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Daily Roundup 5/14 – Idol Final 3, Vanderpump Rules Reunion Preview, The Valley, Traitors Season 3 Cast, & Survivor Social Media

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of their reality. Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Tuesday show for you. I want to say one thing about the fan appreciation party coming up in a little less than a month now in Las Vegas. We’re going to talk about American idol.

We are down to the final three Vanderpump rules reunion. We’re going to look at the previews for all three episodes that were released. The Valley, I’ve got some thoughts on. Traders season three has given away a lot of their cast already as NBC had their upfronts. I didn’t realize they were going to do this.

They’ve never given away the cast until they were done with filming. We already know about 10 people that are going to be on trader season three. And then I want to talk about survivor Instagram accounts versus bachelor. And if it’s even explainable and we’ll get to all that momentarily. First thing I want to say is, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we have been sold out for the fan appreciation party, June 7th in Las Vegas for a few months now.

I want to say this for anybody that’s, that is coming this year and is on the RSVP list, you know, you’ve gotten an email from me saying you’re on the list. I’m going to be sending out an email next week, but I realized last year, there’s about 45 emails on this email list and putting them all in a blind CC on an email.

Half of you didn’t end up getting the email or didn’t bother to check your spam, which I don’t blame you. Most people don’t check their spam. So what I did this year was I broke it down into four groups of about 13 emails each in hopes that maybe that goes through, but I don’t know if that’s the case.

So I guess I have to take a chance on everybody that’s coming to the party happens to be listening to today’s podcast. I would say next week I will announce on this podcast next week when I’m sending the email out just to get a final head count and whatnot and explain any details about the party.

I would just say, please check your spam email that day. And because I have, I have no control over, I can’t. Send it with nobody in the BCC and just do everything CC because, you know, we don’t need to share all emails and some people hit reply all, you know, stuff like that. So I email it to myself and I blind CC everybody, but it’s about 45 emails long in this list that have people that are going and I just, I’m not going to do that.

Or I did it last year and so many people, when I said, please reply, never replied. And I didn’t know if it was, we were replying because. They didn’t care to reply or they didn’t reply because it never, they never got it. And a lot of people I noticed never got it. And it went to their spam and people started asking me, Hey, when are we going to find out details about the party?

And I said, I sent out an email and then they were like, Oh, let me go check my spam. So I would say next week, just give people a heads up. Just know that cause I can’t email back individually. That’s 45 different emails sending out. So I split it up into four groups of about 14 emails each. And we’ll kind of go from there.

So just wanted to lay that out there. American idol is down to their final three after Sunday night show. And I got to say, I’m a little surprised. I didn’t think Will Mosley was making the final three, but we’ve seen people like him make the finals before. So I can’t say I’m stunned. Abby Carter. I’m a little surprised at, I just didn’t think that she had the wow factor.

Great singer, but. Jack blocker is going to win this thing, right? You know, I said it last week, once McKenna was gone, I’m like, I can, this is Jack blockers to lose, I think. And I think he beats both will again, it’s, it’s very hard to know because they don’t tell you who’s leading in the voting or anything like that.

Because if someone’s been leading by a lot for a few weeks, it probably is going to keep up and that person’s going to end up winning and there’s no suspense, but to see Tristan and Emmy not make the final three, that was surprising. I thought at least one of them would make it over will honestly, Abby Carter, I can see in the final three.

Although I’m surprised she made it with will, you know, I, you know, but it’s a popularity contest. It’s not necessarily about who’s the best singer. We know this. I thought Sunday show was interesting because they had Kane Brown as a mentor. And I can’t say I’ve ever heard a Kane Brown song. I’m sure I’ve heard it.

I just didn’t know it was Kane Brown. I don’t know the titles to any of his songs, but I do know, hasn’t he been in the news recently for impregnating somebody. That wasn’t his wife while his wife was pregnant. Didn’t he impregnate somebody else that delivered like a month or two before his wife, if I’m wrong, please correct me.

But I’m pretty sure he impregnated somebody else that wasn’t his wife while his wife was due to give birth. And he now has like two children from two different women. That are roughly around the same age and just thought it was an interesting choice of mentors to use on this show. I know that it’s not about his personal life and it’s about him as an artist and he’s very popular in the country scene.

