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Daily Roundup 5/1 – Jenn’s Season of Little Info So Far, Vanderpump Delays Season 12 Filming, Idol Tribute, & Barbara Streisand Is A Boomer

You are listening to the daily roundup here. It’s part of the reality. Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in a good Wednesday show for you. We’re going to discuss a little bit about Jen’s season of the bachelorette currently in filming. We’re also going to discuss what’s coming up in tomorrow’s weekly podcast.

Update on Vanderpump rules last night’s episode, and also some news regarding season 11. Or are we in season 11? Sorry, I’m totally blanking, but the next season of Vanderpump rules, we’ve got American Idol news to talk about kind of a retrospective of something that I want to go over and we’ve got today being May 1st.

Uh, we know what this means. And just a random comment on someone’s Instagram is Barbara Streisand, a troll. We’ll get to all that momentarily. Alright, starting off in Bachelorette world. Unfortunately, no news to report in regards to who had yesterday’s hometown date. Thursday will be the last hometown date, and I guess the best thing I can tell you is just be patient.

You know, this, obviously this season, uh, the least has gotten out. Uh, probably the last, I don’t know, 20 seasons that I’ve covered this far into the season, the least, uh, has been known. I haven’t heard much about this season. Few things here and there, nothing I can confirm yet. Um, but in terms of who the final four are outside of obviously Marcus, uh, I do not know.

Who had the other dates, um, yesterday’s and what’s coming on Thursday. Might find out, might not, not sure just yet, but obviously when I do, I will let you know, and the good thing is this finale final day of filming, probably in a couple of weeks, mid May, And it doesn’t start till July, so there’s a lot that can happen in six weeks.

Hopefully I can get you as much information as possible before the season starts. You know, the winter obviously will be tough like it is every year. While I have been able to get it out early some years doesn’t mean it wasn’t, it doesn’t mean it was easy to get. It’s never easy, but every season is different.

And last year I had everything for you before the season started outside of the winter. And then season before that had the winners, you know, so it’s just something that every season is different and hopefully I will be able to get as much as I can, as soon as I can. And when I do, I will pass it along to everybody.

Today is the day that, uh, Maria’s podcast interview with call her daddy. Well, Alex Cooper comes out and I’m sure I’m not going to listen to the whole but I’m sure us weekly. Is going to have a recap of it and the highlights and the exact quotes of what Maria says. And obviously we’ll discuss it tomorrow on the podcast and it’s a big deal.

I mean, I don’t know if you know who Alex Cooper is signed a three year, I believe 60 million deal with Spotify a couple of years ago. She has the number two podcast on Spotify behind Joe Rogan. She’s very, very popular. Uh, and for someone from this franchise to go on that show as bachelor data reported, the only two people who have ever been on call her daddy from the bachelor franchise have been Nick Vial.

And Colton Underwood. So it’s the first woman to appear on her show and her show is very woman centric. It’s very, uh, it’s, I mean, if you break down, I don’t know what her listenership is in terms of percentage of women versus men, but I got to believe it’s probably. 85 to 90% women, if not more. Shit, mine’s 98% women

So, um, that’s straight from Apple podcast information. So yeah, you got 2% of you dudes that are listening to me. Thanks. I appreciate it. Maybe you’re listening to me because your girlfriend or your wife has it on in the car and uh, that’s how you’re accounting for 2%. But yeah, it’s um. It’s a big deal that she’s on this podcast.

And I’m really curious to see what she says. As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve heard all the rumors about the bachelorette gig, the rumors that other people threw out there and other people reported as, Oh, this is why she didn’t get it. Or this is what happened. And she did get the gig and then she was fired after three days or she wasn’t talk, she asked for too much money or she wasn’t talks.

And she asked for her friend to be a producer and to have her phone during the show and. You know, what is true? Is she going to address it? Is she not? I would hope she would at least address some of it. Maybe she’s not going to dress every single rumor out there, but I got to believe there’s no way she goes on a podcast as big as call her daddy.

And even the teaser that Alex posted yesterday, Alex asked her, were you ever approached about the bachelorette? I got to believe that Maria answers it. If she takes the, you know what, for Jen’s sake, I’d rather not discuss that. She’s a bachelorette. We should all applaud her. I think, I think Maria is doing herself an injustice because there are rumors going on about her.

And I would think as Maria, you’d want to address those rumors and put them to bed. Like, no, that did not happen. Or yes, it did. There’s, I mean, look, no matter what she says, we all know that she was asked and we all know that she was absolutely considered once Daisy decided not to do it, but. It’s just a matter of how far did it get and are these rumors true?

