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Daily Roundup 5/28 – Social Media And The Bachelorette, Golden Bachelorette, The Valley, & Jax Taylor’s New Woman (?)

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality Steve podcast. I’m your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in. Good Tuesday episode for you. We’re going to talk a little bit about the bachelorette. Also a little golden bachelorette. I actually found the guy. I can’t believe I talked about this three different times now, but due to yesterday’s reader email, I did a little more thinking I’ll explain in a little bit, I’m going to talk about what’s coming up in a couple weeks in regards to the podcast and how things are going to go.

And also going to do a, not a deep dive, but I’m going to look at an Instagram account that I was made aware of yesterday because it was from a story that I covered in yesterday’s podcast. So we will get to all that. Momentarily. Okay. Let’s discuss a little thing regarding the bachelorette, nothing major.

We don’t know when ABC is going to quote unquote, officially release the men for Jen’s season. You have all their names. You have all their Instagram accounts. You have that the day that they were released when the bachelorette Facebook page only released their first name, their age and their city. One thing we don’t know is how many.

Started on night one, they released 28 men on the bachelorette Facebook page. We know that absolutely one of them did not make it to the first night of filming, and that was Jonathan Hess. And I believe there was one or two more. So I do think we started with 25, but it could have been 26. So we will know when they re officially released their cast list.

That’s how many they decided to go with, but you won’t see Jonathan Hess on that list and we’ll. See who else actually made it. We also don’t know what day that’s coming. We know her season starts July 8th It’s usually two or three weeks in advance So I’m thinking we’re still a couple weeks away from getting these men back on Their Instagram and once the official cast list is released all these men will then go public And I know that obviously Jen is already back.

She’s been allowed, she stayed public. I think the whole time she was gone, but she wasn’t able to access her account. Jen is back. She’s posted a couple videos and it’s the same thing that I hear every season. Oh my God, look, she’s smiling. That must mean she’s happy. I mean, everybody that, what do you expect people to come back from the show?

Just take pictures and have a frown on their face every time. Like I can direct people one year ago, right around this time, people that. Came on at charity season. And once they got their Instagram page back, I cannot tell you how many people saw those pictures of Joey’s at his cousin’s wedding, which he posted right when he got back from filming, he had a Beer in his hand.

And he was smiling and everybody was convinced that’s an engaged man. Look, he’s happy. He’s at a wedding. He’s smiling with a beer in his hand. He’s totally engaged. Yeah, no, he’s not. So I don’t put any stock into somebody smiling in a social media post when they’re back from filming, because what is the alternative?

Do you honestly expect somebody look, Joey had one of the worst breakups we’ve ever seen in the history of the show. Not that it was nasty. Worst breakups in that got his heart stomped on in the final rose ceremony. And yet. Because he got back and went straight to a cousin’s wedding and posted a picture of him holding a beer and smiling.

People were convinced that he had won. That shows you how irrelevant someone smiling in a picture is when they come back from filming again, every single bachelorette. In the 20 previous seasons before Jen, and we can even count the two seasons that had two women. So 22 bachelorettes before Jen all got engaged at the end of their season outside of Jen’s shift.

So do we honestly think that Jen is going to come back onto social media and just be a grump and just have resting bitch face and have a frown on her face in every picture? Like let’s not put any stock into this. She’s not engaged because she’s smiling on her pictures. She’s engaged because that’s what this show does.

22 out of 20 or 21 out of 22 women who have previously been the lead on the show, got engaged at the end. And it’s been about what? 16 in a row because Jen Schaft was no, she was, she was number three. I think. Maybe she was the second Bachelorette. Trista we know was one, I think Jen was two? No, Meredith was two, Jen was three.

Either way, that’s like we’re on a roll of 18 Bachelorettes in a row that have gotten engaged. So, don’t read too much into Jen smiling in pictures and looking happy. They’re all happy when they get back from filming. There’s not a single one that’s ever posted a picture where they weren’t happy. The other story and the other cast release, and if you don’t remember last season with Golden Bachelor, Gary filmed his season last August, and it aired in what, November?

End of October, beginning of November? And he basically filmed the whole month of August. If you don’t remember, they didn’t release Gary’s Women until August 30th, which was right when the filming ended. So, Joan doesn’t start filming The Golden Bachelorette until the month of June. I don’t know if it’s June 1st or whatever, but it’s basically taking over the filming slot where they usually film Paradise.