I get it. But I just thought that was interesting choice of mentors to use on this show. Tonight, as we know, the Vanderpump Rules reunion show starts. Part one is tonight, part two next Tuesday, part three next the following Tuesday. And they have given out an episode description of tonight’s show, next week’s show, the 21st and then the 28th.

Tonight says, Sandoval finds himself on the defensive, shocker, when he gets called out for his poor decisions in the press. While Ariana builds a life on Broadway with her new boyfriend, questions remain about what to do with the shared house in L. A. Sheena and Brock discuss turbulence in their marriage.

Everyone is brought to tears as Brock describes the impact Sheena and Summer have had on his life. Lala challenges Katie’s authenticity about her feelings towards Ariana. Okay? Part 2, airing next Tuesday, the 21st. The Season 11 reunion continues when Allie Luber and Joe Wenberg join the group. And Andy presses Sheena and Schwartz for details on their secret makeout in Vegas.

Ariana opens up about the disconnect she felt with Sheena after the Lake Tahoe trip. Katie makes a surprising revelation about her revenge bang with Schwartz’s best friend. Lala blows up on Schwartz for continuing to gaslight Joe about their relationship. Allie reflects on her future with James and sets clear boundaries for his behavior.

Sandoval draws James fury when he suggests Maya doesn’t belong to Ariana. In Part 3, airing May 28th, the reunion comes to a stunning close when, for the first time, the cast watches the last minutes of the finale live on stage. Ariana breaks her no contact rule with Sandoval, leaving both in tears. Sheena defends her actions and suggests her rift with Ariana started well before this summer.

Katie blames Sandoval for the downfall of her relationship with Swartz. Schwartz. And Lala doubles down on the comments she made during the season, leaving her friendships on life support. So, we knew that they were gonna air the ending of the season to the cast. I thought they were gonna do that in Part 1.

We’re not getting that till Part 3. I don’t know why they chose to do that, but let’s just focus on tonight’s episode, which is Ariana building her life on Broadway in Chicago. They’re going to talk about the shared house, but we’ve even seen a clip of that where Ariana and Sandoval both say. It’s still being talked about.

It’s still in litigation. I can’t give many, many details, so don’t expect much to come from that. But then again, haven’t we already seen that Ariana has purchased another house in the Valley somewhere or in Hollywood or Hollywood Hills for like 1. 1 million, she, she bought another house, right? I thought we’ve already known this, so maybe this was, maybe that house was purchased after they filmed the reunion.

I guess that’s possible. Sheena and Brock. We’re going to get a lot of Sheena and Brock tonight on the reunion show and Lala challenging Katie’s authenticity about her feelings towards Ariana. Oh, I’m sure that’s going to go over well with Katie. I mean, come on. If there’s anybody that’s been a ride or die for Ariana this season, it’s been Katie.

If Lala is going to call her out for being fake or phony. She’s going to have to provide some receipts. You would think, how could she not at this point can’t just call her out. She has been like, she has been the number one Ariana fan this season and totally behind everything Ariana has said about Sandoval, anybody talking to him, anybody interacting with him, Sandoval, trying to get sympathy from people she sees and Ariana sees him just the way those two see him exactly alike.

So Lala starting to question Katie and probably. We probably know that’s not going to go too well for her. That would be my guess. And since we already know, because a lot of them have been on podcast since they filmed this reunion show, we already know that Lala’s friendship with a lot of them have been fractured since the reunion.

And maybe it’s for the better. She’s due with her second child in September. Maybe she doesn’t need all this drama, drama. Maybe she doesn’t want all this drama and she’s just going to be like, I’ll just separate from these people until we have to go film again. I don’t need to be close to them. I’ve got a baby to deliver and I don’t need any of this.

She’s bringing it on herself. If she’s going to attack Ariana or she’s going to attack Katie for her loyalty towards Ariana. That’s for sure. All right. This podcast brought to you by Prolon. These days, a lot of people are learning about all the benefits of fasting, like weight loss, mental and physical performance and gut health, but worry about the whole not eating part.

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