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Podcast #392 – Interview with Morgan Paige, @MorganPTalks on IG (Plus Transcript)

Another great first time guest on the podcast today as Morgan Paige, AKA @morganptalks on IG, joins me to discuss a lot of things going on in reality TV. We mostly focus on Vanderpump Rules, The Valley, the Bachelorette, and the Golden Bachelorette, in addition to her backstory with her husband. Great stuff from Morgan today as she is an encyclopedia when it comes to those Bravo shows. She’ll definitely be a guest on in the future for sure since I loved chatting it up with her today. Hope you will too. Before that, I have a lot to dish on today’s Daily Roundup, which I preview during the open. Both the Daily Roundup and the interview with Morgan are transcribed below as well. One of these days I’ll figure out how to transcribe the interview podcast that distinguishes my questions from the guests. I promise. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about today’s Daily Roundup which covered Jenn’s first promo, some details on her season, the Survivor finale, and Clayton with a victory in court yesterday before his trial. Then Morgan joins me (11:17) to discuss how her IG page got started, an in depth discussion on Vanderpump Rules season 11, talk about the The Valley, Bachelorette, Golden Bachelorette, and her interesting backstory to her marriage/husband.

Instagram – @morganptalks

(SPOILERS) Your Daily Roundup covers Jenn’s first promo posted yesterday, this weeks weekly pod guest is a first timer, thoughts on the Survivor finale that really bothered me, and a big win for Clayton in his case yesterday.

You can listen to that podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in here:

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Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
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You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in on this Thursday. Lot to talk about in today’s episode. The first promo for the season was released for Jen. I’m sure some people are scratching their heads. I will tell you who’s on the weekly podcast coming up in a couple hours, first time guest.

Survivor finale last night. I’m going to spend a lot of time on because I’ve got some thoughts on what I saw and I’m a little disappointed in what’s going on. Something I haven’t talked about in over a month that I’m going to bring up is the Clayton Eckerd, Laura Owens case. I am going to talk about that briefly, and I’m going to talk about a post by Bachelor Data yesterday.

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Let’s get started with our first bachelorette promo for the season for Jen. It was released yesterday on a lot of the bachelorette social accounts. And this isn’t when I say promo, I hope people know the difference between promo and a trailer. A trailer is showing clips from the season. The promo is just introducing Jen as our bachelorette in whatever they decide to dress her in, whatever the theme was.

And if you saw it. I think like a lot of people, including myself, I was just kind of scratching my head at the theme of this thing, which was basically, she was a doll in an arcade machine where you drop the claw and pick up a stuffed animal. And all the stuffed animals were like men with roses. I’m like, okay, great.

Who thought of this? The one thing I will say about it is. Comparing it to all the other ones we’ve seen where it was either Hannah Brown walking through a forest and swinging on a swing. I can’t even remember what charities was. I can’t even remember what most of them were, but this one stood out to me in that it looked aesthetically, it looked very love Islandy.

It was very bright. It was very pink. It had a lot of popping colors and it just kind of looked like Jen was a contestant that was incoming on love Island. That’s all. I didn’t really, I, you know, look, it doesn’t determine what the season is going to be, if it’s going to be good or bad, all I’m doing is commenting on that promo and I thought it was weird.

I thought it was weird that Jen was in an arcade game and she was going to be getting the jaws of life, picking her up or whatever. She was sitting on the jaws of life. Okay, whatever. I’m not behind these ideas. It’s just more comical to me than anything. But, yeah, and the caption on the video was, The power is in her hands.

Okay, well, anybody who’s the Bachelorette, the power is in their hands. Like, this isn’t anything new. It wasn’t like, Ooh, wow, Jen’s got the power now. It’s like, yeah. So did Jojo, so did Katie, so did Claire, so did Tayshia, so, you know, just like, just go down the list. They’re the Bachelorette, they have the power in their hands.

I don’t need to be told this. So, I don’t get as fired up for any of these things, they’re kinda silly to me. I don’t rate them, which one’s better than others. It’s just, Hey, here’s our bachelorette. This is what we thought of for our opening promo. What I care about is when the first trailer comes out, because obviously you can’t hide unless you literally show none of the dates, which they’re never going to do.

You can’t hide giving away a lot of your season in that opening season trailer. Now they will absolutely show things in the trailer whenever it comes out that will never be shown during the season. And. And they will obviously show some things in the trailer that are out of sequence. They will show things in the trailer that will make you think one thing, but it’s actually the opposite happens every single season, but you don’t know what the wrong things in the trailer are until the season plays out.

So even when the trailer comes out, I will be able to deduce a lot of things from it, depending on how much I already have before that, because I am starting to get some information. I can say this of some things that I found out in the last couple of days. Number one. There were seven men in Seattle episode before hometown dates.

There were seven men in Seattle when they went to New Zealand. They were in Auckland, New Zealand. I do know that. I also know when I said that I was sure that Brian and Austin did not make the final four. I definitely know that didn’t happen. And I know that Austin self eliminated this season. So there’s that.

Obviously, there’s so many other more things to fill in the blank on a lot of the one. I don’t know who had any of the one on one dates, but obviously we can assume Devin had a one on one date. We did see Marcus is one on one date. Actually, we know Marcus and Jeremy had one on ones because they were in Seattle.

But before that, before they were in the states, the four episodes that they were in Australia and New Zealand, we don’t know any of the one on one dates. I could probably guess Jeremy Marcus and Devin had one on one dates before Seattle. It’s just my guess, or maybe one of them had their first one on one in Seattle.

Maybe it was Jeremy. I don’t know, but that’s that’s something some things I, you know, it’s a little tidbit, little tidbits there that I can give you. So, just to repeat myself, since I know some people are writing this down with crayons, there were seven men in Seattle, Austin self eliminated, and when they were in New Zealand, they were in Auckland.

Moving on to, in a couple hours, I’m going to have the weekly podcast up 392 first time guest. You’ve probably seen her a lot on your Instagram feed. If you follow a lot of bachelor bachelorette related accounts, you might follow her or you just might see her a lot. It is Morgan page of Morgan P talks on Instagram.

What a great guest she was because. I didn’t know a ton about her personally, but she’s got a great story of her and her husband. I’ve seen a lot of her videos obviously showing up on my search page and she is like an encyclopedia when it comes to Vanderpump rules. She’s watched it from the very beginning.

So we have a good 30 minute talk about Vanderpump rules. Then some talk about the valley. We do talk about gen season. We do talk about golden bachelorette. And how she met her husband and the crazy relationship they’ve had that has lasted, I believe, 12 years. She said, really good talk coming up with Morgan P coming up in a couple hours, first time on the podcast, but she will definitely be a guest on in the future when I want to talk things.

That might be other than Bachelor and Bachelorette. Like we’ll always bring that up. We’ll always talk Bachelor and Bachelorette with her. And we do in this podcast, but a lot of Vannerpump rules and a lot of Valley talk in today’s episode. And like I said, that’ll be out in a couple hours. All right. This podcast brought to you by Whey ladies.

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