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Daily Roundup 5/7 – Ben Higgins Spreads “Rumor” About Gerry & Theresa’s Divorce, Kaitlyn on Ben’s Podcast, & The Roast of Tom Brady

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Tuesday episode, boy, we’re really going to dive into things that have happened on the almost famous podcast over the last few days. Ben Higgins, man, has he stepped in it or what?

And then really the only other thing we’re going to talk about this podcast is the Tom Brady roast that happened on Netflix on the Sunday night. I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this and we’ll get to all that momentarily. So here we go. First off with podcast that happened yesterday, the almost famous podcast, Ben Higgins and Ashley.

I, this was so head scratching. I don’t really know what to do with it. But in case you missed it yesterday, Ben Higgins, just out of the fricking blue, decided to say this. This is a rumor. I want to be clear that as I preface this, this is a rumor of a generalization of a conversation that Gary Turner and Teresa Nist had, and I think you’re going to find it interesting.

And he went on to say there is a rumor that on Teresa’s visit to Indiana, Gary picked Teresa up at the airport, claiming that the prior to the trip, the pair were already not seeing eye to eye on life with each other. And Teresa says to him, wow, look at all the beautiful untouched land. Think about what could be done if they developed it condos, office buildings, apartments.

Think about the towns that could congregate in these open fields. And think about the people that would be interested in moving here. And look at that lake. There’s a lake with only cornfields around it. Think about it. If they build up a resort where people could vacation to Ben alleged and Gary’s comment back to her again.

A rumor was you don’t take that land from a farmer. He also said this was a big start to them disagreeing on how they saw the world and what they imagined for the world and how they wanted to invest into the world. Ashley, I then called him out and said, I think you made that rumor up. And Ben said, I have sources and I trust my sources.

And I believe this to be true. I’ve been covering bachelor nation for over 20 years now. And there was a time that obviously I ran with rumors. And presented them as true, even if I couldn’t prove them, if they were proven to me, I’m just never going to out my sources. So I understand Ben saying, well, I’m not going to give up my source on this, but I’ve never heard anybody preface something by telling everybody, Hey, everyone, this is a rumor.

And this is just a generalization of a conversation that two people had that I’m going to now basically word for word. Give back to you. How can you say this is a rumor and you, and it’s a generalization of a conversation and then almost give a detailed description of what happened in that conversation.

Now, I’m not saying that this conversation didn’t happen and this conversation Like it’s, it’s not even farfetched to think that conversation happened. Teresa’s like, wow, look at all this land out here. I think you could build stuff here. And then Gary says, no, you don’t take that land from a farmer. I could totally see that conversation happening.

I’m just wondering why Ben Higgins preface this by saying, and made sure to tell everybody, Hey, Oh. I, this is just a rumor, but then he’s saying his sources, he believes his sources and that are a hundred percent real and he believes it to be true. I’m so confused on what he’s trying to get here. You know, when I give you a spoiler, like, Hey, this is it.

You know, I don’t give rumors anymore. If I get rumors, I would be telling you stuff daily. There’s a reason it’s a rumor. It’s because I can’t prove that it’s true. So either Ben doesn’t know the definition of a rumor or he’s clearly Relaying this information that he believes to be true, but for whatever reason, he’s prefacing it by saying, Hey, don’t jump down my throat.

This is just a rumor. It’s like, well, Ben, how much of a rumor is it when you’re literally telling us details of the conversation? Sounds pretty intricate to me. Sounds fairly detailed. Like, you know, exactly what was said because somebody told you about it. Probably someone in those two parties that were driving in the car.

And Ben has much closer ties to Gary than he does Teresa. Ben is from Indiana. Teresa visited Indiana. I’m just saying, I’m not sitting here and saying, I know what Ben’s source is, but come on, I don’t think it’s hard to figure out this came from Gary’s side. And if this is what broke them up, if this is something that really got under Gary’s skin and realized, Oh, well, I can’t be with her.

Then that’s for everyone to judge, but just the way this was presented again, Nick does this way more than Ben does, but you’re literally throwing out there something that you’re saying. You don’t even know if it’s true or not, just a rumor, but then you’re giving information that’s making either one or possibly both parties look bad.

