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Podcast #389 – Interview with Dr. Catherine Sanderson, Professor of Psychology at Amherst College (And Transcripts)

Another big day on the site as we have our normal 3 podcasts today, but two of them have their transcription below. Daily Roundup 5/2 is posted as I spend most of the time talking about Maria appearing on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. Then Dr. Catherine Sanderson joins me for Podcast #389 to discuss cyberbullying in the Bachelor franchise, how bad it gets, why people do it, are there any solutions, how she’s handled it in her career, and much, much more. Both transcripts are below. For Dr. Catherine’s, I’m still trying to figure out how to differentiate between my voice and hers. I know there’s a feature for it, but I haven’t figured it out yet. By next week, I should, so please be patient. A great conversation with Dr. Catherine about this topic, as it’s something that’s becoming more and more prevalent. Not just in the Bachelor franchise, but everywhere with the growth of social media. Thanks again to Dr. Catherine for coming on.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about Maria’s appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast & the main topics she discussed. Then Dr. Catherine joins me (9:26) to discuss cyberbullying amongst the Bachelor franchise, how she has dealt with it in her field, what’s any possible solutions, and much, much more.

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Your Daily Roundup covers Maria’s appearance on Call Her Daddy’s podcast, her friendship with Nick, saying she was the Bachelorette until she wasn’t, her takedown of Wells, Kat Izzo speaks on She’s All Bach, The Valley, & more.

You can listen to that podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in here:

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Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
(B’Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)


You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in a very, very good show for you on this Thursday. Going to talk a lot about Maria’s appearance on the call her daddy podcast. Her first podcast that she has done since the show ended airing about a month ago.

Plenty of stuff to go over there. We’ve also got She’s All Batch with an interview today with Kat Izzo, her first interview since the breakup with John Henry that was announced back in December, four days after the finale aired. So can preview that a little bit. We do have an opening date for there’s something about Mary or whatever the sandwich shop is called for Ariana and Katie, something about her.

And Ryan Gosling and Mikey day go legend a couple of days ago. And we’ll get to all that momentarily, but most of this podcast is going to be about Maria on the call her daddy podcast. If you listen to it, I’m sure you have some thoughts on it. I listened to bits and pieces. The main thing I did though, which I love, you know, I’m doing it with my podcast is I’m reading the transcripts.

Like I don’t need to sit there and listen to an hour and seven minutes or whatever it was. When I can go to the transcript page, that’s right there in Apple podcast, start reading it and then being like, okay, I can skip this part. I can skip this part. You’re looking, I’m seeing keywords. I’m seeing key phrases.

Oh, they’ve changed topics. Okay. So I read everything I needed to read, which was great. And I didn’t have to listen to it. And I just, I didn’t, I didn’t need to listen to it. I needed to hear what I needed to hear. And I could get that out of what I read because the transcript is word for word. The.

Punctuation isn’t all that great on the transcription, but I know what Maria said, not to mention there were plenty of sites, uh, that covered it. So, I guess the big thing is, I mean, there are a lot of big things that came in this podcast, but I, I think one of the bigger ones is this relationship that she had with Nick Viall.

Now, this isn’t news to a lot of people, um, for people who didn’t know this. I guess it would have been big news for, you know, for, for you. But I will say this back in September, when Joey’s women were announced, I heard within 24 hours, You might want to look into Maria’s past with Nick Vial. I’m like, really?

And, I mean, it goes back a ways. This has nothing to do with Natalie. This was well before Natalie. When these two first started talking. But, Maria didn’t go over exactly why her and Nick became friends. Like, it’s not like she was part of Bachelor Nation. We’re talking 2016, 2017 is when this friendship started.

She never went into why they became friends. Did she message him? I don’t know. Did he message her? We don’t know. But, when she was talking about the fact that Nick told her, I think you’re gonna be the villain, I could be way off here, but I was under the impression that conversation took place closer to filming.

Like, I’m guessing he, I’m guessing he wasn’t telling her that in 2016 and 2017 before this was even a blip on her radar. I’m guessing when she relayed that story to Alex on Call Her Daddy, She was saying, yeah, Nick was telling me this probably before she left, like this summer. That’s my guess. Again, I could be wrong.

She didn’t specify the timeline on when he said it. But it’s logical to think he was telling her this as she was applying and possibly being a part of Joey’s season. So, Maria says on the podcast that her and Nick have never hooked up. That’s up for debate. Everyone’s going to listen to that and make their own assumptions on whether or not they did or didn’t.

I have my assumption that I don’t believe that to be true. And it’s, it has nothing to do with coming down on Nick or anything like that. Um, I just don’t find this, because there was no explanation 2016. When she was what, 20 years old, 21 years old. Again, what is a, I think Nick would have been what, 36, 37 at the time.

