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Daily Roundup 5/27 – Jenn’s Season Info Ruined By My Spam, Reader Email on Survivor & Idol, & Does Jax Taylor Have A New Woman?

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. See podcast. I’m your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in. A good Monday show for you. I’m going to talk about my adventures with my spam email that I tweeted out and put on my Instagram story on Friday. Jesus. Apparently I’ve been living on a different planet when it comes to spam email.

I have a reader email to go over, which has some American Idol and survivor thoughts. Going to put a little bow on that. Although we will have Steven Fischbach on the Thursday podcast this week to get our final thoughts on a survivor. We have a new name that was brought up for the golden bachelorette.

Jax Taylor was seen. At lunch for three hours with a model this past weekend. What a surprise. We’ll get to all that momentarily. All right. So I want to talk about what happened to me on Friday. It might’ve been, I think it was Friday. It was either Friday or Saturday. You look, you can look on the tweets of when I did it, but I was just bored and going through my spam email.

And I don’t really look at my spam email pretty much ever. It doesn’t even give me a number count. So for me to even go to spam, I have to click on spam. Like if I saw a number there, I’d probably check on it more often, but my email through Yahoo does not have a number next to my spam email. So basically I just have to click on it and search for whatever reason.

I did this past Friday and boy, what did I find in there? I found podcast advertisers contacting me. Way sent me an email, factor meals, sent me an email. From two, three weeks ago that I never saw. I had people from the fan appreciation party, which is next Friday night. My gosh, that really sneaks up on you.

Doesn’t it? Next Friday night, reality fan appreciation party in Las Vegas. Eighth one. It’s going to be great. Anyway, I had sent out a group. Email to everybody that has RSVP and is coming to the party. By the way, I have no spots left. I cannot get anybody else in as of right now, unless we get some late cancellations.

But I had sent a group email out, I think two weeks ago, and I basically told the people, look, you don’t need to respond to this only respond if you’re not coming anymore, someone in your party, isn’t coming anymore, or you have a change of names to someone in your party. But there were a couple of people that still said, you know, can’t wait to come.

I know I’m not supposed to respond, but blah, blah, blah. And the problem was that went to my spam as well. And the biggest thing that went to my spam was just searching. Just scrolling back and you know, this was on Friday, so what was that the 24th apparently went back almost a full month and on April 30th I have an email saying with a subject line of hometown date and in the subject line was hometown date.

I open up the email and they say, Hey, They’re filming a hometown date for Devin Strader right now in Houston at, I think it said Buffalo Bayou. Is that the name of the park with a picture? Now the picture was far away and it was blurry. You can’t really make anybody out in it, but knowing the schedule that fits in with Devin’s hometown date, we know that on the 26th in Tacoma, Washington was Marcus’s hometown date.

The second hometown date on the 28th now I know was Jeremy’s in Connecticut and then. On April 30th, Wednesday, was Devin Straders. Yeah, I guess the name of the park in Houston is Buffalo Bayou Park. Well, that’s where they were. You could see people standing out in a giant park with cameras. I mean, maybe if you looked close enough, you could see Jen and Devin.

I couldn’t really make it out, because it’s pretty far away. That fits in with his hometown date. So, but remember I didn’t know Devin had a hometown date until like a week ago, because I knew, because I realized he was in the final three that got to Hawaii and then ultimately the final two with Marcus, but at the time of hometown dates, remember the only one I knew for sure.

It was Marcus because that was the first one filmed and I had video and photo evidence of it, but I didn’t know who anybody else was. Found out a little bit later, Jeremy had one and then found out obviously Devin had had one. I could have given it to you on that day and been like, Oh, here’s Devin. And because I don’t check my spam email.

So now I’m wondering, I think what it is is if somebody who’s never emailed me before sends me an email and includes a link or multiple links in it, it goes directly to my spam. Also. If a picture is sent, because that one didn’t have a link in it, but it had a picture. If a picture is sent in an email from somebody that I’ve never gotten before, I’m assuming it goes to my spam as well.

