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Daily Roundup 5/17 – Bachelorette Jenn’s Final 2 Spoiler, Farmer Wants a Wife Reunion Show, Taylor Swift Running The NFL, & Bennifer Having Problems

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in. Good Friday show for you heading into the weekend. Finally, the rock has come back. No, finally, we’ve got some. Information and some major spoilers on Jen’s season. I knew they’d come at some point.

I just never know when we’ve also got a little bit more to talk about in regards to Jen’s season. We are briefly going to discuss the rumors going around about. Alumni appearing on reality shows, Farmer Wants a Wife had their reunion show last night after the finale aired last week. Go over that.

More proof that Taylor Swift literally runs the NFL and last time I checked she doesn’t even play in it. And, oh, Bennifer is having problems. Gets all that momentarily. All right, let’s start out with Jen’s season of The Bachelorette. If you weren’t following along on my Twitter or Instagram stories yesterday, I was informed, along with photographic evidence, that Marcus had the date on Wednesday and had a picture of him before his date at the Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii, and then yesterday had a picture of Jen at In her final rose ceremony dress.

So yesterday was the final rose ceremony. Obviously it’s already completed. I have no idea who won, but it’s between Marcus Schoberg and Devon Strader. Those are your final two. Yes, Marcus is the one guy this season that, for whatever reason, has gotten the most pictures out about him. Had pictures of him on his one on one date in Seattle.

Because that was the date where they invited fans in Seattle to attend. We had, or I had pictures of his hometown date in Tacoma, Washington, which was about five days later. And then a picture of him on the balcony at the Fairmont Orchid on Wednesday. The only other person we have any pictures of on a date is Jeremy Simon.

And that was the day after. So the day after two days after Marcus is in Seattle, but that’s it. It’s the only pictures and videos that have gotten out all season. So scarce on spoilers so far this season, this is like the opposite of last season where you had every single date, Rose elimination before the season even started laid out all the way up to the ending and the only thing that was wrong.

Was I had him picking Daisy instead of Kelsey until February. Now I’ve got your final two and basically nothing else outside of, well, we know, we know Marcus made the final four. We know Devin made the final four. And those are the only ones that I know for sure. I know there are rumors about there, about other people.

I can tell you right now, Brian did not make the final four. I know that’s a rumor out there. He wasn’t in the final four and I don’t believe Austin was either. So don’t know what to tell you there. We probably think that Jeremy made it. So that’s three of the final four, but I have no confirmation on Jeremy.

The only two that we know, and we knew before finding out that Devin and Marcus were the final two or that they were in the final four, but we’ll find out eventually, hopefully, like just because we know the final two. Now, now it’s a 50, 50 shot. Anybody can come out after the fact and say, Oh, Devin one or Oh, Marcus one.

Like nobody knows. Nobody has anything. And I think at some point I’ll find out, but just like I had no idea I was going to get that information yesterday that Marcus and Devin were the final two, I don’t know what it means for when I’m going to find out who she actually chose and who she’s actually engaged to.

And let’s be honest, she’s going to get engaged. This is the 23rd season. Excuse me, the 21st season, 23rd season of the bachelorette. There’s literally only been one that never got engaged at the end. And that was Jen Schaft. And that was literally almost 20 years ago. So every single bachelorette has been proposed to since then.

So I don’t expect anything different for Jen season. And do I think I’ll find out? Yeah. Do I know when I’ll find out? No, just like I had no idea what was coming yesterday, but at least I got it. So now we have the final two and people can study those two guys post show. I think the show is going to be a little bit stricter.

I don’t think they’re going to allow them to post from happy couple visits. I’d be shocked if they did, but if they do, they’ll be caught because as I told you this season, once Joey and Kelsey ruined their season by posting from the same house on their happy couple visit, I know how it’s done now. And now I’m on an even playing field to where I know how to track happy couple visits.

I know when, after the fact they have happened, just know that, but if they don’t spoil it, then it’s like, well, I got to get, you know, I’m not going to bank on the fact that Jen and Marcus or Jen and Devin, whoever she picks. Is going to spoil their own season and there’s going to, and they’re going to post.

So obviously I’ve got to find other ways about finding out who is the final guy this season. But at this point, it’s 50 50. Anybody can report at this point and you can report and be right. You can report and be wrong. We won’t know. Those are your final two guys based on the information I got yesterday.

And confident in that. And with a picture of Jen in a final rose ceremony dress unless she was just auditioning that dress before getting in a black van and heading off from the Fairmont orchid resort, my guess is yesterday was the final rose ceremony. So I’m glad that we got that because obviously it, this has been a very scarce season spoilers.

Now. I don’t know what I’m going to get. The winner could happen in a week. It could happen mid August, which is what it was for Gabby and Rachel. I didn’t find out until probably five, six, seven episodes into the season airing is when I found out we’ll see. I did notice some of the response yesterday on Twitter was, Oh my gosh, it goes so fast.

Didn’t she just start filming and look, this happens every year. And I think these people either just don’t pay attention or don’t understand the filming schedule of the show. Jen’s opening night till. Final Rose ceremony yesterday was literally the exact same time as the last 15 Bachelorettes. This show does not deviate very often.

If it does, it’s by one or two days. She started filming at the end of March. And they basically ended yesterday, May 16th. Usually they start a week earlier in March and end a week earlier in May, but since they started a week later in March, that’s why they went a week later. So it’s basically the same thing, about seven weeks of filming.

Her filming was no different than any of the previous 15 bachelorettes where you also said, oh my gosh, it’s so quick. No wonder why these relationships don’t work out. It’s the same timeframe every single time people. It is. They never deviate and if it is one or two days, so you can claim that they relationships don’t work because they’re too quick.

But what we’ve been saying for years is what happens during the seven weeks of filming doesn’t even really matter in the grand scheme of things. You ask any couple who has left the show engaged. Every single one of them will tell you, look, We fell for each other on the show. We realized we were the ones that had the biggest connection.

That’s why I chose them. But the real relationship doesn’t start until after filming ends. Every single couple will admit to that because that’s real life. Not what happened in the seven weeks of filming. You’re getting their representative, so to speak, when you’re dating someone on the show, you don’t know anything about them and you have no idea if they’re telling you what they think you want to hear or what they think the audience wants to hear plenty of these people.

And. Are they telling you stuff because they just want to advance and don’t even care about winning and would rather just build their brand and get a lot of followers so many things to guard against when you’re on the show but once filming ends then you actually get to know somebody because there’s no front to put on you’re no longer being a Filmed every day.

So that’s when you get to know the real person. And if there’s anything that could work out between the two of you now, looking at where they’re at, the final two guys, Marcus lives in North Carolina and Devin lives in Houston and Jen lives in Miami. So not saying that a relationship with either one of those guys couldn’t work, but someone’s going to have to move for it to work.

And that’s always been my thing. Engagement at the end of the show means absolutely nothing. When somebody moves. To the other person, whether it’s the guy moving to where the woman lives or where the woman moves to where the guy lives, that’s when it’s serious to me. You get off the show, you’re just dating.

Even though there’s an engagement ring, you’re honestly just dating because the engagement ring is just a product of what the show wants you to do. So. Once somebody makes a move, then you know how serious it is. So we still got plenty of time before the season starts. Hopefully I’ll get some more information on this season and I’ll find out who the other two guys in the final four were, but not Brian don’t think it was Austin either.

So. Probably 75, 80 percent chance. Jeremy was in the final four, but not confirmed on that one. So we will see what happens here of who is Jen’s final four and get it confirmed at some point. Hopefully this podcast is brought to you by pro lawn. A lot of people are learning about the benefits of fasting.

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