What is he doing befriending a 20 or 21 year old who has nothing to do with bachelor nation at the time. This is well before this is, I think this was after this would have been after Vanessa, but clearly well before Natalie. Um, you know, like I said, back in September, I was told about it, but I never could confirm anything because certainly Maria had already gone off to filming.

And I wasn’t going to go to Nick with anything because I don’t respect the guy and he wasn’t going to answer me anyway. So I couldn’t go to him and be like, Hey, this is what I’m hearing. What’s your side. So I never talked about it, but you listened to anything that I said. And even stuff that I wrote this season, I hinted at it all season.

I don’t think that I wasn’t, I wasn’t really, I wasn’t being subtle about it. I ever, when I talked about Maria or wrote about Maria, I always would throw in, not always, but I probably, I don’t know, four or five times during the course of this season, threw in a jab about Nick. I even think a couple of weeks ago, I said something about the fact that, Oh, Nick had Daisy on his podcast.

Probably won’t get married. Probably won’t get Maria. You know, so now that Maria exposed all of this, not only did, and this wasn’t just like, Hey, she, she exchanged a few messages with Nick on Instagram. She detailed a very flirtatious friendship, but said they never hooked up. First off. I don’t expect her to, but I don’t expect her to admit that she did.

And I’ll be honest with you. I’ve not, I’ve never told this to anybody. I haven’t said this until now, but now that Maria is outing things about her friendship with Nick, I can say this. Back in February, I contacted Maria, and I asked her flat out, and she kind of gave the same answer. Which, some people look at that as, you ask somebody, did you hook up with them?

You would think if they didn’t, they would just say no. When I asked Maria, flat out, if she had ever hooked up with Nick in the past, she didn’t say no. Never happened. She just said I’d rather not talk about it. Okay. So that’s why my opinion is I think they did. And if they didn’t, that’s fine as well. I’m just saying my opinion is I think they did, and it has nothing to do with, oh, he cheated on Vanessa, or, Has nothing to do with any of that, but if you ask me, do I think they hooked up?

Yes, I do because of other things Maria said in the in the interview where she said the boyfriend that I had at the time Didn’t like Nick. Well, why wouldn’t he like Nick if there was nothing going on? Why wouldn’t he like him? So it just makes me think that it definitely was possible But if it wasn’t hey, it’d be great if Nick came out and addressed this and the fact that Nick Vial Has made a living out of recapping this show every Monday night, two seconds after the episode airs his recap with whoever his guest is that week is up and he went 11 weeks and never bothered to bring up the fact that not only had he befriended this woman, he was giving her advice, giving her information before the season started.

Another reason why I think he has something to hide and doesn’t want to bring it up. Well, now that she has, this is going to open up a whole can of worms and Nick being on his honeymoon right now, I’m sure he is fucking livid that he’s going to have to address this when he gets back because he didn’t address it for two and a half months when the show was airing.

And he literally had not just a, Oh, I, Oh yeah, that girl, he didn’t even say at any point during this season. Oh yeah, no, I’ve messaged that girl in the past before. Yeah. She’s cool. Never even said that at any point during this season. Don’t you think that’s kind of relevant? Shit, I had an indirect, I had an indirect connection to Daisy this season.

And I came out and was honest about where everything stood. My niece is Daisy’s sister’s roommate. They are best friends in college. And they have said absolutely nothing to me about any spoilers whatsoever. I didn’t have to do that. Yet here’s Nick telling a girl before the show starts, I think you’re going to be the villain.

And then he’s recapping the show and never mentions once that he’s friends with her. You didn’t have to say like, Oh yeah, I hooked up with her in the past. No, just admit, just mentioned that you’re friends with her now that she’s exposed everything. I mean, if this guy avoids it now, it just, it’s more, I mean, look, I don’t care what he says.

I believe that there was a hookup there at some point. And I’m talking about years ago. I’m not saying they hooked up recently. I’m saying back when he, she even admitted it was a flirtatious, Again, I think there’s a lot of meat left on this bone in terms of what is what is the actual facts of this story?

Because she never talked about the how and why Nick and her are friends. Did she slide into his DMS? What was the reasoning for it? Did he slide into her DMS? Why? She wasn’t part of Astronation. We know he did because we unliked a bunch of photos that he had liked once the season started airing. So he’s like But this is who he is.

This is Nick. I’m not the least bit surprised, but I wish she would have gone into a little bit more detail about it. But I think it’s very, very telling that Nick covered this show for two and a half months and didn’t bother to bring this up to anybody that there was any sort of friendship with one of the main women on this season.

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