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Daily Roundup 5/15 – Corrections From Yesterday, Golden Bachelorette Announcement, Vanderpump Reunion, Deal or No Deal Island Finale, & Idol

?You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. See podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in. Good action packed info filled show on this Wednesday. Got a couple of corrections from yesterday’s podcast that I know you’re all waiting for. We have a golden bachelorette announcement from yesterday.

You should know by now, we’ll talk about it a little bit. Also going to talk about part one of the Vanderpump rules reunion show, which I’m guessing all of you have the same feeling in that. Is completely underwhelming dealer. No deal finale from Monday night. Have not talked about it yet. I will talk about that.

And I’ve got an American idol story for you from the other night. We’ll get to all that momentarily. So I wanted to start out with yesterday’s podcast, two things that I need to correct. Number one, as so many of you pointed out, this is probably. Of all the stories that I’ve ever told on this podcast and somebody emailed the next day to correct this one yesterday was the most responses I’ve ever gotten, where I had the Cain Brown story wrong at the wrong person.

It was Jimmy Allen, not Cain Brown. What was interesting to me though, was kind of the tone of some of the messages that I got. I’d say 90 percent of you were just like, Oh, Steve, I listened to the podcast today. You’re mixing up Cain Brown with Jimmy Allen. And I was like, yeah, no, obviously after the very first email I got, I was like, Oh shit, that’s right.

Totally mix them up. However, there was a group of emails that were just like, you call out other bachelor nation people for starting rumors and you do it yourself. You didn’t, you, you know, Cain Brown demand, you know, should demand an apology from you. Like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s back up here for a second.

Someone who came at me like that, clearly podcast, because even as I was telling the story yesterday, I was saying, Wasn’t it Cain Brown? And I said, I could be wrong. Correct me if I am. So I was even saying, I wasn’t sure the thing that I’m disappointed in is I should have just Googled it before I told the story, but for whatever reason came to my head as I was watching idol and I thought it was Cain Brown, I’m wrong.

It was Jimmy Allen. I totally. There’s nothing, there’s, it’s not like I was starting a rumor and I was like, Hey guys, check it out. I heard that Kane Brown pregnant impregnated somebody that wasn’t his wife, but I have no way to prove it. Like, and then some people were, you know, like I said, the, the reaction of comparing it to calling Nick out.

I was like, you’re comparing apples and oranges. You know, when I call Nick out, it’s because he’s running with the rumor that he hasn’t vetted himself and has no idea if it’s true or not. That’s absolutely 180 degrees different than what I did yesterday. I just misidentified a person. The story is true.

Jimmy Allen impregnated somebody that wasn’t his wife. I just had the wrong person. I thought it was Cain Brown. That’s it. Period. End of story. There wasn’t anything else there. So I appreciate all of you that reached out to me and said, Hey, Steve, you screwed up the names. I’m like, yeah, I know. I realized that now, but the people with the, that were getting so mad and we’re like demanding an apology to Cain Brown, he would never do this to his wife.

He’s a God fearing man. That’s great. And all I wasn’t. I just had the wrong person. So that was it. And now, but now it’s changed. Like there’s no other reason to really cover it. The other thing that I need to correct from yesterday was the whole thing about trader season three at the Warner brothers discovery upfronts.

The way it was presented. A lot of people online were fooled and I just happened to go with it. I was one of the people that did get fooled. Those names that I mentioned, Holly Robinson, Pete, and Rodney Pete, Howie Mandel, Joe Mangiello, Kenya Moore, Paris and Nicole, they were just there. As part of Warner brothers discoveries upfronts, introducing other projects and other shows.

That doesn’t mean that they are on season three of the traders. So we can put that one. I stand corrected on that report. I saw that on a couple other places that ran with it and I just assumed it was true. I should have done my homework there. So yeah, two screw ups yesterday, not the end of the world.

But take full responsibility for them. I should have just, I should have done my homework, but yeah the response was, was, it was almost comical because I can tell anybody that had an angry response to me mixing up Cain Brown with Jimmy with Jimmy Allen clearly didn’t listen to my podcast where I was clear as day, like, Hey, correct me if I’m wrong here, but wasn’t it Cain Brown?

Like even I was questioning it as I was saying it. So. All you had to do was say, yeah, Steve, it wasn’t Cain Brown. It was Jimmy Allen, which like I said, about, about 90 percent of the responses, but you can see some of them on Twitter as people were getting really, really upset. And you know, I just, I don’t understand, but I, I, like I said, I, I would appreciate those people.

I could just tell by the responses, they didn’t actually listen. To the podcast yesterday, we had a big announcement in golden bachelorette world is we have our golden bachelorette because ABC had their upfronts yesterday, by the way, tomorrow’s podcast, the weekly podcast is with Kristen Baldwin from ew.

com. We talk about upfronts when we recorded it yesterday. It was about, I don’t know, three or four hours before Joan was announced. So we do talk about the fact that the golden bachelorette is coming in the fall, but we don’t Mention it being Joan because it was recorded before that announcement happened.

