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Daily Roundup 5/6 – One of Jenn’s Hometown Dates, Bachelorette Premiere Date Announced, Rachel & Bryan Divorce Headlines, The Valley Is So Messy, & An Idol Shocker For Me

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I’m your host reality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in. Good Monday show for you. I’m going to update you on a hometown date that I found about out about this past weekend. It didn’t happen this past weekend, but it happened last week, but just the way it came about was rather comical.

At least to me, it was, I think you guys might find it funny too. We have a start date for Jen season of the bachelorette. We knew it was happening in July, but we didn’t know what date we do now. Divorce news in bachelor nation, Brian and Rachel’s divorce is making headlines on the entertainment sites.

I am all caught up on the Valley. My gosh, these people are messy as hell. And I have not watched last night’s episode of idle yet, but I’ve got some thoughts on your final seven. We’ll get to that momentarily. So if you saw my social media this past weekend, I posted that one of the hometowns. We already know Marcus had a hometown because I had.

Pictures and videos of that one that was in Tacoma, Washington last Friday. I found out this weekend that Devon Strader had one of the other hometowns. So obviously that’s two of the four that are covered, but the Devon one was interesting because the person who emailed me initially came to me with, Hey, I hometowns this season.

How much are you willing to pay for it? I said, unfortunately, I don’t pay for information. So I don’t know what to tell you. And I said, do you have who the final four are? Or do you just have information on one hometown date? And they said, I have information of just one of the guys who got a hometown. And I said, okay.

I said, I’d appreciate it if you tell me, but I’m not going to pay you for it. This is not. And then I asked, do you have pictures of this? How do you know that this person had a hometown date? And they said, no, no pictures of the date, but, and then they gave me a reason, which led me to believe they absolutely knew this person got a hometown.

Yeah. And I said, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not going to pay you. And I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I’m telling you right now, and I’m not saying this because I’m not paying you. I’m telling you, nobody’s going to pay you for this information. Because one, you don’t have any pictures of it, and two, all it is, is, hey, this is confirmation of one guy getting a hometown date.

If there is, at first, certainly, no one like TMZ, you know, Us Weekly doesn’t spoil during the season, People doesn’t spoil during the season, E! Online doesn’t spoil during the season, so the only person that would maybe pay for something like this would be maybe if she went to an Instagram account that wanted to put it out there.

I guess they could want to do it to try and Get something out there that I didn’t have. It’s possible. I don’t know if she was pitching it to anybody else, but I just told her, look, I’m not going to pay for this. This is not, I don’t pay for information. I never have. I tried back in 2011. And then after that, I’m just like, well, yeah, I’m not going to do that anymore.

So. They didn’t get back to me. They just kind of left me on red, even though it was an email, basically the equivalent of it. And so what I did was I was like, well, let me just try something because the email they emailed me from looked legitimate. Like it wasn’t made up. It wasn’t like bachelor one, two, three at gmail.

com, which I’ve gotten. A lot of in the past, like somebody that wants to stay anonymous, that emails me, you can just tell this one was a legit first and last name. And I was like, okay, well, let me just try this name on Instagram. Lo and behold, I type in the name on Instagram, it pops up first one that pops up on there.

I’m like, this maybe could be them. I click on their Instagram, they’re public. I look at their followers. They’re only following one guy from the show and that is Devin. And Devin lives in Houston and this person lives in Houston. So it wasn’t really hard to figure out, but this person still never confirmed it to me, even though, so when I gave you the information this weekend, it was based off that, that the person who emailed me and said, I know this person got a hometown date, even though they never told me who it was or where it was.

They did tell me one bit of information of how they knew. And I’m like, okay, I don’t need to share that. But when I went to their Instagram page, they follow one guy and they live in the same town as him. So it’s obvious. Devin got a hometown date. So I went back to them yesterday after I had posted it.

Sorry, Saturday. I went back to them on Saturday afternoon and said, look, I’m about to post this information. So once I post it, whatever you have becomes. Not worth, I mean, I know you thought it was worth something beforehand and I’m telling you it wasn’t, but what you have now, once I post that Devin had a hometown date, I don’t think anybody’s going to pay because you have no pictures.

And what information you have is an out there or is, is, is now out there, which is Devin got one of the four hometowns and they responded with, well, I don’t know what other information I don’t know, you know, basically saying they didn’t, they didn’t even confirm it to me. Cause I said, it’s Devin with the hometown in Houston, isn’t it?

