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Daily Roundup 5/10 – Davia Bunch Interview Thoughts, Clare Crawley Fires Back, Survivor’s Venus, The Valley, Big Brother

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Friday edition of the daily roundup. We’re going to talk about my recording schedule. That’s probably going to be going on for the next couple months.

Nothing’s changing in terms of when you’ll hear it. I just wanted to update you on what’s going on with me. And when I’ll be recording also a small note on filming going on out in Hawaii, we’ve got Claire Crawley responding to Natalie and her dig at her Venus from survivor Wednesday’s booty. The one who was booted off Wednesday’s show with an idol in her pocket third in a row.

She had some very interesting things to say in her exit interview on ew. com that it was worse out there for her than I thought. And then we’ve got some notes on the Valley and big brother this summer. And we’ll get to all that momentarily. So I first wanted to start off with, I hope a lot of you listened to podcast number three 90 yesterday with Davia.

I did get a few emails from you guys saying how impressed you were by her. And like, I knew. It’s almost like you couldn’t be, I mean, to, to be, to do what she’s been through, everything that she’s, that has happened with her, with her family back and losing her mother when you’re in high school, and then basically kind of rebelling.

And saying, I got to get out of here and leaving for the summer to go to Russia on a dance scholarship, then coming back and dealing, you know, with the eating disorder she had developed. I mean, just, just a lot that she’s been through and now landed her dream job. In the wellness business. I mean, all the props to her and you know, women like her and Greer and even Serene, you know, the three of them that, that have come collaborated with white rose swim and all their stuff is great, but even their, just their IgE content, and I told her that I even told Annie Jorgensen from Joe Millionaire the other day, because Annie is friends with Davia and I even told Annie the other day, like.

Complimenting her on her Instagram stories and the content that she puts out because it is her full time job now, and he left the job that she was in after she got off Joe millionaire basically to do influencing and, you know, there are people who influence them just like some of their content is good and some of it, you just look at some content, you’re like, it’s kind of average, but the content that Annie and Davia and Greer put out, like professionally done pick the, you know, the.

The aesthetics of it just kind of pop, like, you know, when you watch somebody’s Instagram page, how much time they put into it. And, you know, just wanted to compliment all those women for what they do and how much time and effort they put into it. So I mentioned at the beginning in regards to my podcast right now, for those of you who aren’t sports fans, just know that the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas stars, two teams that I follow quite religiously are both in the round two of their playoffs.

The problem is they play their games at night. And I’m recording this before either game has started last night, but what I’ve trying to been, what I’ve been doing the last few days, and it’s probably going to continue until one or both of these teams are eliminated from the playoffs is I’m recording the daily roundup a lot earlier than I used to, I used to wait till.

10 30 minimum before 10 30 to 11 o’clock minimum before I sat down on my computer and said, all right, let me do the daily roundup now and let me do the sports daily. So I usually finished around 12, anywhere between 12 in the morning. Then I scrolled Tik TOK for probably 30 minutes and go to bed.

Well, Now with the Mavericks and the stars having games that start at eight 30 at night, I don’t want to have to record two podcasts once that game is over. Cause then I’m not starting till probably 1115 or 1130. So I’ve just said, screw it. Let me do the daily roundup first. And I’m gonna do that around anywhere between.

Six o’clock and seven 30. And then I’ll do the sports daily after the Mavericks and stars game is over. Cause I want to be able to talk about that the next day. I don’t want to wait two days, especially now, like last night’s games haven’t started yet, but if I didn’t record the sports daily after their games ended, then you wouldn’t hear my thoughts on game two until Monday.

And there already would have been a game three plate. So. I definitely want to get those in. So I have to wait till those games are over, but daily roundup, you know, nothing really usually breaks after eight o’clock all that much. So I guess I could record it earlier on most nights, but most nights I’m also getting caught up on other TV shows that I watch.

It’s why I usually don’t get to the daily roundup until 10 or 10 30. But as long as the Mavericks and the stars are playing on the same night, probably going to recording a little bit earlier. So I might be missing anything that breaks after about. 8 p. m. Central time, like the other night when Jesse Palmer posted his picture from Hawaii.

Speaking of Hawaii, I actually got some information yesterday. Somebody, well, before you get excited, somebody emailed me yesterday that was in Hawaii and said they were aware of filming happening where they were. And I was like, Hey, so I asked questions. Hey, what did you see? Did you notice anybody? And they were like, yeah, it was a bunch of hot people.

And I’m like, what do you mean? And like. Oh, I just realized it was Temptation Island. So, Temptation Island is filming, I think, within about 45 minutes to an hour of where Jesse’s resort was, where he took a picture with his wife. So, unfortunately, did not get any information on that, but Temptation Island season.

