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Daily Roundup 4/29 – Bachelorette Jenn’s Hometowns, Bachelor Nation Wedding, Stagecoach This Weekend, The Valley, & Survivor Season 50

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. See podcast. I’m your host reality. See, thank you all for tuning in on this Monday show. A few things to go over for you. We’re at hometown dates for Jen. We’ll update you on that. There was a bachelor nation wedding this weekend, things happening at stage coach.

I will update you on a show that’s been on about two months, but I finally got around to start watching it. I’m not all caught up, but. As always, I’ve got questions. And then we’ve got an update from Jeff Probst on a future season of Survivor. We’ll get to all that momentarily. So here we are halfway through hometown dates for Jen’s season of The Bachelorette.

If you saw my social media on Friday, her first hometown date was with Marcus Shilberg in Tacoma, Washington. Now, when I was sent these pictures, the first thing I thought was, Oh shit. We’re not at hometowns yet. They’re still in Seattle. But then I was like, wait a second. There’s no way. Cause we know that Marcus had a one on one in Seattle.

He had the yellow brick road date last Sunday. I was like, there’s no way, even if they were still in Seattle and let’s just say like they, it hometowns hadn’t started and they did back to back episodes in Seattle, nobody would get back to back one on one dates in the same location. Just wouldn’t happen.

So. I did a little digging and as you saw me put on my social media post, Marcus lived in Seattle after he was in the army. That’s where all his closest friends are. And I found out that Marcus is not very close with his parents and it all made sense. I’m like, Oh, okay. That’s why they’re filming his hometown in the Seattle Tacoma area.

I believe Marcus’s parents live in Minnesota. So, I mean, I guess there’s a remote possibility. They flew the parents out to Seattle. I don’t know who was on the hometown date, but when I found out that’s where he lived after coming back from the army and that’s where his close friends were I also found out something in regards to Marcus and the army.

And I guess this is going to be part of his storyline this season. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t bring this up is apparently he almost died in the army somehow. There was some situation where he almost lost his life. So I’m guessing that’s going to play a role in his storyline. I also think the kind of non relationship that he has with his parents is going to be a storyline.

I mean, look. The chances are they did not fly the parents out to Seattle and he did not have his parents at his hometown. So just the fact that we’re going to have a hometown date where we don’t meet the guy’s parents doesn’t happen very often on this show. It has happened before, but it doesn’t happen very often.

And so Jen’s just going to meet his friends and his army buddies. So keep that in mind now yesterday was hometown date number two. I don’t know who it was with There are no pictures or videos that have gotten out at least not yet And I don’t know who’s got hometown date number three on Tuesday and hometown date number four on Thursday Hopefully something gets out, but I’ve been saying it for a month now.

I mean filming started March 28th today is April 29th, we’re a month into filming schedule pretty much like it always is in that it takes one month in real time to go from however many you start with 25, 26, 27, 28. To go from the initial starting cast down to four, and then it takes three weeks to go from four down to one.

So when I posted Marcus’s hometown date on Monday, of course, as I do every season, when I personally post the first hometown date, the responses are. Oh my gosh, did that go by way quicker than I thought? And I was just like, no, it’s the same every season started a month ago. But if you’re not looking for this stuff every single day and you’re not covering it.

You wouldn’t think it started a month ago. You wouldn’t remember. And if you don’t follow it every season, you wouldn’t know to think, Oh wait. Yeah. It only takes a month to go from 25 or 30 down to four. That’s literally like clockwork every season, 25, 30, however many they start with down to four takes one month in real time, and then it takes about three weeks to go from four down to one.

So they’re on schedule. They just started later in March than they usually do. They usually start around March, anywhere between. The 19th to the 21st this year, they started a week later, meaning they’re going to end a week later. So Mark is having the first hometown date again. You know, there is, you know, 20, you know, at most 27 started the season.

And we know that there’s four left and one of them is Marcus, but I just don’t have enough information right now in regards to who’s home. Let’s say they started with 27. We know that there’s only four left. So 23 of them are gone. I probably know of about maybe, I’d have to count in my head here, maybe 18 that I know out of the 24, it could be.

Okay. Maybe about 18 that I know are home, but that leaves about six to eight and only three of them are still remaining. So that’s why it’s just all guessing and speculating at this point. Obviously, I’m not going to do that. I don’t have any, I don’t have any hard evidence one way or another on about seven or eight guys of where they are.

So, Hopefully something comes out on Tuesday’s date or maybe something comes out today about what happened in yesterday’s hometown date I never know so well I will obviously keep you updated on that but as soon as I know the final four you will as well But yeah, just keep that in mind. They’re on the same schedule.

It’s taken a month Nothing’s different other than they started a week later this year. So Anything that I get I will relay to you of what’s going on bachelor nation wedding this weekend and Nick and Natalie got married. They released a bunch of pigeons after their vows. Okay. Stagecoach. How about that?

Stagecoach was very prominent in bachelor nation this weekend. A lot of people posting from there, Joey, Kelsey, Maria, Rachel, Jessica. Daisy. I mean, literally his top. What six, seven, eight were there. And again, it brings up this it brings up this notion that, Oh my gosh. Like when, when you’re in the moment and you’re watching Joey season, you see how intense his relationship was with Maria and Rachel and Oma and Daisy.

Now, I don’t think I saw anything where Joey was hanging out with Daisy this weekend, but Maria was certainly hanging around Kelsey and I think that Rachel was with them as well. So it just goes to show, like, I know everyone wants to, when they’re watching the show, wants to think like, Oh my gosh, how are they ever going to get over this or whatever?

And here we are months later and they’re all hanging out and it’s not a big deal. You know, but when you’re watching it and you’re watching Maria get dumped by Joey. At the airplane hanger in favor of Rachel and you’re just like, she doesn’t think she doesn’t understand why she got released and then everybody’s freaking out online and oh my gosh, and they’re calling Joey names and they’re dropping racist bombs at Rachel for no reason whatsoever, and then here they are months later, just hanging out hell, I think Rachel and Maria even did a tick tock reenacting the rose ceremony where Joey chose Rachel over Maria like they don’t care.

Why should everybody else care when they don’t care? You know, it’s why you just don’t take the show. You should not get overly invested in the contestants. I will never, ever let any relationship on this show affect my life in any way, shape, or form. My job is to give the spoilers, and give you any inside information on what you’re watching on TV.

But I’m not gonna be like, Yes, Queen! Deuces! I don’t I’m not going to overly praise somebody. I’m not going to put them and tag them in any posts that I ever do while I let the other Instagram accounts do that. We all know why they do it because they want them to respond to them and they want to be able to talk to them.

Like we’re not dumb or I’m not dumb. Why do you think Instagram accounts tag contestants in the show? Because they want them to respond. Why do you think Instagram accounts kiss the ass of contestants? Cause they want them to respond to them name. One time in my Instagram history, where I have tagged a contestant and praised them, you’ll be searching till the end of time because they don’t do it.

There’s no reason. There’s no reason to my job. Isn’t to become besties with these people. If friendships result from me covering the show, which I do have a few, but I’m not actively searching for them, which is very different. And when I see what’s going on this weekend at stage coach. You’re just like, oh, okay, I get it, you know, I, it’s, I’m glad that Maria and Rachel can be friends and make, and, and laugh at it.

But I don’t need to repost it. I don’t need to tag them and repost it. Like what? Very, very bizarre to me, but everybody seemed to be having a good time at stagecoach to say the least. This podcast is brought to you by Mint Mobile. One of my favorite spring cleaning takeaways in the post clean clarity is.

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