So just know that going in, I’ll remind you in the open before tomorrow’s podcast as well. But Joan, who was the blonde woman, 61 year old woman. Who had a very good one on one date with Gary, but then had to leave because she had a family emergency back home with her daughter. They named her the golden Bachelorette.

And I got a good email from a frequent email or by the name, and you don’t know him, but his name is Tony emails me a lot. Very, very Very, very bright guy goes to Vegas, craps, fellow craps player. Anyway, he messaged me back on April 21st and basically his point was, this was right after the Gary and Teresa divorce happened.

And he’s like, it’s amazing how Gary went from one of the most loved people in the country to the most hated. He’s getting the lion’s share of hate because he filed the paperwork. He has a sketchy background with women after his wife turned. And the way he turned on Teresa, when he learned that she had some coin and made him the villain, he not only tarnished himself, but the gold mine, golden bachelor was becoming.

So now ABC has a decision to make on the next bachelorette. I think if ABC had not announced the show at the expense of bathroom paradise, they would not go forth with it. Anyway, I believe Leslie has become collateral damage because of her backstory and it’s been ruined. Nobody cares that Gary broke her heart.

Now, instead they think she dodged a bullet. My prediction is Joan becomes the bachelorette and winds up with Kelsey’s dad. Vegas odds are five to one, but I’ll take them. So he nailed the Joan becoming bachelorette. I don’t think it’s going to be a surprise at all. If Kelsey’s dad is on the bat, the golden bachelorette, because Kelsey’s even talked about it.

Like she’s literally trying to talk her dad into it. So it’s not like he has no interest or whatsoever. The fact that she’s even openly talking about it, I’m, I would be shocked if Kelsey’s dad isn’t. A contestant on the golden bachelorette with that said I think he nailed it with the whole Leslie thing.

You know, Leslie’s story was, she got felt that she got duped by Gary on the overnight. She thought he was going to pick her. And then he decided he wasn’t would have been a great lead in for her to be the next golden bachelorette. But the fact that Gary and Teresa couldn’t last three months. It’s like, okay, so why don’t, why, where is Leslie story now?

You know, not saying that she doesn’t have a story. I’m just saying it’s not nearly as compelling as it would have been if Gary and Teresa were still together. I think that, I think that played a role for sure. And this is you know, we’ll never know what the real reason was, why they didn’t choose Leslie, but I think that’s a very astute point by email or Tony.

The other thing about Joan being named the golden bachelorette is we know that it’s going to start in September. We don’t have a start date yet, but one major changes. Well, two, they’re changing nights and they’re changing time of episodes. Last season, we know golden bachelor aired on Thursdays for an hour, and it was followed by two hours of bathroom paradise.

The golden bachelorette is going to air on Wednesday nights, and it’s going to be for 90 minutes followed by Abbott elementary, which. It’s pretty much ABC’s best scripted show and most popular scripted show. Maybe now that they have nine one one, I’m not sure what the ratings are on that, but I know Abbott elementary is very well received by the critics, very well received by the public.

And it’s got a 90 minute golden bachelorette lead in now. And I think that’s a big deal that they think that much of the golden bachelorette this upcoming season. Now they haven’t even started filming it yet. Guys haven’t even left for filming. This is going to film in the month of June. The last I heard, you know, I told you this back in January, I told you that the golden bachelorette was going to be filming right after bachelorette.

And I told you that there was not going to be a bachelor in paradise this summer. I told you that a couple of months ago, so, or gosh, four months ago now. So that all came to fruition, but. I’m fine with Joan is the golden bachelorette. I was I expecting it? No, but I have no issue with her. I think they could have chosen a couple of women from Gary season.

That would have been fine as the lead. And honestly, like I say, every season, I know a lot of you don’t believe me, but I do not care who gets the lead roles. As long as there is a season, that’s all I care about. That’s what matters to me. The most is that there is a season now when it comes to spoilers.

Last season for Golden Bachelor, I wasn’t sitting here breaking down episode by episode. I’m not gonna do episode by episode of Joan. If I find out anything, I’ll relay it. But for, for Gary’s season, you knew I had the final three, and I had the final two of Leslie and Teresa, but I didn’t know who he chose until about, I think about a month before the finale.

So, I have no idea what it’s going to happen with Joan and how much information I’m going to find out. If people are going to get pictures and videos of them filming, assuming they’re going to be in Los Angeles before any travel starts. So who knows? We don’t want, we won’t know until obviously filming starts, but that was the announcement yesterday at ABC’s upfronts.

Joan is our new golden bachelorette. It’s going to start in September. I’m assuming the week after Jen’s season ends airing. Guys, I want to talk to you about Prolon. Prolon is a revolutionary plant based nutrition program that nourishes the body while making cells believing they’re fasting. It is fasting with the Prolon program, but it’s with food.

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