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Daily Roundup 5/13 – Bachelorette Filming in Hawaii, Vanderpump Reunion Weeks Upcoming, Farmer Wants a Wife Finale, Jeopardy Masters, & Taylor Back Touring

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve Podcast. I’m your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Monday. Good show for you today. I’m going to tell you what I heard on Friday about what happened or what was going on in Hawaii. Where Jen’s season is filming.

I’ve got another thought on Vanderpump rules as so much has come out since last week’s finale. I will talk about the farmer wants a wife finale from this past Thursday. I’ve got some thoughts on that. Something I haven’t talked about in a while. Jeopardy masters is back. Probably haven’t talked about it since it was on last year.

And of course, Taylor Swift. Over in Europe with her Paris tour, her European tour kicked off over the weekend and she was in Paris. We’ll get to that. We’ll get to all that momentarily. So, as I mentioned in the open, I’m going to start off with something that I heard on Friday, and that is that Jen was seen at the Fairmont Orchid hotel with Jesse Palmer and that Fairmont Orchid hotel, I guess, is basically the neighboring hotel to the Mauna Lani hotel, where Jesse took his picture with his wife from.

So we all know that they’re in that area. What I did here, and again, tough to prove because. No pictures, no videos, but I was told that there was a helicopter date on Friday. Don’t know who it was with. I don’t even know if they’re in final two yet. They should be by now because this was on Friday. And as far as we know, if you look at the schedule, I would think they’re definitely in final two now, but that Friday helicopter date again.

It could have been the last daytime portion of an overnight date, or it was the first date of the final two guys. I’m not sure. Just want to let you know, I heard, I heard that, you know, you know, by this point that there’s just been very little that I’ve been able to get this season. Very little that I’ve gotten out.

I just don’t know a lot right now. Hopefully I will sooner rather than later and I’ll fill you in, but that’s what I’m waiting for. I’m just waiting for some information to come in and Maybe it will be after the season ends. I highly doubt I’m gonna find anything out going on in Hawaii because they’re very very secretive About when it gets down to the final two I mean certainly there’s not gonna be any pictures that gets out of the final rose ceremony anything like that, but I Heard the Fairmont orchid is Involved somehow maybe that’s where a date takes place.

Maybe that’s just where Jen is staying Fairmont orchid was a hotel brought up where she was seen on Friday with Jesse, and then there was a helicopter date on Friday with somebody. So with Vanderpump rules ending last Tuesday and starting tomorrow, the first of three parts of the reunion show, where it’s crazy because this show.

Has all of these people doing podcasts and all of these people going on, watch crack happen live and all of these people tweeting stuff, like it’s almost like we kind of know at least what the fallout is from the reunion. And it really does seem like Lala and Sheena do not talk to Ariana anymore. We don’t know who’s doing that is I’m assuming it’s Arianna’s after she watched what went happened what went down in the finale.

And. You know, this is something that, you know, was brought up and I, you know, I was thinking about it as you know, I’m a late comer to the whole Vanderpump rules thing, and I’ve only seen from the reunion show last year until now, but I’m, I’m aware of past relationships and who got with who and all that.

And I do think when I was thinking about this, I do think it is very hypocritical of Lala to throw out the, if you speak with Sandoval, right, excuse me Well, her stance is, you know, Ariana saying all season, look, if you’re going to be friends with Sandoval, I just don’t want to talk to you or I just, I don’t appreciate that if you talk to him, befriend him because he’s a piece of crap and Lala is saying, people are saying that Lala put the same.

Basically ultimatum down with Randall, like don’t befriend Randall. He’s an asshole. And now Lala is saying, well, it’s different because with Randall, none of you knew him before I brought him into the group, which on a semantic is. Correct. Yes. None of them knew Randall and everyone knows Sandoval. They’ve been friends with him for, for 10 years.

So in that aspect, yes, that semantic is correct, but I don’t think it changes the dynamic because she still told people, I don’t want you around or I don’t want you in my life. I don’t want to talk to you if you’re going to be friends with Randall after their breakup. So I know what she’s trying to get with and say, no, it’s different than Arianna telling us we can’t be friends with Sandoval when the basis of their argument is, I don’t want you befriending or hanging out with my ex.

That part is the same. And I don’t think the semantics changes at all too much. And I do think Lala is being hypocritical when she says. What she is about, hey, my situation is different than Ariana. We didn’t, none of them knew Randall. Yeah, but they, I’m assuming, became friends with him when you were good with him and things were going well between you guys.

And then when it all blew up, obviously, you’re like, stay away from him. And yeah, he seems like a grade A asshole and a big giant creep. I’m sure in the beginning when you were Getting with him, I believe when he was still married and all that stuff. While he wasn’t a friend of the group for however many years, still, you were somebody that obviously brought him in and they were probably part of that group that did befriend him.

So she really is trying to get away on semantics here. And I just, I don’t know if I buy it. Then one of the other things we saw this weekend was Joe went on Instagram live And just was sharing text messages from Swartz and Schwartz basically told her. Hey, Josephine, Joe bot, whatever he calls her, the 900 nicknames he has for her basically lose my number.

You’re acting too erratic and I don’t want to be involved with you anymore. And then she takes to Instagram live to read this to everybody. And everyone’s almost like scratching their head of. What is, what is her deal? Just her going on Instagram live and reading this and kind of just going back and forth almost makes her behavior erratic and justifies what Schwartz is saying because Joe seems to be somebody that remember a couple of weeks ago.

When she did that live, I think it was right after the episode aired, where it showed Schwartz and Joe talking about the fact that they were going to take a break from each other. And then she went on the live and said, I have not spoken to Schwartz, but then later on in the same live, she thought that they are soulmates and they will eventually be together.

And was pretty much kind of all over the map, which is exactly what Schwartz is essentially accusing her of. Like you are way too erratic. You’re kind of a mess. And I don’t know what she has done since then. We, none of us really know. Only they know because. We saw the finale where they saw each other. It looks like for the first time since that conversation took place, maybe there was some other communication, whether it was a FaceTime or a text.

I guess we technically don’t even know, but within the show confines. Ever since we saw the episode of him saying, we shouldn’t be together. We should take some time apart. She shows up in San Francisco. Why? I have no idea. Why was she there? Who invited her? I can’t even remember, but it clearly wasn’t Schwartz because he had said, let’s take some time apart.

I don’t remember. It probably was addressed in that episode and I’ve already forgotten, but being at the finale, it makes sense that they would have her there. I just don’t know why she was. But she could have been invited by somebody else. Maybe it was maybe it was Sandoval that invited her somebody in Sandoval’s band or group I have no idea.

It’s just such a mess and As I said last week I don’t want that to be the finale and I don’t want these three reunion episodes to be the last thing we see of Vanderpump rules, but I also if we’re gonna get a season 12, we need some change We need either Ariana to just be like I’m over this I don’t need this which she doesn’t she doesn’t need to be on season 12 You could do Vanderpump Rules without Ariana, or having her make occasional appearances.

She doesn’t need to be a full time cast member. If Rachel can bone out and decide not to come back for season 11, why can’t Ariana decide not to come back for season 12? Obviously she’s filming Love Island this summer, and she’s back on Broadway doing Chicago, so she’s going to be busy. I think Chicago runs in the month of August, so maybe they start filming in September, who knows?

I don’t think it can just end like this. Lala, Sheena, and Ariana. Don’t seem to be friends anymore. If Ariana wants to bone out, I’m totally fine with that. If Sandoval wants to go away, I’m fine with that too. I just don’t want what we saw last Tuesday to be the last thing we see of this show other than the reunion episodes coming up in the next three weeks, but that’s just me.

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