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Daily Roundup 5/3 – Bachelor Nation Alumni Calls Out Maria’s Conspiracy Theory, Bachelorette Jenn Small Update, Survivor, Cobra Kai Season 6, & A Health Update

You are listening to the daily roundup here is part of the reality. See podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Friday. We’ve got a lot to talk about heading into the weekend. Talk a little bit about Maria’s podcast with call her daddy and alumni from bachelor nation has spoken out against something that Maria said.

A little bit to tell you on Jen’s season that I hinted at yesterday. We’ve got Survivor to talk about. I did not talk about it in yesterday’s podcast because of the Maria stuff basically dominated. What happened yesterday? Cobra Kai has released a start date for season six, the final season of Cobra Kai.

And it’s going to be big. I told you about Jenny Garth starting a podcast called I Choose Me. I listened to it. It’s like 22 minutes long. The first episode, I’ll give my mini review tomorrow is another day where just kill me if somebody says this and I don’t know what to tell you, but I did it again yesterday and I did it three times.

I’ll explain that. And I got a health update for you after visiting the doctor yesterday. Get to all that momentarily. All right, let’s start with the call her daddy podcast. It’s the biggest news of the week in bachelor nation. And that is what Maria said on it. She said a lot of things. I went over my thoughts yesterday on the topics that I thought were relevant.

One of the things that she did say was before filming, she saw a picture of Sydney with Nick. Nick had visited, I’m assuming Ashley and Jared in Rhode Island. He had taken a picture with Sydney. And then when Maria got back from filming, she saw that picture pre show and she threw out a conspiracy theory because Nick was telling her, I think you’re going to be the villain.

Then he sees her in a picture with Sydney, the one girl she had the most beef with, and Maria threw out a conspiracy theory. theory that Nick and Sidney kind of planned this and Nick told Sidney to go after her. Well, Ashley, I spoke out. Because Ashley, I is good friends with Sidney. And she said, I didn’t even know who Maria was before this show.

Nick met Sidney once he came out here. We introduced, we actually took Nick to her vintage store. They met, they took a photo and that was it. He’s never talked to her. He’s never seen her after that. So, I don’t know, I guess that means we can throw that conspiracy theory out the window. Usually you can with most conspiracy theories.

They’re really not based in truth. It’s just somebody’s opinion about something that they don’t have a lot of facts to back up. Yes, there was a picture of Nick and Sidney, but to jump to the conclusion, that they planned a whole conspiracy. Set up against Maria going into the season. I, I don’t know where Maria would even come up with that because it’s not like they knew at that point when they took that picture, there was a girl named Maria Georges that was going to be on the show.

Like, it doesn’t even make any sense when you think about it, unless I’m mixing up the dates on when she saw this picture, but it had to be before filming because you saw it after filming. What would, how would that have played into anything? Because the season would have already filmed and everything would have already happened.

It would have had to have been before the show, I guess. Nick could have told Sydney, Hey, there’s a girl named Maria going on the show. I guess that’s where Maria is coming from, but Ashley shot it down. Don’t know if Maria is going to respond to it or not, but it just seemed like a silly conspiracy theory to throw out there.

It’s not a huge deal. It’s just, she was probably having fun and she did get caught up in a lot of the whole call her daddy. Mode and the vibe of that podcast, you could tell that she was kind of having fun with things. And I think every time she did throw out some tea, she was very excited to throw it out there.

So this conspiracy theory was just kind of the cherry on top of the whipped cream, I guess, for all the other stuff that she said. Which had a little more validity to it. She even admitted this is, was her little conspiracy theory, but actually I came out yesterday and said, not true. Nick doesn’t even know who Sydney is outside of they took that picture.

So I guess we have to. Throw that conspiracy theory out yesterday when I was going over the Maria podcast I did mention something and this is something I had remember I had told you a couple weeks ago I’ve heard some rumblings about the show, but again, nothing I could get totally confirmed Well, I can’t speak on it now and it speaks to this kind of Maria Podcast and it’s something that we’ve talked about ever since Jen was announced as the bachelorette is we know Jen isn’t their first choice and it’s We know that Daisy and Maria, the show would have gladly had one of them two on if they would have done it.

We don’t know who was first, who was asked first, who was asked second. It doesn’t even matter who was asked first and who was asked second. We just know that Jen wasn’t their initial choice. So we know this because they put Daisy out on the stage on after the final rose and Maria just did a podcast with call her daddy saying it was my gig until I said, no, whether you choose to believe that as a different story.

What I heard this season shouldn’t be the least bit surprising to anybody that yes, some of the men on this season were talking about the fact that they expected Daisy and Maria to be the bachelorette. Now, Is this going to be a main storyline on the season, or was it just discussed behind closed doors?

That’s the thing that’s hard for me to know. I don’t edit the show. Maybe they won’t even include it. But it seems to me, considering they put Daisy out there on the After the Final Rose, and they let Maria say that, In a podcast, I got to imagine any guy that brings up, Oh, I thought this was going to be Daisy or Maria.