And they said, I don’t know. What’s it worth it to you? And then I went into, okay, here’s the deal. Let me explain to you how this works. I’ve been in this business a lot longer than you have. You, it’s probably the first time you’ve ever known somebody on the show. Let me tell you how it works. No one is going to pay you to just tell them who had one of the four hometowns.

Hell, if she had all four hometowns, I wasn’t going to pay her. Don’t pay for information. I would have tried to see what I could get out of her. Most people, 98 percent of the people that email me aren’t looking for money. She’s just obviously new to this, doesn’t understand how it works. And you know, I don’t know, I have no idea what she was expecting.

Like, what do you even think? That’s going to fetch a couple hundred bucks. Did she want thousands of dollars to just tell me a name of a hometown date? Like these people, sometimes, you know, the very small percentage, the two to 3 percent who come to me asking for money, it’s kind of laughable because it’s never been anything major.

It’s always been something like, Oh, I’ve got information on this contestant. Really? What’s it surrounding? Oh, I just know they got eliminated. I’m like okay. I’m like, I’m going to pay you for that. And this person doesn’t even follow me, but it definitely wasn’t a troll account, definitely was a real human being with a public Instagram page that lives in the same hometown as, as Devin.

And Devin is the only bachelorette contestant from the season that she follows clear as day who she was talking about. So those are the two that we know, Marcus and Devin don’t know the other two. At least I haven’t gotten anything confirmed. Have I heard rumblings? Of course, but nothing that I can, I’ve been able to confirm on my end.

That’s about as close of a confirmation of somebody getting a hometown as I can without any proof, clearly obvious. Who she knew and what she knew. So we finally got a start date for Jen season. It’s going to start Monday, July 8th, and we knew it was starting in July because they promoted that at the, after the final rose, they said, join us in July for the premiere of Jen season.

We now know it’s Monday, July 8th. What’s interesting is, and I don’t know if anybody realizes this for the longest time, did you realize from 2008 to 2020, basically till Covid, this series always premiered in May. Never deviated from the the month of May. Sometimes it was earlier in the month, sometimes it was later in the month, but for the most part it was between a two week period in the month of May, and I’m talking 2008, that was Deanna’s season.

She was the fourth bachelorette. So from bachelorette number four until bachelorette number 15, Hannah Brown, the season premiered in May, and I’m gonna read you just the dates really quick of the premier dates of the bachelorette from season four Deanna to season 15, Hannah Brown. I’ll just say the date and the lead.

May 19th, Deanna Pappas. May 18th, Jillian Harris. May 24th, Allie Fedotowsky. May 23rd, Ashley Hebert. May 14th, Emily Maynard. May 27th, Desiree Hartsock. May 19th, Andy Dorfman. May 18th, Kaitlyn Bristow. May 23rd, JoJo Fletcher. May 22nd, Rachel Lindsay. May 28th, Becca Kufrin. May 13th, Anna Brown. Then, In 2020, obviously COVID hit and Claire’s was pushed back to the premier date was October 13th.

And then Katie, they pushed back out of may by a week. They pushed her to June 7th. She started on June 7th and then Michelle young, you know, they did back to back bachelorette seasons in 2021. So Michelle. Debuted in and premiered in October of 2021. And then the following year was the double bachelorette with Gabby and Rachel still was on the same filming schedule.

They filmed from March to May, but they didn’t start airing it until July. And they didn’t start airing it until July 11th. And then charity. Was end of June. She started June 26th and then Jen Tran, we know is going to start July 8th. So one of the major reasons in the last three, four years that they have done a later premiere is because ABC now has a contract to broadcast the NBA finals and usually one of the NBA finals game in the first four games of the series is on ABC and it’s on a Monday night.

So. They don’t want to start it in May and have to take a week off. And they never had to deal with that from seasons four through seasons 15. So that’s one of the major reasons. And ABC also has the NHL finals. So there’s either going to be an NHL final game or an NBA final game on ABC in the month of June.

And they rather just wait until after charity last season, starting on June 26th, both of those series and those seasons were over by June 26 for Jen. Could they have started it late June? I guess they could have, I don’t know what the reasoning is. To push hers back two weeks later than charity season.

Not really sure, but it is starting in July where they can go straight through And it looks like she’ll probably have 10 episodes and then the golden bachelorette will air after that this podcast brought to you by way Say it ladies You’re too busy To be frizzy. Grab Waze new anti frizz cream, please.

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