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Daily Roundup 5/31 – (EXCLUSIVE SPOILER) How Does Jenn’s Season End, More on Survivor Finale, Jax Taylor Says He’s Not Dating, & A Game Show Misspeak

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. See podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in a really good Friday show for you. Big news today. Two reasons. One, it’s my birthday. Number two, because it’s my birthday, I’m going to give you the spoiler to Jen season about them.

Apples. We’re going to talk about that. We’re going to talk a little bit more about survivor and the interview yesterday with Steven Fishback. A couple things that I wanted to go over there. We have an update from Jax who says, Hey, I’m not dating Paige Woolen. I wish you all would know the full story.

Well, then tell us. And finally, I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this all week. You know me and my love for game shows and answers on game shows. I’m sure you’ve heard it by now. Wheel of Fortune earlier this week. If you haven’t, we’re going to go over it because that guy is making national news now.

We’ll get to all that momentarily. All right, let’s get started. If you watched on my Instagram feed on Wednesday, I did a, an ad that I had to do for tropical smoothie cafe, because on Wednesday was national flip flop day in case you didn’t know. And in that video, I talked about the fact that they were giving away a free 12 ounce Island punch smoothie.

Between 2 and 7 p. m. Just on Wednesday, you wear your flip flops into a tropical smoothie cafe, you ask for a 12 ounce island punch, and they give it to you. So I filmed a video. At the end of that video, I specifically said, You know what? This smoothie is so good. I feel like it’s invigorating me. To give you a spoiler, stay tuned.

I knew I was gonna release this spoiler on my birthday ’cause I know it’s what you all want, so let’s just get right to it. For those that are tuning in for the first time, since I don’t know Joey, season ended, welcome. There hasn’t been a ton of spoilers throughout the season during filming. We know all the locations.

I know the guy breakdown in every episode. We don’t necessarily know all the guys and the eliminations in every episode yet. So this season, we’re going to be working from the end, working backwards. We know, I know three of the four final four, three of the four hometowns. I know two of the three.

Overnight dates. And we do know the final two, Marcus Showberg and Devin Strader. So what’s the end result. What happened, Steve? Who was Jen engaged to? Well, here it is. She’s engaged to Devin Strader. Now, obviously from what happened last season, me telling you a couple of weeks after filming ended that Daisy was engaged to Joey, and that went on until mid February, clearly.

A lot of you will take this information and be like, okay, well, but you were wrong last season. How sure are you on this? Well, the best way to answer that is there’s no point to answer that question. I could say I’m a thousand percent sure. I could say I’m a hundred percent sure it’s not going to matter to anybody.

You know, she’s engaged to Devin based on all the information that was given to me. Very confident in my sources, but even just saying that sentence, you’re going to say, well, you were confident in your sources last year. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. There’s no point to even try and explain myself. I’m not going to, it’s just one of these things where we just wait until the finale from right.

I’m right. Do I think I’m right? Based on the advice and what I was told? Yeah, absolutely. So we’ll just see it play out. But now my job is to just kind of go backwards and fill in everything up to that point. But very confident that she is engaged to Devin. And obviously like most seasons, 95 percent of the season ending spoilers that I have given over the years have not been backed with any evidence or.

Anything like that because if I did, I’d be giving away sources and I’m not going to do that. So I just say, Hey, here’s your winner. Choose to believe or not. Same thing this year. And we’ll go from there. Jen is engaged to Devin. We do know that Marcus and Devin are the final two. I actually have photographic evidence of that in Hawaii.

So I knew that was right. And then it was just a matter of finding out, was it Marcus or was it Devin? And I was told by numerous sources that it was Devin. So I’m running with it. I feel confident in it. Now we don’t know who the third guy in overnight dates was. The three of the four hometowns were obviously Marcus Devon and Jeremy Simon.

Don’t know who that fourth guy is just yet, but I do think Jeremy was eliminated at four. So that means whoever got the fourth hometown was also the third guy that got to go to Hawaii for overnight dates and then got eliminated at number three. And I do think it’s a name that a lot of people dismissed.

Early on, but I don’t know who it is yet. I can just tell you who it isn’t based on what people were saying. It is, Oh gosh. And the names are escaping me right now. Obviously I’ve said this. It’s not Brian. It’s not Austin. It’s not Aaron Noah’s, you know, Aaron herb, Noah’s brother. He was gone way early, not

kind of totally blanking on some of these guys names just because I haven’t been looking at them daily, but it’s not, who was the other guy that was in Seattle? The episode before hometowns, I do have six of the seven guys that were in Seattle. Once I get those seven, once I get that seventh guy who I think, I think the one guy that I don’t have in Seattle is the guy that ended up going, getting the fourth hometown and the guy that ended up being number three, but I just don’t know who it is yet.

I’m running out of, I’ve, I’ve got my cross off list and there’s still, I think three or four names. It could be. So just hopefully waiting to hear. Yeah, put it out there. It’ll be on my Instagram story. It’ll be on my Instagram feed It’ll also be on my Twitter page And we move forward. You know, this is just something that I do every year and I say the same thing every year.

There’s no rhyme or reason to when I’m going to get the ending spoiler. Be like, Oh my gosh, Steve, you’re putting out the spoiler a month before the season started after a season where you got it wrong. Yeah. Because one season has nothing to do with the other, you know, last season with the Daisy stuff, the source that told me that Daisy was the one engaged to Joey was not the same source that officially confirmed to me after the pictures got out of Joey and Kelsey was not the same source that told me, yeah, it is Joey and Kelsey and it has been the whole time.

And that was a source that was different from the source that told me that Daisy spoke to Kelsey and basically self eliminated on the final day. So three different sources, and none of those sources had anything to do with finding out that Jen is engaged to Devin. So that’s what I mean. Every season is different.

No two seasons are the same. I think there might have been one or two seasons where I heard the ending from the same source, but right now, nothing that I got this season has come from anybody that gave me any information to Joey Season. So it’s just, you move on, you get, you just move on to the next season.

If I had not found out this stuff that I had heard over the last three to five days, remember, I told you over a week ago, I was hearing a name, but I couldn’t confirm it. That name that I was hearing early on was Devin, but I wasn’t secure with it. It didn’t, what I had heard was like, okay, it’s definitely possible based on what you’re telling me, but it wasn’t enough confirmation for me to run with it.

Now, after hearing a couple more things. I feel very confident about it. So putting it out there, but there are been C just like with Michelle season, I had her engaged to Nate two weeks before the first episode aired Rachel and Gabby season didn’t know until five weeks in. Charity and dot charity season didn’t know until about five or six episodes into that season that she was with Dotton.

So that’s what I mean. Every season is different. People tend to think that it’s not, and if I get it early, that means it’s going to be wrong. Or if I get it late, that means it’s going to be right. Not really. It’s just, you know, I mean, let, let’s put it this way. If, and when this spoiler is right at the end of the season, you can’t ever say, well, when you put it out early, it’s always wrong because this’ll be proven.

Right. So. We’ll see what happens. I, you know, it’s nothing I can, like I said, nothing I can say or do is going to convince anybody who doesn’t want to believe it or needs more proof. It’s just like, I don’t know how you’re going to get more proof. When have I ever had proof of the winner? And I’ve been right way more often than I’m wrong.

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