Because I don’t know why that email wouldn’t have gotten to me. It didn’t even say a lot. Like I said, it didn’t have any links in it, but it just said, Just saw Jen and Devin at Buffalo Bayou Park. In Houston and then sent a picture and then in that email, it says this email, well, it says now this email was moved from spam folder attachments may contain harmful content.

I guess that’s why I don’t know why they deemed that particular picture harmful content when it’s just a bunch of people at a park in the middle, in the middle of Houston. I don’t even, it’s not even really worth posting the picture because it’s so far away and blurry. You can’t really make anything out.

So, but. It’s clear something was being filmed on April 30th at Bayou Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston, which is where Devin’s hometown was. I also know that for Devin’s hometown date, they actually went running because Devin is part of a run club running club in Houston. And part of their hometown date was him and Jen doing some running.

Okay. So, you know, the first three hometown dates September, Jesus, April 26th, Marcus in Tacoma, April 28th, Jeremy Simon in Connecticut, and April 30th was. Demonstrator in Houston. I still don’t know who had the fourth hometown date. Now you might say, well, maybe there was only three hometown dates. No, I can guarantee there wasn’t three hometown dates because the first overnight date in Hawaii was on May 6th.

And let’s just say you think there were three hometown dates. That means. If that Devin’s hometown date was on April 30th, that means the rose ceremony for hometowns would have been the next day, May 1st. Why would they wait? They wouldn’t wait five days to have their next their first hometown date.

So that means that there was a hometown date on May 2nd, the rose ceremony for final four was on May 3rd. And that gives them the fourth and the fifth to travel. And then first hometown date, first overnight date on May 6th. So yeah, there was a fourth one. Don’t know who it is, but we know who the first three were.

So not only did we not know who the fourth hometown date is, that person, whoever it was that got the fourth hometown date could possibly be the third person that got to overnights as well. So, and yet another reason why we know there’s a fourth hometown date, because if there was only three, we know that three went to Hawaii.

That wouldn’t make sense because there was a rose ceremony for hometown dates. So I mean, could there have been some wild hometown date where Jen didn’t eliminate anybody at hometowns? I mean, I guess we saw that happen with Hannah Brown as she brought all four guys to Greece. Was it? But yeah, I mean, most likely standard for hometown dates, rose ceremony eliminated one of them.

Three guys went to Hawaii and we know two of them were Marcus and Devin and those were your final two. By the way, did you see the story about who was reached out to as the possible next golden bachelorette? Again, this was a clickbait story because it made it seem like Susan Lucci of soap opera fame 77 years old was in talks to be the next golden bachelorette.

And if you actually click on the story, she said. She has recently started watching the show because I think a family member told her about it. She really likes it and then Somebody contacted her agent like she didn’t even speak to anybody yet The high the headline made it seem like Susan Lucci was in talks to be the next golden match Right.

No, they reach out to her agency and the agency basically told her Or told ABC not going to happen. Not interested. And she even said like, when they came back to me and told me, it was like, yeah, just not for me, but again, can we stop making who was reached out to as a headline? We know when it comes to the women leads of this show, the bachelorette, they’ve never gone outside of the franchise.

And for the one season of the golden franchise, they didn’t go out of the franchise while they had to, because there was never, they had to be an original, but our first season where we can have somebody from a previous season. They went with Joan who was on Gary season. So let’s stop it with, Hey, this person almost was like, no, they weren’t.

They weren’t almost anything they were talked to. They were even mentioned. They were contacted about it, but God forbid, Jen is the 21st season of the bachelorette yet there’s been 23 bachelorettes and every single one of them was on the show was on the show before. Not one was brought in from the outside and as we know, only three of those 23 were outside the top four with Jen being the third one.

Hannah Brown finished seventh, Katie Thurston finished 11th. Every other woman who’s been the bachelorette finished top four or better. So we need to get rid of this notion that they’re just going to go outside the franchise to pick a lead. Why? Why go against the numbers? It’s just, it’s just not going to happen.

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