So I hope she does I would think she does for her brand She probably does and I don’t think if she does answer the question that is stepping on Jen’s toes Why because we already know that Jen wasn’t the show’s first choice We know that the that Jen wasn’t the show’s second choice they made that perfectly clear when they put Daisy out on stage at the after the final rose and And Once Maria addresses it, and I’m sure she will say something about the fact that they talked to her or whatever.

We all know that if they had their choice of Maria over Jen, they were going with Maria. Plain and simple. So for whatever reason, it didn’t work out, whether it was money, whether it was demands, whether it was, we did start filming with her and we fired her after three days, like somebody reported, I don’t, this is something that I hope that she tackles head on.

And gives us an answer to, because I think a lot of people honestly want to know. And she has, you know, what did, what did Joey season and airing, uh, five weeks ago, a month ago, Maria’s literally the only person from this franchise that hasn’t really done Nick Caitlin’s bachelor happy hour, almost famous.

So it’s been a month. So she’s obviously chosen to go this route for a particular reason. And I just hope it’s because she has a lot of good information to spill. And just kind of go from there, but tomorrow we will cover it in the daily roundup last night, banner pump rules. Before the show aired, we got a report from TMZ and a lot of online Vanderpump Rules accounts saying that Vanderpump Rules has postponed next season’s filming.

I forgot what season it was at the beginning of the podcast. This is season 11. So season 12, usually Vanderpump Rules films May. Into June and July. And that’s what we see when it starts airing the following year. Usually some in the beginning, it used to start in November and December, but the last few years minus COVID year, uh, it started a season 10 started in February and season 11 this year started January 30th, but they film it during the summer before.

So it’s sitting in the can for six months. Well, we come to find out yesterday that Vanderpump rules season 12 has not been canceled. They are just letting the cast. Kind of relax a little bit and take some time off and they’re not gonna film this summer probably means they’re gonna start filming in The fall September through whenever and maybe we’ll get a later start Maybe we’ll get an earlier start or the same start just means less lag time from it to being in the can But they are not gonna film this summer and all reports are saying this has nothing to do with it being canceled There will be a season 12 Now, could something happen in the next few months where they’re just like, you know what, we’ve decided to wrap up shop?

I guess it’s possible, but I don’t think they would do that knowing that season 11 and the reunion show would leave too many people with we want to see this cast some more. We want some answers and stuff like that. We want to see what happens to some of the relationships. So my guess is they will film a season 12, but as reported yesterday by all the outlets not happening during the summer.

So it looks like it’ll film in the fall. And as for yesterday’s episode, I mean, this season has really focused around the fallout from Scandaval and. While there have been parts that have been entertaining to me overall, it just does seem like such a drag and Ariana doesn’t want to be there. It seems like she’s getting too popular for this show.

Is she even going to be a full time cast member when they do shoot next season? Seems like she’s got so much more going on in her life. And shit, maybe part of the reason they’re not filming in the summer is because Ariana’s got to be the host for Love Island. Like how could she be the host for Love Island, which airs in, I believe, June and July.

And be on the show. So maybe that played a role. I don’t know, but I just think they do need some sort of a reset and not that they’re going to dump the cast or anything, but. It does make sense that this cast needs a little time off because they only took, I think, what, a month or two after they came back and filmed, um, the reunion after scan of all broke out, I think they only waited like a month or six weeks before they picked up filming again.

And it’s just like, okay, I don’t want next season to all be about scan of all anymore and the fallout from it. It just seems like we’re getting, that’s getting beaten like a dead horse this season, and. We don’t need that. We really don’t. So last night, trip to San Francisco. First time Ariana’s boyfriend has appeared in person.

We’ve seen him on FaceTime calls with her, but now he’s appeared in person and it’s like, okay, now we’ll see where this goes and what his interaction is with Sandoval and all this stuff. But. Seemingly, again, it’s all about Scandoval and is he sorry he did say something last night where he felt like he was called out by Sheena for bringing up and, uh, bringing up Ariana’s mental health state last year and he said, yeah, she didn’t deserve that.

But again, I’ve heard him say things like, Oh, I’m sorry, sorry to do that, Ariana. And we got to see his terrible singing last night as well. But again, he says things sometimes in the moment that make you think, okay, maybe this guy does get it, but then he totally acts a different way. And you’re just like, no, he doesn’t get it.

I don’t know what’s going to happen going forward, but. That’s the report from yesterday. They are not filming this summer. This podcast brought to you by mint mobile. Mint mobile has phone plans for 15 a month. When you purchase a three month plan, it’s time to switch to mint mobile and get unlimited talk, text, and data for 15 bucks a month.

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