Again, if I did this exact same thing, I would get crucified. And I know this because I used to do it. And I used to get crucified. So the hypocrisy once again, is laughable that I understand. And look, maybe Ben and, and this is all a, Hey, I want to make the headlines on us weekly, which this story was yesterday.

Maybe this is all about getting attention to their podcasts. Maybe it is about clickbait. I don’t know. I have no idea what the motivation for this is, but the way this was presented makes no sense to me whatsoever. Either you don’t say anything at all, or you say, I’ve got sources on Gary’s side that are telling me this.

You don’t throw it out as a rumor and then give a detailed description of what two people said to each other, driving in a car, which is what, how would you possibly know that much of D like he’s literally quoting Ben is saying, Teresa said, wow, look at all this beautiful untouched land. So, huh? Were you in the back seat?

Were you driving the car? Were they, were you the Uber driver? Well, what happened here? So bizarre, but that was the latest yesterday from the almost famous podcast. What happened at the end of last week was also quite interesting in that Caitlin Bristow went on Ben and Ashley’s podcast and basically told Ben.

She had beef with him for a couple of months because he went on Chris Harrison’s podcast with Jason and he gave his thoughts on their relationship. Now, I’m not going to wade too much into this because I didn’t listen to it, but I do know from some of the things that I read on the transcript on Apple podcast, what I don’t understand from Caitlin’s side is she has to know Ben Higgins and Chris Harrison have been close for years.

Like they’re golfing buddies. They golf all the time together. How many, and every time they golf together, they make sure to let everybody know on their Instagrams that they’re golfing together. So I almost feel like Caitlin is a little Ariana in this situation. Hey, I broke up with him. I don’t want you hanging out with him, Jason, which in turn led to Chris.

Cause it was a guy’s weekend. They all golfed as well. And I think that was a little bit much asking Ben. To just never hang out with Chris Harrison anymore. I understand that she feels a little betrayed by Chris Harrison because of how he conducted that interview. And she felt like he kind of got Jason was trying to dig for information, which he was in what I read.

He clearly was trying to get Jason to talk about the relationship more and Jason really didn’t take the bait from what I read. It’s not like he went into detail and crucified Caitlyn or did anything really negative. But was Chris asking questions about relationships in general? I don’t know. And did you lose yourself in certain relationship?

Like we all know what he was doing, but Caitlin calling out Ben for it and essentially saying like, I don’t know if she was like, why did you go on his podcast? Or why do you still talk to him? That seems a little Ariana to me because Ben was never going to give up his friendship and golfing buddy as buddy, buddy with Chris Harrison, because Caitlin and you know, because Chris Harrison and Jason are friends, you know, I, Didn’t quite understand that one either.

So I, maybe, maybe it is a podcast that I’ll spend a little more time listening to so I can understand Caitlin better more in this situation. Like, I don’t think it’s a horrible deal. It’s not like she trashed Ben. She just felt apparently a little betrayed by him for, I guess, either going on the podcast or giving his thoughts, I think maybe it had more to do with him giving his thoughts on her and Jason’s relationship when he didn’t know all the details of it, which is fine.

If that’s the case, I understand her being a little hurt, but. Basically saying she was mad at him for two months without saying anything. Like, how is he supposed to know if you don’t say anything? And he said, he found out through one of her Instagram posts where she was not happy. And sometimes I’m sorry, I’ve lost track of some of the times that Caitlin has thrown shade in her Instagram posts because she does it quite a bit.

And she leaves a lot of cryptic messages out there. So I, I’m not going to sit here and dissect which one was sent when and who she was referring to. It’s almost like a Taylor Swift song with her. Sometimes it’s just like, okay, we know she’s talking about somebody from her past, but we just don’t know who, because she’s got so many times that she does it.

And Taylor has so many songs where she does it. But I guess the good thing about Caitlin is she will address it. Taylor Swift is never, ever, ever going to say, yes, I wrote this song about this guy. I wrote this song about this guy. She just loves to keep people guessing, even though her clues are. Pretty obvious, but still, she’s just never going to say, yes, that’s who I wrote it about.

Just not going to happen. Caitlin is addressing some of the shade that she threw in Instagram stories and said, yeah, I was mad at Ben for a couple of months there because I didn’t appreciate what was said. It just so happened that she went on his podcast to tell him this when, could it have been taken care of in a conversation over the phone between the two of them?

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