to make sure.

And she didn’t thank God. So I had this thought about Jen’s season and I didn’t do any research and go back to past seasons. I was kind of thinking about some in the back of my head, because obviously I don’t know how many men were in Seattle. And I said, I think for the most part, this is. The last episode before hometowns, but I’m not sure because I don’t know how many are there.

And we know that Marcus had a one on one date Sunday. We know the group date was on Monday, but we don’t know who it was with. It was, you know, call into the radio show. And then we know that on Tuesday was Jeremy’s one on one. And then I was thinking on episodes before hometowns, don’t they save the group date for last because everybody that goes on a one on one.

If they’re doing get a rose on your date, you’re automatically secure for a hometown. And if you don’t get a rose, you’re going home. And then they always save that group date for last because usually the lead has already given out at least two roses on one on ones. And then what they do is on that group date, they’ll give one like earlier in the day and then they’ll usually be two people left and it comes down to, it’s not, you know.

A standard two on one date. It usually comes down to who gets the last rose. Well, if the group date was on Wednesday, they wouldn’t do it that way. So that means that, okay, well, there must have been a rose ceremony in Seattle. So, I was trying to think back to other seasons. When did they do it to where they had a rose ceremony before hometown dates?

Last season, I know they did. Didn’t they? Yeah, because Jen and Kelsey T got eliminated at the rose ceremony. And I can’t remember the city they were in, which gave Daisy, Kelsey, Rachel, and Maria, the final four. So they did have a rose ceremony and I guess that’s the way they did it for this episode. But it did cross my mind because.

I think a majority of the time they don’t do the rose ceremonies before hometowns. They do the. Hey, you get a date on your one on, you get a rose on your one on one date, you’re secure, you’re in the final four, and then the group date is always last, and that determines who gets the roses, but with Joey’s season last season, they did do a rose ceremony before hometown dates, so I guess that’s what they did for Jens.

But we don’t know for sure, you know, that’s just the way it goes. More than likely this was the last episode before hometowns. It’s just kind of a weird, it’s just the whole thing was a weird travel schedule this year. First time we’ve ever seen something like this where they immediately went overseas after the first night in California, and then they come back and they do one episode in a U S city.

And then I assume your overnight and final rose ceremony is going to be in another country. Just a weird, just a weird format this year, you know, but yeah, very little has gotten out the only two dates. We’ve gotten any sort of pictures or video of our Jeremy’s one on one on Tuesday in Seattle and Marcus’s one on one Sunday in Seattle, nothing else has gotten out, you know, kind of know who’s left, but definitely nothing confirmed.

And, you know, I’m, I’m kind of going off of what somebody told me who can’t show me any evidence. You know, so I just have it in my notes of, okay, well, I’ll keep that in mind, but I, and nothing I can run with yet because I have no confirmation and I don’t like to run with things that I don’t feel like I’ve got confirmation enough for, but yeah, really the only one, the only ones we know for sure.

Or the two that obviously had public dates, Jeremy and Marcus. We know that they were in the episode, but anybody else? Yeah, look, I know most people are gone because you know, we, we don’t, we don’t even know the number that they started with. They gave us 28 on the bachelor Facebook page, but we know Jonathan has got cut before filming, but did they cut one more?

Did they cut two more and start with 25? We don’t know for sure, but there’s a lot of people that obviously are gone and have been gone for a while. Noah’s brother. Did not last very long, but the exact episode he went home. I don’t know. Pretty sure Kevin McDevitt went home on the first episode.

There’s just other, just other people that I just don’t know where they fit into everything. You know, I gotta go, I gotta go look back. I know that, um, Both Thomas’s are gone Thomas Thomas win. I don’t think lasted very long. Thomas Asano, the T O M a S he’s been home for a couple of weeks now.

He was a non factor in this season. We know that who’s the other one that was gone pretty early. Matt Arnold was gone pretty early. You know, but just getting the exact, you know, that’s what I got to figure out is when exactly these people went home. I don’t know for sure yet. And. When you don’t even know who’s left in Seattle, where there was probably between six and eight guys, you know, you just, you don’t know.

So still got a lot to figure out. Shit. This season is going to be done filming in about three weeks, but it doesn’t air till July. So plenty of time to come up with stuff and find stuff out. But that’s where we’re at right now. This podcast is brought to you by way ladies. I’m going to drill in your heads.

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