Well, if they keep with the same protocol they did for Gary season, we’re not even going to know who Jones men are until after she’s done with filming. Maybe they will do it different for Joan. I have no idea because I think that social media for guys in their fifties and sixties is probably not as important to them as the contestants in their twenties that go on the bachelor and the bachelorette.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they do the same thing for Joan that we don’t see who her men are until. After her filming is over. So I wouldn’t expect Jones men until July. And just because that’s exactly what they did for Gary. You look on it, August 30th of last year was the day they released all the women on EW.

com for Gary season. And filming had just ended. So. Again, this is not a season where I’m going to break my back trying to find the men for Jones season and their Instagram pages and do any sort of digging. It’s a season where just like Gary season, if stuff gets told to me, I’ll just relay it. But this is not a season I’m going for episode by episode stuff.

No interest in that. And basically just trying to get the ending and if any pictures come out or videos come out during filming, obviously I’ll pass that along. But Gary season, I had nothing the whole season until I told you who the final three were and then told you that faith was eliminated at final three and your final two were Leslie and Teresa.

And then it took me about, gosh, two months before I found out that he had chosen a Teresa over Leslie. Expect the same for Joan season. It’s it’s hit or miss what I’m able to pull on that season. But in terms of the men, probably not going to get them until all of filming is over. So I’ve talked about this twice now, and we’re going to make it three times.

It started with the email last week from where I told a story last week about Carrie Underwood posted a 20 year American Idol finale picture. And I was like, gosh, I remember that four and five of American Idol. Those seasons were two of my favorite, the ones I remember the most. And I remember being in the mortgage industry, working in a cubicle.

And the guy who worked in the cubicle right next to me were huge Idol fans. And he just swore up and down that Bo Bice was going to be a star and Bo Bice was going to beat Carrie Underwood and Carrie Underwood wasn’t nearly as good as Simon was making her out to be. And I’m like, man, I think you’re wrong.

She’s got it and she’s going to be a star and obviously I was right. So then a reader email yesterday. Asked me, did I ever contact that guy? And so in yesterday’s podcast, I was like, no, but all I know is his name was Glenn. So now today’s update is this because I thought about it a little bit harder.

For whatever reason, his last name popped into my head. So I was like, huh, let me do a Facebook search of him found him in three seconds. I found Glenn still lives in Southern California, but now he’s married with two kids. Happy for him. But do I really want to reach out to him? Cause it’s not like we were close.

I think he worked at that company for maybe like, Two or three months. We, that was a company where we were only doing second mortgages and home equity lines of credit at a point where, yes, I was one of those people that was giving people loans that had no business getting loans back in the early two thousands and probably led to the crash in 2008.

Sorry, I didn’t know. I didn’t know any better. I needed a job. Anyway, Glenn. Thank you. I, we had, we had loan brokers coming in and out of that office. Literally someone would get hired on a Monday and they would quit by the end of the week. It was just very cutthroat cause it was a straight commission job.

But I don’t remember Glenn being there very long, maybe two or three months, something like that. So it’s not like we were buddies. I guess I would feel really weird reaching out to him today after 20 years. And like, Hey man, remember when we worked at the loan company and you thought Beau Bice was going to be a star.

He’d probably look at me like. Yeah. And like, dude, get over it. Who cares? It could because if it was the other way around, that’s probably how I would react if somebody wrote me that. So I don’t think I’m going to contact him. I just, there’s no reason to, you know, cause it’s not like even when I am in Southern California, I’m like, Hey man, we got to meet up for lunch.

Cause I just was never that close to him. He was just a guy that was there during that time was there during the American Idol finale of 2004 and was just hell bent that Bo Bice was going to win. So this is now the third time I’ve talked about this guy and I can’t believe I remembered his last name. I was like, wait, what was his last name again?

And I just, it came to me in like 10 seconds. And then I was like, Oh, Google them. See if I can find it. Boom. Popped right up. Knew exactly who it was when I found him on Facebook, but no, probably not going to email him saying, Hey, remember when I was right about Carrie Underwood in 2004 not happening. All right.

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