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Podcast #390 – Interview with Davia Esther Bunch from the “Bachelor” & BIP 9 (And Transcript)

Another first time guest on the podcast today and I’d be shocked if you said you weren’t impressed by this woman. It’s with Davia Esther Bunch who you first saw on Zach’s season and then last summer on Bachelor in Paradise 9. What you may not know, and I’m guessing 98% of the fans of this show don’t, is her backstory from her elementary and high school years. Just really interesting stuff and one of the reasons I wanted to have her on. A lot to dive into there and it’s covered within the first 20 minutes of the interview. Very appreciative to Davis for opening up and talking about it as she didn’t hold back at all in informing the viewers everything she went through. A really great interview and actually the first podcast she’s been on since being on the show. Can’t wait for you all to listen. The transcripts for today’s Daily Roundup and this interview are posted below.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by previewing Davia’s interview and go over some notes on Jenn’s season and what was talked about on the Daily Roundup. Then Davia joins me (9:17) to discuss her childhood dream of dancing, leaving for Russia as a teen, how she got cast on Bachelor, what was the deal with her and Pilot Pete, bouncing back after BIP, being in her dream job now and much, much more.

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(SPOILERS) Your Daily Roundup covers a preview for the weekly podcast coming today, notes on Jenn’s season, a Reader Email that’s a question I’ve been asked a lot about, Survivor does it again, and Venetian upgrading their rooms.

You can listen to that podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in here:

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Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
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You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in a good Thursday show for you. We’re going to talk about what’s upcoming in a couple hours on the weekly podcast. I’ve got a couple of things to say in regards to Jen’s season of the bachelorette.

We’ve got a reader email that I want to read to you since this is a question I’ve been asked a few times, but I figured I’d just read it publicly and answer it. Survivor last night, yet again, I don’t know what’s happening, but it’s good and gameplay is happening. And then I also want to read you an email.

From the Venetian where my party is going to be at and a little less than a month from now, we’ll get to all that momentarily. Yesterday I, on the podcast, I had recorded it about seven o’clock the night before. So Tuesday night. Around seven o’clock central time is when I recorded yesterday’s podcast.

Well, after that is when Jesse Palmer took to his Instagram and posted a picture with his wife at a resort. And I knew, obviously they’re filming in the process right now of filming overnight dates and then subsequently final rose ceremony. So I knew wherever Jesse was is where final rose ceremony and an overnight dates was being held.

I did not. Make out what the picture was, but within, I don’t know, 30 minutes of him posting that I got about three emails saying, Steve, this is the resort that he’s at. You can look at the pictures of it online. All you gotta do is Google. And he’s at the Maui lawn Mauna Launee resort on the big island.

And so he gave away where the overnight dates are, which then led to everyone emailing, a lot of people emailing saying. Well, that must be why Joey and Kelsey, Dotton and Charity, and Zack and Katie are all in Hawaii as well. Nothing is confirmed, I have no idea if that’s why they are, but, logically speaking, yeah, they probably are involved in talking to Jen.

Either at the overnight date session, or they’re going to wait until it’s down to final two. I don’t know how they’re going to do it, but, and I don’t even know if they are on the same island. I haven’t, I know that they’re there, but I haven’t looked at where they are regardless. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that three most recent successful couples from this franchise are in the same location that Jen is filming her overnights and final rose ceremony.

Like we’ve never seen this in the history of the show. I Where three recent couples just decide, Hey, let’s take a trip to Hawaii together. Like, I mean, they know each other kind of, you know, Joey was on charity season and he’s friends with Dotton, but. To plan a trip to Hawaii for three couples that live all across the United States and to go with each other to Hawaii.

The same time the show is filming there. Yeah. It probably means those three are involved. Like those couplers are going to talk to Jen or talk to the guys. No different than when Susan and why am I blanking on her name? The one who lost to Teresa in the finals. My gosh, Leslie. My gosh, I can’t believe I didn’t remember that, but remember when Susan Leslie, and I forgot who the other one.