I’m guessing that is going to be aired on the show. Now. I don’t know who it was. I just heard it was definitely said, but being said, does it necessarily mean it’s going to be shown? So just laying it out there for you. That’s what I heard. It’s definitely a thing that was talked about, not just one guy.

Apparently it was multiple guys. And I don’t know if it was in a vein of why does, why does Jen have to be our bachelorette? I don’t know if it was anything like that. All I know was there were guys that were talking about expecting Maria or Daisy to be the bachelorette this season. So plenty of time before the season starts.

Maybe I’ll get some more info on it. But I did hear that rumbling a couple of weeks ago. As of. Yesterday in terms of the final four, the fourth hometown date should have been yesterday. Don’t know who it is. The only one I know obviously is Marcus. I have video and photo evidence of that, that I posted out there.

Last, what was it? Saturday, what is it? Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. Yeah. Last Friday, a week ago, meaning the rose ceremony for number four the final four rows ceremony should be tonight. And yeah, there’s just just not a lot of info this season as of now. But once again, it is May 3rd, plenty of time.

I’m not too worried. I want to talk about survivor because survivor was and is getting better and better every single week. This is, I don’t want to sit here and rank it and be like, Oh, it’s in the top 10 of seasons. It’s so hard for me because I can’t remember half the seasons anyway, even though I’ve seen every episode of every season, but this season.

Is definitely getting better because they keep pulling off blindsides and not only blindsides, blindsides with people who have idols and they’re going home, is that not why no one’s definitely two in a row, because I know Hunter had an idol and I know obviously Tiff had an idol the other night, but did, did Tevin have an idol when he went out to, and that was four weeks ago, like three of the four people on the jury were blindsided and had an idol in their pocket.

That is good gameplay. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s it’s actually great gameplay because if you can get somebody who has an idol to think they are that safe to not play it, you’ve done a great maneuver. You have played the game. Well, you have outplayed and outwitted somebody. So, and this was all basically orchestrated by Maria and looking at it last night and actually thinking about it.

Cause once I watched survivor, I don’t really think about it after the fact. I turn it on the next week. I don’t really think about who’s leading or who’s playing the greatest game. But after I thought about this one, I don’t know why I was thinking about it yesterday, but I was, I mean, it looks like, even though it’s not like she’s the most dynamic personality out there, but Maria is killing it.

Maria just jumped ahead of Kenzie because Kenzie had no idea about that blindside. She was one of the three people that voted for Q it was her Venus. And TIF that voted for Q Maria orchestrated the whole thing. Everybody hates Q. And what did Maria do? You know what? Let me go to him and use it as an ally because everybody hates him and nobody thinks he’s going to get any votes in the end.

So why would we eliminate him with eight people left? What’s the point? He’s an ally at this point. He’s an asset to me because I could carry this guy to the finals and he’s not getting one vote because nobody seems to like him, although he is entertaining TV. So Maria has pulled ahead. I think. In the gameplay right now of who I think could win this thing because she has on her resume, I orchestrated the blind side of TIF.

Kenzie, you had no idea. And she did. The other thing to talk about in survivor obviously was the Liz meltdown. Does anybody know by any chance, was anybody, did you ever know that? Liz watched Survivor on Wednesday nights and ate Applebee’s with her daughter. Did anybody know this? Because she informed us about that around 456 times on Wednesday’s episode.

It’s like, okay, we get it. And I’m sure her meltdown had a lot to do with the fact, hey, I haven’t eaten. I’m probably, you know, I’m not a major character here. Kind of on the bottom of things. But it’s one of the epic meltdowns this show has ever had, if not the most epic meltdown, because of the way she went about it, it wasn’t just, you know what?

Q I’m sick of you. You really blew up my game. It was screaming a screeching scream at the top of her lungs. Absolute meltdown. You know what else I found interesting was when they arrived at that reward challenge before it even started, Jeff probe says to them, day 11 guys. And I’m thinking, Oh my God. Oh no, sorry.

It was day 18. Sorry. Not day 11 day 18. Well, the new era of survivors, 26 days. So I’m thinking, Oh my gosh, Liz freaking out on survivor day 18. I haven’t eaten in 11 days. Survivor, day 18. You realize the original show, before the new era, the whole time you were there if you lasted to the end was 39 days.

These people wouldn’t even be halfway through the original filming at this point in the game that we saw on Wednesday night. And look at how decimated they are. That’s why. I will give credit to anybody who wins Survivor. I could never do it in a million years. Always give credit to them, but don’t tell me they belong in the upper echelon of the legends of this game.

They just don’t, they’re playing a different game. And to have literally two weeks less than some other people who played this game from seasons one through 40 with 39 days, I’m sorry. It’s just look at how much, I mean, Liz basically had a meltdown because she was hangry. It seems like, and she’s only been there 18 days.

Liz, do you realize if you were playing before season 40, you wouldn’t even be halfway through the game yet. So I just found that interesting because Jeff said day 18 and it finally rang with me like, Oh my gosh, these people aren’t even halfway through what an original season would have lasted them. It was crazy.

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