I think this is season six. It has moved to a new network and I already forgot. I think it went to Netflix, right? They’re not going to be on USA. I believe they’re going to be on Netflix anyway, that got moved and they are filming now, like end of April through beginning of June. So. If somebody says they saw filming going on in Hawaii on the big island, it’s very possible that they might’ve seen temptation Island.

So you kind of have to ask for pictures and video. And I realized when this person contacted me yesterday, like, yeah, no, it was, unfortunately, unfortunately it was temptation Island and not Jen season. So. Yeah, we are still kind of up in the air in regards to who is left on Gen season, who the three guys are that are left.

One thing that I forgot to mention yesterday. Cause it made all the entertainment sites yesterday was the fact that Claire Crawley decided to throw a little shade back at Natalie Nick’s wife as well. She should have, because it was totally uncalled for what Natalie did. So basically what Claire did was she had a.

Screenshot a conversation that somebody sent her on Instagram. And this person sent her a message that said the convos around women, especially former bachelorettes being too much of anything are a lot too emotional, too difficult, too indecisive, et cetera. Nick making money of making it hard for women to not get people in their comments.

And Claire wrote back tail as old as time. If standing up for yourself, having boundaries and not letting people take advantage of you is considered being difficult, then I don’t know what to say. LOL. I can only pray these people raise a child that is capable of being difficult for others in order to stay true to themselves.

Ouch. And like I said, well deserved. She had every right to fire back because my issue with Natalie was she could have given her exact same opinion on the Maria not being bachelorette anymore and just left it at that. Throwing shade and throwing strays at Claire Crawley out of nowhere when you know that Natalie has never spoken to Claire in her life.

Just seemed very mean girl and just seemed very, I know things that Nick tells me, and I’ve become friends with people in the bachelor world and I’ve got gossip, that’s all it was. She could have easily just, and if she wants to have that opinion about Maria, that’s fine. Her and Nick seem to have the same opinion, like, hey, we don’t believe her that she started to do fittings for being the Bachelorette and then just decided, you know what, nah, I don’t want to do this.

And Jen really wants it, so I’ll give it to her. They don’t fully, 100 percent believe that was the reasoning behind it, and they said, they heard that she was difficult to deal with, so it might have been even more of a mutual thing, or producers stepped in and said, you know what, we don’t want you anymore.

It seems like that’s what they’re hinting at, that they know producers didn’t really appreciate Marie being Maria being difficult to deal with. So they moved on from her, but for Natalie to sit there and say, Yeah I heard dealing with Maria was the same as dealing with Claire Crawley, was totally out of left field, wasn’t necessary, and came across as very bullyish and very mean girlish and not supportive of women whatsoever, especially a woman you don’t even know and has never spoken to in your life.

Like, it seemed just so out of line. And so, yeah, Claire Crawley. Clapping back at them. She had every right to. And I thought that was, you know, I mean, it’s just kind of just goes in one ear and out the other. And that’s the thing, the thing that, you know, we always call Nick out for, and even Natalie in this situation, we even called Natalie out in the situation where she came after Katie Thurston is just be accountable for what you say, you know, she knows, I guarantee Natalie knows what Claire has posted back and how she was bothered by it and a lot of people saying the same exact sentiment as me.

Dave Neal had the same take she’s all batch had the same take like where are you coming from with this? What’s the point and she knows what’s being said about her but yet just like her husband What’s the hard part about just apologizing saying you know what that was out of line probably shouldn’t have said that I didn’t need To involve Claire when if I’m gonna involve her How about you actually back it up with?

Something you actually heard and actually said because you just threw it out there and said oh now you just gave the audience who? Maybe don’t even know anything The audience, now you just told them that Clara was difficult to deal with during filming. Okay, well then who told you this? What were the examples?

What did they say? What did actually, did she do? Like, follow it up with something. Don’t just throw a stray out there at her, which is exactly what she did. And she knows now Clara’s come back at her, and she knows a lot of people don’t agree with that take and thought it was very Mean Girl of her, but will she apologize?

Not in a fucking million years. That’s what I don’t understand about these people. It’s not so hard to bite your tongue, swallow your pride, and be like, You know what? Shouldn’t have said that. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve said that shit. I did it this week with the Ben and Caitlin thing, right?

Totally screwed up and didn’t listen to the podcast and made a totally wrong assumption about how that podcast went. It’s not that hard to just apologize and say, you know what? Screwed up. Shouldn’t have said that. I, you know, I, I stand behind what I said about Maria. She could have said that and she’d be like, yeah, that’s.

I feel like she was difficult to deal with. That’s fine. You know, Maria is probably going to disagree, but that’s fine. That’s your opinion. It just made no sense to bring Claire into the conversation whatsoever. So have no problem with Claire firing back at her. This podcast is brought to you by way in case you didn’t know, you know why?

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