Sandra, right? Yeah. Sandra went and talked to the final three women for overnights, Rachel, Daisy, and Kelsey. I’m sure this is going to be something like that, where maybe either each couple gets one of the guys to talk to, or each couple sits down with Jen. We don’t know, but we’ll know soon enough. So I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

They just happened to be in Hawaii, three couples deciding, Hey, let’s take a trip to Hawaii together. Okay. All right. Now, the other thing is obviously people are dying to know like, well, who’s left? Like who’s in Hawaii with Jen? Who are her final three? I don’t know if I did, I’d tell you, but I can say this in regards to remember when I told you I had somebody that was in Seattle, which was seemingly the episode before hometowns.

Yeah, it was the episode before I’m down. So they were in Seattle and they saw a group of men at getting haircuts. Gosh, I’m just blanking. Sorry. I got a text. They were getting haircuts. And I said, who did you recognize? And they said, well, let me go to your page and look at the, and look at the men from this season.

This isn’t somebody that was a diehard fan, but he said, I recognized a group of men and they all got into black SUVs after they left getting haircuts and they identified, They said these four, I’m definitely sure that I saw one of them was Marcus, which we know made a final four because he had his hometown date in Tacoma, Washington.

Another one was Jeremy. I don’t know if Jeremy made final four. Rumors are that he did. I haven’t gotten anything confirmed that he did or he didn’t. There was a third guy that he recognized, but when he told me it was this guy, I said, no, it wasn’t that guy’s no longer on the show. And I said, what about this one?

He goes, oh yeah, that was him. And then a fourth guy who he says he recognized. That fourth guy is somebody that nobody has talked about since probably the beginning of the show. Could that guy be in the final three? Could he have made final four? I don’t know. But I can tell ya, it’s not anybody who’s really been mentioned anywhere.

You know, everyone’s got their speculation and their guessing and they say, Oh, these are the final four. Like, look, trust me, it’s been sent to me, the Instagram accounts that say this is your final four. Oh, wait, but it’s not confirmed. Oh, wait, but his social media account did this three weeks ago, but I don’t know if it’s confirmed.

So here’s three, but I don’t know for sure who’s left. It’s like, okay, so why I don’t deal in speculation and guessing. I’ll tell you when I know, but I can tell you right now, the fourth guy that this guy in Seattle identified is not somebody that’s been on anybody’s radar. From what I’ve seen, take that for what it is, but he might’ve been gone.

Like this is just somebody in Seattle. This doesn’t even mean he made final four. I’m just saying he’s a name that hasn’t been being brought up from everything that I’ve, that I’ve seen and everything that has been sent to me. Keep that in mind. Obviously I want to get your spoilers and when I get them, you’ll know.

So coming up in a couple hours is podcast number three 90, and it is with Davia Esther bunch. She was on Zach season of the bachelor, and she was also on bachelor in paradise last summer. You remember Davia. And it’s another example of why I always say, and why I always will keep up the interview podcast, the weekly podcast, because everybody’s got a story and I’m guaranteeing probably 98 to 99 percent of you don’t know Davia story.

You know what happened to her on the bachelor. She was basically non existent on Zach season, lasted four episodes, made a little bit of a name for herself in paradise, but she was still only there three days. She came down, date card, went on a date with Tanner, they made out a lot, everybody thought that Tanner was going to give her a rose after he had basically dumped Kat, or Kat dumped him according to her, whoever dumped who, doesn’t matter.

He had moved on from Kat and he had just had a date with Davia that seemingly went well, and then he ended up giving a rose to Rachel Rekia. With all that said, there is so much more to Davia’s story. And so much more that I can’t wait for you to hear that it’s one of my favorite interviews, probably top five in the last year or so, just because I just love getting into a backstory of somebody who I believe she said she told Tanner this on her bachelor paradise date, but I don’t remember if they showed it and if they did, they couldn’t go into as much detail as she did on this podcast.

Basically the first 20, 25 minutes of the podcast. Is not even bachelor related. It is her growing up being in college, going into pageants, her dance. Scholarship she got in Russia. She leaves as a teenager to go to Russia on a dance scholarship while they’re developed an eating disorder. A very, very interesting and powerful interview from Davia.

I’m so glad she did it. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. It’s, it’s really good. And it’s really interesting because I guarantee it’s something you don’t know about her. All you remember is Tanner telling her over and over again, wow, you have two different color eyes. You know, that’s the extent of what we know about Davia, you know, On TV, so much more in depth, so much more to her.

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